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Game 2 in Oakland

Rally Monkey

Rally Monkey

It is game 2 of the 3 game series with the Oakland A’s. The Sox pulled out an amazing win 7 to 6 and the last out to get the runner at home from a throw deep in the outfield from Adam Eaton, anything today will be possible.

John Danks is in the mound office today. Jake Petricka, Dan Jennings and David Robertson all helped out today.

Uniform: Gray away.

Line up: Eaton(Spanky), Cabrera(Melky), Abreu(Cannon), LaRoche(The Beard), Garcia, Gillaspie, Ramirez, Flowers, Sanchez

*Top of 1st – Cannon on with a single up the middle, The Beard with a single but they got the force at second.

*Bottom of 1st – 2 run home run opens the scoring giving the A’s the lead 2 – 0

*Top of 3rd – With Spanky and Melky on base, Avi’s single brings the boys home for a 2 – 2 ball game.

*Top of 5th – Melky on with a single,

*Top of 7th – With Spanky on 3rd thanks to his speed and a throwing error, Melky’s single brings him home for a 3 to 2 lead. Cannon doubled to deep center getting Melky across home plate for a 4 to 2 lead

*Top of 8th – Avi with a single to right, Conor is safe at first with Avi out thanks to the force. Missile on first with an infield single, Conor to second.

*Bottom of 8th – A’s add a run on a Double play. Sox still lead 4 – 3. Jake Petricka now has the office mound keys, Dan Jennings has taken over in the office. David Robertson is in the office

*Top of 9th – Cannon hit by a pitch

David Robertson out the game in the mound office. Final score White Sox 4 and the A’s 3. Jeff Samardzija is in the mound office for the final game of the series.


It’s a Sale on K’s tonight

The cold weather of The Cell welcomes the Kansas City Royals for a 4 game series.

Pitching Staff: Chris Sale, Zach Duke, David Robertson, Zach Putnam, Dan Jennings, Jake Petricka

Lineup: (Spanky)Eaton, Cabrera, Abreu(Cannon),La Roche(The Beard), Garcia, Gillaspie, Ramirez, Flowers, Johnson, Beckham, Bonifacio

Weather: Cold but blue sky

Uniform: Black jerseys with white pinstripe pants

*Top of the first – KC rattled Sale and put a 2 spot on the board, KC – 2 and Sox – 0

*Bottom of the 3rd – Hell of a run by Johnson, KC missed tagging the bag and he was safe. Spanky walked moving Johnson to second. Can o corn to close the inning.

*Bottom of the 4th – Cannon hit by a pitch, The Beard with a single, Avi with a single, they get the force at second. Gillaspie safe at first, Cannon got in a pickle but managed to keep it going long enough to get Avi to 3rd, Missile with a single to right gets Avi home for a 2 – 1 KC lead.

*Bottom of the 5th – Melky on 2nd with a double, Cannon doubles and this game is tied at 2 apiece.

*Bottom of the 7th – Bench clearing brawl. Zach Duke in the office getting the keys from Sale. Chris Sale and Jeff Samardzija along with 3 KC players ejected from the game.

*Bottom of the 8th – Melky on with a walk, Cannon with a single moving Melky to 2nd. The Beard is safe at first, getting the force at second.

*Top of the 9th – David Robertson in the office.

*Bottom of the 9th – with the Sox not able to score we are on the way to the 10th inning

*Top of the 10th – Zach Putnam received the mound keys from Robertson

*Bottom of 10th – Spanky on 2nd thanks to a wide throw. Cannon gifted a free pass to first base. The Beard was able to move the boys to 2nd and 3rd.

*Top of 11th – Dan Jennings takes over from Putnam. KC runner at second with a double. KC batter given a free pass to first. (Jake Petricka working in the pen)

*Bottom of the 11th – Gordon Beckham on with a free pass to 1st, who was thrown out trying to steal second.

*Top of 12th – Jake Petricka now in the office.

*Bottom of 12th – Bonifacio to pitch hit.

*Top of 13th – speedster for KC crosses home for a 3 to 2 lead.

*Bottom of 13th – Avi with a single, but was left stranded.

Final score – KC – 3 and Sox – 2

It was one hell of a game. Go to bed and get warm. I wont be with you for tomorrow’s game as it is ANZAC Day here in Australia. The Aussie’s version of Memorial Day.

In the office for game 2 in the series is John Danks






Here Come the Indians

*Game one in the series

Line up – Spanky Eaton, Cabrera, Abreu, LaRoche, Garcia, Gillaspie, Ramirez, Soto, Johnson. Tyler Flowers (T-Flow), Gordon Beckham

Pitching – John Danks, Dan Jennings, Zack Putnam, David Robertson

Uniform – White pinstripe

Weather – Windy, cold


*top of the 1st – Indians take the lead on a home run. 1 – 0

*top of the 3rd – Indians score another run taking the lead 2 – 0.

*top of the 5th inning – another home run by the Indians extend their lead to 3 – 0

*Top of the 7th inning – Danks hands the office keys to Dan Jennings.

*The bottom of the 9th inning – Avisail Garcia started things with a double to right, Conor Gillaspie walked, on a wild pitch with Alexei Ramirez at the plate, Gillaspie moved to second. Ramirez smacks a double getting Garcia, and Gillaspie both home, Tyler Flowers smacks a sharp single to left, with Ramirez speed sees him held at 3rd. Gordon Beckham’s single to left, brings Ramirez home to tie the score at 3 a piece. A Spanky Eaton, single gets Flowers to 3rd and Beckham to second. A Cabrera line drive to center, brings T-Flow home for the winning run

Final Score, Sox – 4 and Indians – 3


Sox Thoughts

Today was supposed to be a happy day for the Sox and the rest of baseball. April 15 everyone wears number 15 to honor Jackie Robinson and what he did for baseball.

What I woke up to was fair weather fans complaining about bad calls and a pitcher having a crappy day, on top of today being his birthday.

OK, first things first. I know we are having some struggles settling in and all. This is nothing new, especially when almost the whole team is new. Even I will agree there have been some stupid calls getting started. I have seen more NEGATIVE than positive supporting the boys.

I am really tired of all the negative crap about John Danks. Let’s remember one thing here, John is coming off a complete shoulder reconstruction. He is not going to bounce back right away like everyone thinks he should. I have faith in John that he will find his way. I have always been a pitchers girl and will continue to support John and the rest of the staff

David Robertson who is our closer has a foundation called “High Socks for Hope” is lending a hand to the victims of the recent tornadoes in Illinois.

For more information or to make a donation go to: