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It’s Cold at Comisky

The Sox welcome Cleveland for a 3 game series

****GAME ONE – John Danks in the office

**Top of 1st – thanks to an error by the catcher the Indians open the scoring 3 to 0

**Top of 2nd – Indians add 2 more for a 5 to 0 lead

**Bottom of 4th – Todd Frazier with his 2nd home run, 5 to 1 Indians lead.

**Top of 5th – Indians add another one for a 6 to 1 lead. another run in taking the lead to 7 to 1. (it’s snowing again)

**Top of 6th – Dan Jennings now in the office

**Bottom of 6th – Abreu hit by a pitch.

**With the mistakes of the White Sox early in the game, the Indians held on and took out the win 7 to 1

****GAME TWO – Chris Sale in the office.  Black Jersey’s with white pinstripe pants

**Bottom of 3rd – Canon(Abreu) with a blast to open the scoring for the Sox 1 to 0, Frazier safe thanks to E-5,

**Bottom of 4th – Garcia with a single,Avi to second on a wild pitch, E-8 and Avi is home for a 2 to 0 Sox lead, overthrow by the pitcher and Shuck at second.

**Bottom of 5th – Cannon with a looper to center. Wild pitch moves Cannon to second.

**Top of 6th –  Indians tie the game at 2 all

**Top of 7th – Indians take the lead 3 to 2.

**Bottom of 7th – Jackson on with a single, Rollins with a double moving Jackson to 3rd. Cannon gifted 1st thanks the the Intentional walk, pond is loaded. Jackson scores to tie the game, RBI single to right for Melky brings Rollins home for a 4 to 3 Sox lead, Avi with a 3 run shot to take command of the game 7 to 3.

**Matt Albers and Zach Duke combined to close out the game. Series tied at one game each.

Today’s game has been cancelled due to rain. May 23 will be a straight double-header.

Revised pitching will see Jose Quintana on Monday, Carlos Rodon on Wednesday and Matt Latos on Thursday.

Congratulations to Adam and Katie Eaton on the birth of their first child

Tomorrow opens a 3 game series in Minnesota




Game Three with the Cubs at The Cell

Paul Konerko, A.J. Pierzynski, Alexei RamirezMorning All,

It is game three in the series with the Cubs and today we are at The Cell. John Danks is on the mound today for the Sox

Grab some bench and see you in the first

**First Inning  **1 – 0  Sox

Cubs – (strike out)(ground to 3rd)(fly out to deep right)

Sox – Beckham(ground to short), De Aza(line drive to 3rd), Abreu(double), Viciedo(walk), Ramirez(single, runner scores), Konerko(walk), Sierra(strike out),

**Second Inning  **1 – 1

Cubs – (walk)(fly out to center)(strike out)(double, runner scores)(foul out to 1st)

Sox –  Semien(fly out to center), Nieto(ground to 3rd), Beckham(foul out to 1st),

**Third Inning  **1 – 1

Cubs – (ground to pitcher)(strike out)(strike out)

Sox – De Aza(strike out), Abreu(double), Viciedo(ground to 1st), Ramirez(fly out to right)

**Fourth Inning  **4 – 1 Sox

Sox – Konerko(fly out to center), Sierra(single, E – 5) Semien(walk, picked off 1st), Nieto(walk), Beckham(HOME RUN), De Aza(strike out),

**Fifth Inning  **8 – 3  Sox

Cubs – (HOME RUN)(ground to first)(single to left)(fields choice to 1st)(double, runner scores)(strike out)(strike out)

Sox – Abreu(single), Viciedo(single), Ramirez(walk), Konerko(Bases clearing double), Sierra(ground to 2nd), Semien(single, runner scores), Nieto(strike out), Beckham(fly out to right),

**Sixth Inning  **8 – 3  Sox

Cubs – (fly out to right)(strike out)(ground to 3rd)

Sox – De Aza(infield single), Abreu(foul out to catcher), Viciedo(ground to 3rd), Ramirez(ground to short),

**Seventh Inning  **8 – 3  Sox

Jake Petricka now in the office

Cubs – (line drive to short)(ground to 2nd)(strike out)

Sox –  Konerko(double), Sierra(strike out), Semien(walk), Nieto(pop out to second), Beckham(ground to short),

**Eighth Inning  **8 – 3  Sox

Cubs – (fly out to right)(strike out)(fly out to left)

Sox – De Aza(strike out), Abreu(ground to 3rd), Viciedo(strike out),

**Ninth Inning  **8 – 3

Maikel Cleto is in the office.

Cubs – (walk)(Rack’em up)(Strike out)


White Sox –  8 and Cubs –  3

Paul Konerko and Gordon Beckham both had an amazing night. Scott Carroll is in the office for the final game of the series.





Game Two with the Twinkies

whitesox      Morning Kids,

My apologizes to you all for missing the last few games. I have not been well and needed some personal time.

It is the second game in a 4 game series with Minnesota and Jose Quintana is on the mound.

See you for the first pitch

***First Inning

*1 – 0 (Twins lead)

Sox – De Aza(duck snort,single to center) Keppinger(double play), Ramirez(fly out to right),

Twins – (can o corn, fly out to center)(HOME RUN)(single)(walk)(double play)

***Second Inning

*2 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Sox –  Dunn(single to left), Konerko(He gone(struck out), Garcia(single to right), Gillaspie(ground to first,runners advance)Viciedo(,single,Dunn and Garcia score) Phegley(struck out),

Twins – (ground to short)(pop to second)(He gone,Struck out)

***Third Inning

*4 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Sox –  De Aza(ground out to first), Keppinger(,HOME RUN) Ramirez(fly out to left), Dunn(HOME RUN), Konerko(ground to second),

Twins – (single to left)(walk)(Hang woof’em,line out to left)(He Gone,Struck out)(hit by pitch)(He gone,struck out)

***Fourth Inning

*4 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Sox – Garcia(ground to third), Gillaspie (line out to right), Viciedo(He Gone,struck out)

Twins – (He Gone,Struck out)(ground to short)(ground out to second)

***Fifth Inning

*4 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Sox – Phegley(fly out to right), De Aza (foul out to third), Keppinger(ground out to short)

Twins – (ground out to short)(fly out to right)(He gone,Struck out)

***Sixth Inning

*4 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Sox –  Ramirez(fly out to center), Dunn(walk), Konerko(double play)

Twins – (struck out)(flied out to right)(pop out  to second)

***Seventh Inning

*4 – 2 (Sox Lead)

Robin Hands the Mound Pass to Donnie Veal

Sox – ,Garcia(ground out to short),Gillaspie(ground to second), Viciedo(double), Phegley(ground to third)

Twins – (triple)(He gone,struck out)(line out to center)(RBI single)(walk)(He Gone,Struck out)

***Eighth Inning

*5 – 2 (Sox Lead) 

Nate Jones gets the Keys from Donnie Veal

Sox – , De Aza(fly out to left), Keppinger (single to left), Ramirez(single to left) Dunn(wild pitch,runners advance)(fielders choice,Ramirez out,Dunn safe at first) Konerko( infield single,ERROR,Dunn scores) Garcia(ground to second),

Twins – (single)(single)(He gone)(foul out to third)(ground to second)

***Ninth Inning

*5 – 2 (Sox Lead)

Addison Reed is in the office, Nate Jones to the showers

Sox –  Beckham(single),Viciedo (struck out), Phegley(fly out to right), De Aza(struck out),

Twins – (He Gone)(fly out to right)(single)(fly out to center)

That was a super game with Jose Quintana getting the win and Addison Reed the save. Final Score was Sox – 5 and the Twinkies – 2.

Chris Sale will be in the office tomorrow for game three.

I have been off sick with a migraine for the last few days and will be doing some Catch-Up games for you. One of my Sorority Sisters gifted me a subscription to MLB. TV so I am able to see all the games and catch up on those I might miss.

See you on the field





Jake Peavy’s First Outings as a Red Sox

1001219_411628322288249_1006281135_n  Now that Jake is gone I am still following each outing and all. His first with the Boston Red Sox was a typical Jake outing.

Boston played against the Arizona Diamondbacks and The Red Sox won by a score of 5 – 2. Jake’s Stats were as follows: He faced 26 batters throwing 99 pitches with 65 of those strikes

Innings Pitched – 7.0

Hits – 4

Runs – 2

Earned Runs – 2

Base on Balls – 2

Strike outs – 7

Home run – 1

ERA – 4.14

Jake’s second outing was this past Friday against the Kansas City Royals with the final outcome of a 9 to 6 loss. This was not a good outing for him

Jake faced 25 batters throwing 105 pitches with 66 strikes.

Innings Pitched – 5.0

Hits 10

Runs – 6

Earned runs – 6

Base on Balls – 1

Strike outs – 0

Home runs – 2

That leaves Jake with a current ERA of 4.50

On the 5 day rest, that should have him pitching roughly on Wednesday the 14th of August against the Toronto Blue Jays,

See you on the field


Dear Jake, Matt and Jesse

??????????????????For what ever reasons, you all have left us for other teams, we love you and miss you like mad and will continue to follow your careers as the seasons pass. Keep safe on your travels and hope your remain injury free until you decide that it is time to hang up the cleats.

We know that you have seen the frustrations from we the fans, and we can not begin to understand how you are dealing it. As Paul Konerko basically said “We know we are playing like****” I feel like we need to take that step back and the pressure off of all of you. We are rebuilding and it will take time to find that right mix of players to fit together, to support and nurture the young ones. Those up and coming players who are new to the family. Those who have come along and need help getting settled in to life in the majors.

A lot of fans of late keep speaking up and saying how they are “DIE HARD” fans. In they next breath they are saying how everyone is crap and that Robin needs fired, that they are turning OFF the game, or refusing to watch, I have even seen some comments that I REFUSE to repeat. I ask you HOW can you be a die-hard fan when your turning off games, being as negative as possible.

From the 2005 World Series team the only one that is left is Paul Konerko. Hawk told how he has taken Gordon Beckham under his wing, been there to help him adjust and when times for Gordon got tough it was PAUL who helped him get through. I hope that some of the more settled boy will do the same with the new kids coming in. Just one of the boys stepping up and helping one of the new family members could make all the difference in the world to that person.

My Sorority Sisters understand that it is a lean time now. It takes time to rebuild, to work though injuries and the frustrations of losing when it is so close and feeling helpless when there are silly errors. We know that is season is most likely over, that we will not see post season play. We have decided to keep on turning on the game, keep on supporting the boys no matter what. Sure we get frustrated and all BUT, in no way shape or form do we allow the frustrations to get the better of us or to give up. At the end of the game we look for those positives and look forward tomorrow when it is another day. To put it into simple words, OUR BOYS have our unconditional love and support.

One of my Sorority Sisters, posted this on Facebook and I had to share it, We all needed to laugh and boy did this help…….

Five Chicago sports fans were climbing a mountain one day. Each was a fan of a different Chicago sports team and each proclaimed to be the most loyal to their team. As they climbed higher, they argued as to which one of them was the most loyal of all. They continued fighting until they reached the top. The Blackhawk’s fan hurled himself off the mountain, shouting, “this is for the Hawks” as he fell to his doom. Not wanting to be outdone the Bulls fan threw himself off the edge shouting “this is for the greatest team of the 90’s” then the Bears fan jumped and said ” this is for DA COACH” the two remaining fans looked at each other in stunned silence. After a minute the Sox fan bellowed… “THIS IS FOR THE SOUTH SIDE!” AND THEN HE PUSHED THE CUBS FAN OFF THE MOUNTAIN!!!!

You may be gone but your not certainly forgotten, we know that we will meet up with you during the season and will get to see how well you are doing. We will continue to follow you no matter where you go, send you tweets of love and support.

After the deal with Jake went through and it was all over, in bed that night I had a massive cry. How in the world were we going to do this with out him, We need his experience and guidance for the younger ones. I though that if I could talk to the boys right that minute, I wondered what they might tell me, tell my Sisters………They would thank us for our support, how much it has meant to them, they are no longer there but the younger ones needed us, those who are regulars that get called up , like Conor Gillaspie  and Jordan Danks but the new ones would need us also like Andre Rienzo and Avisail Garcia.

So, that is what we are doing, supporting the ones that are there, who need us. Giving them our support as times are tough, looking for the positive things and looking forward to great things that are coming. Madly tweeting and anything else we can do to get them through the rest of the season.

Take care of yourselves, you will never be forgotten.

See you on the field

The ladies of the White Sox Sorority



Jake Has Changed his Sox Color

The Battle of the Sox drawer just got more interesting

peavyWe all knew that this trade was possible but it has hit like a ton of bricks. Jake Peavy is changing his Sox color from WHITE to RED, In a three team, seven player trade, Jake is off to the Boston Red Sox. It is a little confusing so I will try my best here to wade through all the information.

Jake is off to the Boston Red Sox

Detroit sent  Jose Iglesias to the Red Sox, along with  pitcher Brayan Villarreal.

Avisail Garcia comes to the Chicago White Sox from Detroit with a pit stop in Boston.  Avisail will start with the Charlotte Knights but they do not expect him to stay there long. (@AvisailGarcia34)

Coming to Chicago from Boston is Minor league infielder Cleulius Rondon(age 19) and pitchers Francelis Montas( age 20) and Jeffery Wendelken.(age 20)

That is the simple sort of it all. You can find Avisail on twitter and  He is already getting tweets from Chicago fans welcoming him on board.

You can reach Jake at @JakePeavy_44

**My Thoughts

It has been along day and with being a huge Jake fan I am devastated to know that tomorrow he will not be there. I was so glad that I got  up early  to watch him pitch his last time in a Sox uniform.  It does not mean that my support for Jake will stop. I will still support him in what ever way I can.

We have some good young kids as I call them, needing our support. It is rebuilding time, and I think we pretty much know we won’t be playing post season ball, BUT it does not mean that we can’t enjoy the season. Look for the positive stuff and look forward to next year and this group coming together for a great 2014

I really have not slept the last couple of days with the trade window being open, I am really hoping I can sleep tonight and have a fresh prospect tomorrow.

Just a big THANK YOU so my #chisoxsorority sisters for their love and support tonight. Your support means the world to me, Especially tonight.

See you on the field


Welcome to Kansas City

jose-quintanaMorning Kids,

It is game one with the Kansas City Royals who have come to The Cell for three game series. Gordon Beckham returns for the White Sox today, hoping his wrist will not give him any issues today. Jesse Crain has had a setback and no return date has been set for him.

Grab a coffee and see you for the first pitch.

***First Inning

*0 – 0

Royals(Fly out to center)(struck out)(struck out)

Sox – De Aza(ground out to second), Ramirez(ground out to third), Rios(struck out),

***Second Inning

*0 – 0

Royals – (single to left)(fly out to center)(hit into double play)

Sox –  Dunn(struck out), Konerko(flied out to right), Gillaspie(single to center)Viciedo(walk), Beckham(flied out to center),

***Third Inning

*1 – 0 (Royals Lead)

Royals  –(HOME RUN)(foul out to right)(ground out to second)(struck out)

Sox – Phegley(ground out to short), De Aza(fly out to right), Ramirez(Single), Rios (lined out to first)

***Fourth Inning

*1 – 0 (Royals Lead)

Royals – (single to right)(double play)(fly out to left)

Sox –  Dunn(ground out to short), Konerko(single to shallow right),Gillaspie(fielders choice to first, Konerko out at second),Viciedo(single,Gillaspie to second)Beckham(fly out to center),

***Fifth Inning

*1 – 0 (Royals Lead)

Royals  -(flied out to right) (foul out to first)(single to left)(fielders choice to short,force at second)

Sox –  Phegley(ground out to third), De Aza(infield single)(picked off), Ramirez(single to shallow left), Rios(fly out to right),

***Sixth Inning

*1 – 0 (Royals Lead)

Royals  – (fly out to third)(struck out)(struck out)

Sox –  Dunn(single to right), Konerko(flied out to center), Gillaspie(flied out to center), Viciedo(single,Dunn to third)(wild pitch,moved to second)Beckham(walk), Phegley(ground into fielders choice)

**Seventh Inning

*2 – 0 (Royals Lead)

Royals – (double to left)(ground out to second,runner to third)(walk)(Sac fly to center)(lined out to first)

Sox –  De Aza(flied out to right), Ramirez(ground out to second), Rios(ground out to short),

***Eighth Inning

Jose Quintana has passed off to Donnie Veal

*2 – 1 (Royals Lead)

Royals – (fly out to center)(single)(double play)

Sox –  Dunn(struck out), Konerko(fly out to right), Gillaspie(HOME RUN), Viciedo(foul out first base side)

***Ninth Inning

Donnie Veal has passed off to Matt Lindstrom,who is passing off to Dave Purcey

*5 – 1 (Royals Lead)

Error Charged to Casper Wells

Royals – (walk, stole second)(single)(single,runner scores)(single,runner scores)(fly out to shallow left)(Sac fly,runner scores)(wild pitch,runners advance)(struck out)(struck out)

Sox –  Beckham(ground out to second) Phegley(ground out to pitcher), De Aza(ground out to second),

That is the game, The Royals take the opening game of the series by a score of Royals 5 and White Sox 1. Jose Quintana had a good solid outing but the defense could just not back him up and give him the win that he so rightly deserves.

Chris Sale is in the office for the White Sox in the second game of the series.

See you at The Cell



Lobbying to Keep the Boys Together

I usually do not do this but I am taking a risk here. I do my best to keep my personal thoughts and all out of this blog but this is a different case.

To Robin, Rick and the rest of the staff, Please take time and listen to the fans on this. The boys need to stay together, and help the young ones coming thought. I know that there are heaps of frustrations and all in this but, with Alex, Paul, Jeff and Jake — they are have the experience to help with the ones like Casper, Brent, Jordan Danks, who are playing in Charlotte and come up as needed. They are have a good eye and can help those young ones.

Jake Peavy would be a big help with those pitching like Hector Santiago and Jose Quintana. He understands the mechanics and the thought process to help this guys and others be a better pitcher. I am a massive Jake Peavy fan and it will be heart breaking to lose him. Yes I know that his injuries may be ticks against him but his knowledge and guidance is so much more.

I know there have been a heap of errors and thisChicago-White-Sox is an issue that needs fixed. I have no clue what it is to fix that problem but good basic ball playing. keep it simple and do not try anything flash. Just stop trying to show off and get the out, even if it looks like a double play and you’re not sure, get the secure out. Don’t make mistakes and cause runs. We had that problem in the last few days where walks and errors gave away runs and we just could not get things back on track.

I know there is more I could say, compare to the 2005 World Series team but the only one left from that team is Paul Konerko. It’s a rebuilding time and I get that. Fans are frustrated but can you imagine what they boys are feeling. The fans have been ruthless at the best of times and it is really hard to be on web sites when things are negative.

I love my Sorority Sisters, their passion and love for the game and the boys is truly amazing and just wonderful. It is super to know that they understand, just like I do about keeping the boys together. Sure, we get down about losses and all but we still love the boys and we REFUSE to give up!

I just do not know if anyone in the office at the White Sox will read this but I have to try. We need the experience the boys have, we need the security of NOT trading the boys so, the knowledge can be passed on and we can win that next series.

Thank you for listening, for taking the time to read this.

See you on the field


Game Two Against Atlanta

alex-rios-jake-peavyMorning Kids,

Early game time for us Aussies at the call of 5:35 am. Cold , wet and miserable as we are in the middle of winter here. The bright spot today is that Jake Peavy is in the office today for the first time since fracturing a rib,

Get a cuppa and see you soon

***First Inning

*0 – 0

Braves (struck out,safe at first due to passed ball by Phegley)(ground out to short)(flied out to right)

Sox – De Aza(flied out to left), Ramirez(flied out to right), Rios(single to right), Viciedo(lined out to second),

***Second Inning

*2 – 0 (Braves Lead)

Braves – (safe at first due to error)(flied out to left)(fielder’s choice to third,out at second)(HOME RUN, runner scores)(lined out to third)

Sox –  Keppinger(ground out to third), Wells(lined out to right), Beckham(lined out to right),

***Third Inning

*4 – 5 (Sox Lead)

Braves – (single to right)(infield single,runner to second)(flied out to right,runner to third)(single,runner scores,runners at first and third)(Sac fly to right,runner scores)(flied out to right)

Sox –  Phegley(double), Morel(walk), De Aza(Single to center,Phegley on third,Morel on second) Ramirez(single,Phegley scores) Rios(GRAND SLAM,Runners score) Viciedo(ground out to third), Keppinger(ground out to short), Wells(walk), Beckham(flied out to right)

***Fourth Inning

*4 – 9 (Sox Lead)

Pitching Change for Atlanta

Braves – (double to right)(struck out)(fly out to left)(struck out)

Sox – Phegley(double),Morel(single,Phegley scores) De Aza(single,Morel to second) Ramirez(grounded into fielders  choice,De Aza out at second,Morel to third) Rios(Single to right,Morel scores,Ramirez to second) Viciedo(struck out,wild pitch,runners advance) Keppinger(out at second,runners scored)

***Fifth Inning

*9 – 4 (Sox Lead)

Braves – (lined out to pitcher)(fly out to center)(single to right)(flied out to right)

S0x – Wells(ground out to first), Beckham(ground out to third), Phegley(struck out),

***Sixth Inning

*9 – 4 (Sox Lead)

Braves – (single to center)(fly out to center)(hit into double play)

Sox –  Morel(flied out to right),De Aza(single to left), Ramirez(fly out to second), Rios(flied out to center),

***Seventh Inning

Jake Peavy has hit the showers, Matt Lindstrom has the mound keys. 

*10 – 4 (Sox Lead)

Braves – (flied out to center)(walk)(hit into double play)

Sox – Viciedo(walk), Keppinger(struck out), Wells(walked,Viciedo to second) Beckham(flied out to right), Phegley(single to left,Tekotte scored,Wells to second) Morel(struck out),

***Eighth Inning

*10 – 6 (Sox Lead)

Matt Lindstrom has handed off to Ramon Troncoso, passes to Donnie Veal

Braves – (single to center)(lined out to second)(HOME RUN,runner scores)(struck out)(struck out)

Sox –  De Aza(single), Ramirez(ground out to pitcher,De Aza to second) Rios(struck out),Tokette,(Walk) Keppinger(ground out to pitcher), 

***Ninth Inning

Donnie Veal has passed to Addison Reed to close the office

*10 – 6 (Sox Lead)

Braves – (struck out)(single)(struck out)(struck out)

What an amazing day, with the White Sox taking that game out by a score of 10 to 6 over Atlanta, thanks in part to a Grand Slam by Alex Rios in the Fifth Inning. Jake Peavy was back today for his first assignment after the cracked rib. He looked good, was solid in his pitching but you could see that he was not totally comfortable out there and showed his annoyance when the defense made mistakes.Jose Quintana has the mound duties for the final game in the series.

Have a great weekend.

See you at The Cell




Closing The First Half Of The Season

IMG_0053The White Sox lost their final game of the season by a score of  4 – 3 in 10 innings. It was the first time all season that a series went extra inning in all the games in the series. There where lots of positives but it was also head breaking to watch at times.

We got out of the Detroit series with NO ERRORS which was great. Right now any game with out errors is a real positive. The Sox have more errors up to this point then they did for the complete last season. This has to change in the second half. If we are to get anywhere in the second half this has to change. We need to get back to good solid basic defense. Nothing fancy, just taking it one out at a time.

Injuries have been varied but caused a real concern at times. Gavin Floyd is out for the season having elbow surgery back in April,  De Wayne Wise is on the list with a strained right hamstring, Jake Peavy is on the list with a fractured rib but he is doing his rehab assignment and should be back after the all-star break, Brain Omogrosso is on the list with, strained right triceps, Jesse Crain is nursing a sprained right shoulder, Paul Konerko is nursing a strained lower back but he is on the way to Birmingham for rehab assignment.

Matt Thornton is our first trade of the season, he is now a Boston Red Sox. He will see him again some time during the season. I am sure there will be more trades to come as things move along.

Josh Phegley, Casper Wells, have been two wonderful additions to the team and I can see them having great careers. Bret Morel and Blake Tekotte are both players to keep an eye on in the second half.

A good solid line up that can produce results each game is still not there quiet yet. There are spots where two or three are starting to come together but we need the whole line up to find their way to start producing runs.

**Personal Notes

It’s been a real struggle at times to watch things take place. Frustration and discouragement are probably at the top of the list as losing streaks took place.  There are good spots, Hector Santiago and Jose Quintana are defiantly two up and coming pitchers to keep an eye on. With some guidance from those with experience like Jake and Chris, they will be amazing pitchers in their time.

When I started this blog I never imagined that it would take off the way it has. My blog is uploaded on two sports web sites in the USA. I have a readership there and I enjoy the feedback they give me.

I have an amazing new group of White Sox Sisters who I love and adore and I can’t wait to meet in person to share some giggles and cheer on our favorite boys.

To you my readers here, I can’t out into words how much I appreciate your support on this journey.

I am going to take a break, and enjoy the All-Star game and the Home Run Derby, I will be back with you on Friday night in the USA, Saturday here in Australia for a three game series with the Atlanta Braves at home in Chicago, before the Detroit Tigers come to visit.

Have a super week and I will see you on the field