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Gone 8 Miles North

20120310_jtl_ar5_769_extra_large_mediumMorning Kids.

Gee its early but we have a ball game and John Danks is on the mound. I am not sure why Paul Konerko is out of the line up but will find out. With being in a National League park the DH is not in effect.

Plenty of coffee and see you at the first.

***First Inning

*1 – 0 (Cubs Lead)

Sox – Alejandro De Aza(struck out), Alexei Ramirez(single to right)(stole second), Alex Rios(third to first), Adam Dunn(struck out),

Cubs – (double)(single, runner to third)(force at second,runner scores)(hit into double play)

***Second Inning 

*2 – 1 (Cubs Lead)

Sox – Dayan Viciedo(second to first), Conor Gillaspie(single), Jeff Keppinger(single,runner to third) Tyler Flowers(single,runner scores) John Danks(bunt,moved runners to second and third) De Aza(second to first),

Cubs –(Fouled out to first)(HOME RUN)(walk)(fly out to right)(struck out)

***Third Inning

*2 – 1 (Cubs Lead)

Sox –  Ramirez(fly out to right), Rios(fly out to right), Dunn(struck out),

Cubs – (struck out)(short to first)(first to pitcher)

***Fourth Inning

*4 – 1 (Cubs Lead)

Sox – Viciedo(struck out), Gillaspie(struck out), Keppinger(second to first),

Cubs – (fly out to center)(single)(fly out to left)(HOME RUN)(double)(third to second)

***Fifth Inning

Hector Santiago now pitching

*4 – 1 (Cubs Lead)

Sox –  Flowers(double),Danks(Casper Wells batting,Danks is done)(single)(Flowers to third),De Aza(Sac Fly)(flowers scores), Ramirez(safe at first,got Wells on the force)(stole second) Rios(third to first),

Cubs – (single)(struck out)(fly out to right)(fly out to right center)

***Sixth Inning

Matt Lindstrom on the mound

*6 – 2 (Cubs Lead)

Sox –  Dunn,(struck out)Viciedo(struck out),Gillaspie(short to first),

Cubs – (single)(walk,runners at first and second)(1 to 4 out)(moved runners)(wild pitch)(runner scores)(ground to short)(single to left center,runner scores)(single, runners at first and second)(lined to second)

***Seventh Inning

Pitching change for the Cubs

Brian Omogrosso now pitching

*9 – 2 (Cubs Lead)

Sox – Keppinger(single), Flowers(struck out),Wise(struck out), De Aza(second to first),

Cubs – (single)(hit by pitch)(struck out)(HOME RUN)(struck out)

***Eighth Inning

Pitching Change for the Cubs

Nate Jones on the mound

*9 – 3 (Cubs Lead)

Sox –  Ramirez(double), Rios(struck out), Dunn(sac fly)(ramirez scores), Gimenez(struck out)

Cubs – (struck out)(fly out to center)(ground out to short)

***Ninth Inning

Pitching Change for the Cubs

*9 – 3 (Cubs Lead)

Sox –  Gillaspie(fly out to left),Keppinger(single),Flowers(pop out to third),Wise(second to first)

That is the game kids.

See you tomorrow for the final game of the series