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Got a Broom, Its a SWEEP

1781973_10203853778327003_9147704401115001297_nYes, Sox fans you are reading that correctly. The win today with Carlos Rodon on the mound, to be honest I was kinda worried with him getting belted last time out. He is getting better and I would like to think that Chris talks with him after the his games to help him get better.

Carlos Sanchez belted his second home run today, his first was in last nights game.

Alexei Ramirez puts on a defensive clinic in this series, they have turned more double plays. The combination of Ramirez and Sanchez is ripping it up and I hope they can keep it going.

Monday, we are in Boston for a Sox Drawer battle, has John Danks in the opener. Danks is 5 wins and 8 loses against Kelly with a record of 2 and 6. Jeff Samardzjia ( 7 – 5) mound office on Tuesday facing off against Miley with an even record of 8 wins and 8 loses.

Wednesday’s Sox battle sees Jose Quintana coming off his first complete game with a record of 5 wins and 9 loses facing Porcello with a 5 wins – 10 loss record.

The final pitchers for the closing game of the series have yet to be announced. The White Sox will close the month of July out in New York for a series with the Yankees.

1 Special Game and 1 Beating the Rain

saleThe Sox have been in one place I have always wanted to go. St.Louis to Bush Stadium, for a 2 game series with the Cardinals. The Cardinals are the best team with the best record in baseball now and I truly wondered if we would survive.

*Game One – Sox 2 and Cardinals 1

It turned out to be the Chris Sale show, Let me explain this one. First, it was Chris’s 8th appearance in a row with 10 or more strike outs. It puts Chris second on the all time list. If he keeps pitching the way he is, I am secretly hoping that the can break the record. OK, second hit, being in a National League park the pitchers have to bat, Chris got his first official hit. I was glad to see that they pulled the ball for him to keep. Jose Abreu was up to bat and thanks to a wonky bounce off 2nd and went into center field. Chris was waved home. Thanks to a Tyler Flowers home run we took this game out.

*Game 2 —  Sox 7 and Cardinals 1

It was a real team effort today, Mother Nature kept throwing everything she had at this game but the boys would win and would do it big.

1st inning – Cardinals on the board 1 – 0

5th inning – Adam Eaton single would bring Flowers home for a 1 all game.

6th inning – Melky Cabrera would homer to right center for a 2 to 1 ball game and the Sox would not be denied from here on out.

9th inning – The fireworks would start with Flowers belting  a homer to left center with Alexei Ramirez on the pond for a 4 to 1 lead, with the pond full, Abreu’s single to left brought Sanchez home LaRoche to 3rd and Eaton to 2nd. Melky would ground out but it allowed LaRoche to come home for a 6 to 1 Sox lead, the final score of the game, Eaton coming home on an error by the 3rd baseman for a 7 to 1 lead. Scott Carroll held his nerve in the bottom of the 9th to get Jose Quintana the win.

The Sox are off to Baltimore for a series.

*Injury Note – Dan Jennings has returned to the team from the Injury list.


Got any K’s for Sale

It is game one of a four game series with the Indians. Chris Sale against Corey Kluber. Last outing Kluber racked up a high of 18 strikeouts.

Lineup today: Eaton, Cabrera, Abreu, LaRoche, Garcia, Gillaspie(Conor), Ramirez, Flowers, Sanchez, Shuck(J.B)

Uniform today is the White Pinstripe

*Top of 3rd – Indians open the scoring 1 – 0

*Bottom of 6 – Eaton scores on a Kluber wild pitch to tie the score at 1 all

*Bottom of 10 – Avi with a single but is replaced, to run by J.B Shuck. Conor’s single to left gets J.B to 2nd. Sanchez single to left helps J.B make it home for a 2 to 1 Sox win

The Sox have gained half a game on K.C today, only 4.5

In the office tomorrow will be Jose “The Q” Quintana



Anyone here for a Sale

84e63ea018d99bfd43d96f1e2736e3b6Game 2 with Chris Sale in the office tonight, also helping Chris out today was Jake Petricka, Zach Putnam

Uniform: throwback to the 80’s. Winning Ugly

Lineup: (Spanky)Eaton Cabrera(Melky),(Cannon)Abreu, LaRoche(The Beard),Garcia(Avi),Gillaspie(Conor) ,Ramirez(Missile), Flowers(T-Flow), (Micah) Johnson, Gordon(Bacon) Beckham

Weather 61 degrees at game time

*Top of the 1st – Kitty’s runner triples and scores on a Sac fly. 1 – 0

*Bottom of the first – Melky with a walk,The Beard walked moving Melky to second

*Bottom of the 2nd – Conor with a HOME RUN. tie ball game, Johnson with a double

*Top of the 3rd – 2 run homer and the Kitty’s take the lead 3 – 1

*Bottom of the 3rd – Cannon on with a single up the middle, Avi with a walk, Conor with a walk loads the pond. Wild pitch brings Cannon home and its a 3 -2 ball game.

*Bottom of 4th – Johnson on with a single up the middle, On a steal attempt, Spanky smacks a single to right and Johnson is held at 3rd. Melky’s Sac Fly gets Johnson home for a tie score

*Top of 5th – With Sale struggling, a blooper to right, the Kitty’s take the lead back 4 – 3.

*Top of 6th – Chris Sale is off to the showers after loading the pond and Jake Petricka got the office keys from Robin. Lead off walk scores and its a 5 – 3 Kitty’s lead.

*Bottom of 6th – Missile with a single and stolen base.

*Bottom of 7th – The Beard with a single,

*Top of 8th – Kitty’s batter hit by Zach Putnam. Single takes the Kitty’s lead to 6 to 3

*Bottom of 8th – Micah on 1st, Spanky with a single (starting to make consistent contact with the bat) Melky belts a HOME RUN and ties the score at 6 all. Cannon with a single and The Beard to the plate and smacks a single moving Cannon to 3rd, Avi with a single brining Cannon home for a 7 to 6 lead. Bacon at the plate and flies out to close the inning

*Top of 9th – David Robertson in the office to close this out. With an unbelievable play from Avi to Missile to Cannon they got the runner at first.

Final Score Sox – 7 and Kitty’s 6.




It’s a Sale on K’s tonight

The cold weather of The Cell welcomes the Kansas City Royals for a 4 game series.

Pitching Staff: Chris Sale, Zach Duke, David Robertson, Zach Putnam, Dan Jennings, Jake Petricka

Lineup: (Spanky)Eaton, Cabrera, Abreu(Cannon),La Roche(The Beard), Garcia, Gillaspie, Ramirez, Flowers, Johnson, Beckham, Bonifacio

Weather: Cold but blue sky

Uniform: Black jerseys with white pinstripe pants

*Top of the first – KC rattled Sale and put a 2 spot on the board, KC – 2 and Sox – 0

*Bottom of the 3rd – Hell of a run by Johnson, KC missed tagging the bag and he was safe. Spanky walked moving Johnson to second. Can o corn to close the inning.

*Bottom of the 4th – Cannon hit by a pitch, The Beard with a single, Avi with a single, they get the force at second. Gillaspie safe at first, Cannon got in a pickle but managed to keep it going long enough to get Avi to 3rd, Missile with a single to right gets Avi home for a 2 – 1 KC lead.

*Bottom of the 5th – Melky on 2nd with a double, Cannon doubles and this game is tied at 2 apiece.

*Bottom of the 7th – Bench clearing brawl. Zach Duke in the office getting the keys from Sale. Chris Sale and Jeff Samardzija along with 3 KC players ejected from the game.

*Bottom of the 8th – Melky on with a walk, Cannon with a single moving Melky to 2nd. The Beard is safe at first, getting the force at second.

*Top of the 9th – David Robertson in the office.

*Bottom of the 9th – with the Sox not able to score we are on the way to the 10th inning

*Top of the 10th – Zach Putnam received the mound keys from Robertson

*Bottom of 10th – Spanky on 2nd thanks to a wide throw. Cannon gifted a free pass to first base. The Beard was able to move the boys to 2nd and 3rd.

*Top of 11th – Dan Jennings takes over from Putnam. KC runner at second with a double. KC batter given a free pass to first. (Jake Petricka working in the pen)

*Bottom of the 11th – Gordon Beckham on with a free pass to 1st, who was thrown out trying to steal second.

*Top of 12th – Jake Petricka now in the office.

*Bottom of 12th – Bonifacio to pitch hit.

*Top of 13th – speedster for KC crosses home for a 3 to 2 lead.

*Bottom of 13th – Avi with a single, but was left stranded.

Final score – KC – 3 and Sox – 2

It was one hell of a game. Go to bed and get warm. I wont be with you for tomorrow’s game as it is ANZAC Day here in Australia. The Aussie’s version of Memorial Day.

In the office for game 2 in the series is John Danks






White Sox and Twinkies at Target Field, Games 3 and 4

Chris Sale on the mound

Chris Sale on the mound

The White Sox gave Chris Sale the keys for Sundays game against the Twins, and with a 2 – 0 lead in the series the Sox where hoping for great things from the ace and they were not in any way shape or form disappointed. Going 8 full innings with 12 strike outs and dropping his ERA to 1.88. It would be up to the offence to complete the day. I was over the moon to see that they have come through with great support for Sale, who would pass off to Daniel Webb to lock up the office.

Robin Ventura  would send in for battle – Adam”Spanky” Eaton, Alexei “Missile”  Ramirez, Jose “Cannon” Abreu, Dayan”Tank” Viciedo, Paul”Captain” Konerko, Conor Gillaspie, Tyler “T-Flow” Flowers, Alejandro De Aza, Gordon”Bacon” Beckham. (My sorority sisters and I love our boys nicknames)

*Game Three, Sox – 7 and Twins – 0

Chris Sale against Logan Darnell

Gillaspie opened the scoring in the bottom of the second inning when, Gillaspie doubled to right, Flowers hit a single which got Gillaspie home but would up on second due to a throwing error by Santana of the Twins.

The Sox 1 – 0 lead changed to 2 – 0 when in the third inning, Eaton and Ramirez both reaching on singles to center and left respectively, Abreu’s sac fly scored Eaton and moved Ramirez to second, Viciedo lined out leaving Ramirez at second,

Sale kept the Twins bats quiet through four innings when at the top of the fifth, Ramirez with Beckham on the pond thanks to his double, unleashed a home run to left taking the score to 4 – 0 in the Sox favor.

The Sox would do the rest of the damage in the top of the sixth inning when, Konerko and Gillaspie would both reach the pond on singles, Flowers double would bring home Konerko and hold Gillaspie at third, A De Aza single to right would being home Gillaspie and keep Flowers at third, Beckham’s sacrifice fly to center would bring Flowers home for run number 7.

Sale would keep the Twins score less for the rest of the day, with the final score Sox – 7 and the Twins – 0. Another brilliant outing by Sale only all the Twins 5 hits for the day.

*Game Four, Twins – 4 and the Sox – 3

Scott Carroll against Yohan Pino

A four game sweep is what the Sox were hoping for today but it was not meant to be. Ronald Belisario who was on in relief  and was rattled by issues with the umpire was not able to hold the Twins who were able to sneak in and steal the win.

Things were all quiet until the Twins half of the third when, Escobar started things with a double to right, who came home on a triple  by Santana, giving the Twins a 1 – 0 lead.

It took til the top of the sixth inning for the Sox to get on the board, Beckham opened the inning with a double to left, Nieto sacrificed to the pitcher to get Beckham to third. With Eaton on first thanks to an infield single, Ramirez sacrifice fly brought Beckham home for a 1 all game, Abreu’s double to deep left saw the fast-moving Eaton home for a Sox 2 – 1 lead.

The bottom of the seventh would see the Twins take the lead,  Parmelee singled to left, moving  Willingham to second, who had reached on a walk. On a Belisario wild pitch saw both runners advance, Fryer walked to load the bases and Guerra took over the mound office.  Santana’s sacrifice fly to center, got  Willingham home for a 2 all ball game,Parmelee to third, Fryer to second.  Fuld single to center, brought  Parmelee and Fryer home for a Twins 4 – 2 lead. Fuld was  thrown out at second trying to stretch the play.

The top of the eighth inning would see the Sox take a run at trying to putt out a win when Adrian Nieto would unload his first major league home run to left field to cut the Twins lead to 4 – 3. The Twins pitching and defense would shutdown the Sox taking away the sweep that they were looking for.

Monday is a day off before the Sox pack up and head up to Detroit for a three game series, with Jose Quintana,  Hector Noesi and John Danks listed as the pitching staff

The recent update of the Disabled list has some good news for Avisail Garcia who is listed to start a rehab assignment soon, Nate Jones continues recovery from back surgery and is throwing on flat ground. Matt Lindstrom is due to throw a simulated game any time soon, Zach Putnam in recovering from right shoulder inflammation, he is currently on the 15 day disabled listed. Felipe Paulino is still on the disabled  list with Right rotator cuff inflammation. He was moved to the 60 list on July 20th and there has been no new update.



Back to Work – Houston Astros at The Cell for Three

10455430_10153083073963298_5595204343433514617_nIt was back to work for the White Sox after the All-Star break and they welcomed the Houston Astros for a three game series. It was a three game series to kick off the second half of the season. Sitting 10 games behind Detroit it is going to be a real battle, if they can get the bull pen duties sorted its possible that they can be in it come the end of the season.

*Game One – Chicago – 3 and the Astros – 2

Jose Quintana against Scott Feldman

Houston would get on the board in the top of the second when, on an error by Dayan Viciedo, Matt Dominguez scored from a Jon Singleton, single to deep right. Robbie Grossman grounded to the short stop getting Singleton home for a 2 -0 Astros lead.

Chicago tied up the game at 2 a piece when Viciedo hit his 12th Home run of the season with Jose Abreu aboard in the bottom of the sixth inning. The Sox took the lead in the bottom of the seventh when Tyler Flowers double to center helped Alejandro De Aza make it home for a 3 – 2 Sox lead, which would turn out to be the game winning run.

*Game Two –  Chicago – 4 and the Astros – 3

Hector Noesi against Dallas Kuechel

With two outs on the board in the bottom of the second, De Aza started things with a single to left, Flowers added a single to left moving De Aza to second, Adam Eaton reached on an infield single to third and De Aza crossed home plate. Sox took a 1 – 0 lead at the close of the inning.

Bottom of the third saw the Sox take a 3 – 0 lead when Viciedo moved to second on a Paul Konerko walk. Conor Gillaspie tapped a single to center holding Konerko at second and Viciedo made hit home. De Aza walked to load the bases, with Flowers being hit by pitcher Keuchel that brought Konerko home for another tick on the score board.

George Springer got the first Astros run on the board with a solo shot to right cutting the Sox lead to just 2 runs in the top of the fourth. Top of the fifth Houston would tie things up when, with bases loaded Jose Altuve would drive a ball to deep left getting both Enrique Hernandez and Marein Gonzalez across the plate.

The final run of the day would be scored by Chicago in the bottom of the fifth inning when, De Aza on third with a triple, crossed home thanks to a Flowers double to left center. It would be a pitchers duel for the rest of the game with Guerra, Belisario, Petricka and closer Putnam for the Sox in the mound office with, Bass, Sipp and their Closer Qualls  in the Astros office.

*Game Three – Chicago 7 and the Astros 11

John Danks against Jarred Cosart

The Sox with a two game lead in the series, had the brooms ready for the sweep but it was not meant to be as Danks had a disappointing outing. With it already an Astros 1 – 0 lead, they extended their lead in the top of the third with a Altuve home run with Gonzalez already on the pond for a 3 – 0 lead over the Sox, that lead was extended by one when Dominguez singled to center,scoring  Chris Carter. Astros lead the Sox 4 – 0

Chicago finally got on board in the home half of the third when, Eaton when to third on a Jose Abreu single. Adam Dunn grounded out to first but Eaton made it home to cut the Astros lead to 4 – 1. The home half of the fourth saw the lead cut to 4 – 3 still in the Astros favor when, Gillaspie was safe on an infield single, De Aza walked, Gordon Beckham grounding out moved the runners to second and third. Catcher Nieto would be safe on first, with Gillaspie and De Aza getting home.

Danks would only make it to the middle of the fifth inning before the new kid in the bullpen Taylor Thompson would get the ball. Webb, Surkamp and Guerra who would get the closures nod for tonight. The Astros would need help from Downs, Veras, Sipp, Fields and Closer Qualls to get the win on the mound for Houston.

The rest of the run damage would come in innings five, six and seven, with the Astros adding three in the fifth with a Matt Dominguez home run, with Hernandez on board, Grossman’s single to center would bring two more home taking the Astros lead to 7 to 3 at that point. Chicago would get one back when Viciedo scored on a De Aza fielders choice. The bottom of the sixth would see the Sox tie things up at 7 each when, Nieto already on base would reach home on a Alexei Ramirez double. Abreu’s single would see him safe at second on an error and Ramirez making it a 7 – 6 Astros lead. Viciedo would be safe at second on the second Houston error of the inning and Abreu crossing home for a tie score at 7 a piece.

The final four runs of the day would be added by the Astros in the Seventh inning  Carter doubled, Dominguez doubled bringing Carter home. Another double by Lj Hoes would bring Dominguez home, the final two Astros runs would be scored when Gonzalez singled to center, getting  Grossman and  Hoes home for Astros runs 10 and 11.

With a 47 and 52 record has the Sox trailing the Tigers by 9 games. Kansas City who are sitting just 7 games back of the Tigers are on their way to the Cell for a three game series before heading on the road to the Twins. Chris Sale, Scott Carroll and Jose Quintana are the listed pitching staff for the Royals series.





Game with with Toronto – Viciedo Hits Home Run #8 on the Season

mlb_u_garcia11_576After a close call yesterday the White Sox would send to the mound for game three their ace Chris Sale go up against Marcus Stroman for the Jays. With the disaster in the closer ranks yesterday it would be interesting to see what Robin Ventura would do to shake things up and hopefully take a win out.

Joining Sale in on the pitching staff today was, Javy Guerra, Eric Surkamp in middle relief and Zach Putnam got the tap on the shoulder for closing duties.

Adam Eaton returned to the line up after a much-needed rest day. He was joined by Gordon Beckham, Jose Abreu, Adam Dunn, Dayan Viciedo, Alejandro De Aza, Tyler Flowers and Leury Garcia at short stop giving Alexei Ramirez a break.

The Blue Jays opened the scoring in the home half of the fourth when, Colby, Rasmus walked, Darin Mastroianni home run  to center, would give then the lead at 2 – 0.

The Sox would take the lead in the top of the seventh when, Abreu would get on base thanks to a double deep to center, Dunn was gifted a trip to first by way of a walk. Viciedo would hit home run number eight for the season, giving the Sox a one run lead at 3 – 2 at the close of the inning.

The top of the eighth inning would see the last of the scoring for the day when, with two outs Eaton would reach on an infield single. Beckham would get his own single moving Eaton to second, Ramirez would come in and bat for Conor Gillaspie, Ramirez single would bring Eaton home for a 4 – 2 lead, Abreu would close the inning grounding to short.

The Jays to pull out a ninth inning victory but would only add one more run when, A.Gose would double to left, Munenori Kawasaki singled to center, getting  Gose home to cut the Sox lead to 4 – 3. Edwin Encarnacion would ground into fielder’s choice to short, forcing  Jose Reyes out at second to close the game.

Final Score of the game White Sox 4 and the Jays – 3. The Sox have a 2 to 1 game lead in the series. Jose Quintana goes up against former Sox pitch Mark Buehrle.

**In other news

When Alexei Ramirez, Dayan Viciedo and Jose Abreu homered in Fridays game, They became the first trio of Cuban team mates to perform that feat in MLB history


Update on Avisail Garcia

He is doing better than expected at this point. He is throwing the ball well. swinging the bat some to get him loosened up getting those muscles working again. They do have Avi traveling with them on the road. Robin said depending on things he could be back in a very limited role but at this point they are going to give him all the time he is needed. They may send him for winter ball so he can get some game time in because of not playing for so long, so the time he reports for training next February is should be good to go

Two Game Series with San Francisco

The White Sox welcomed the San Francisco Giants for a two game series on Tuesday and Wednesday this past week.

Game one saw John Danks take the mound for the Sox, facing Matt Cain for the Giants. Also joining John on the pitching staff for this game was Javy Guerra, Zach Putnam, Daniel Webb. Joining Matt for the Giants was Yusmeiro Petit.

The Giants would open the scoring in the top of the first with Hunter Pence hitting a home run to left center for a 1 -0 lead. The Giants would add another in the top of the third when, Gregor Blanco walked, Pence grounded into a fielder’s choice to third but was safe on base due to an error by Alexei Ramirez, Buster Posey would get Blanco home with a single to left and Pence was held at second. *Score at the close of the inning was 2 – 0 in favor or the Giants.

The Sox tied things up in the bottom of the third inning when, with Adam Eaton already on base by way of a single to right and a safe steal to second, scored on a Gordon Beckham home run to center. *Score at the close of the inning was 2 apiece.

The Sox added three in the bottom of the fourth, when Jose Abreu started things with a single, Ramirez reaching on his own single, moved Abreu to second, Dayan Viciedo’s single loaded the bases. Tyler Flowers walked bringing Abreu home for a 3 – 2 Sox lead. On a throwing error by the Giants short stop Brandon Crawford, both Ramirez and Viciedo were able to get across home plate to take the score in favor of the Sox 5 – 2.

The last of the scoring came in the bottom of the fifth inning for the Sox when, Conor Gillaspie scored on an Adam Dunn single, Viciedo’s homer to left with Dunn on board brought the Sox lead to 8 to 2, which wound up being the final score.

*Game Two

Would see Chris Sale face off against Tim Hudson.

By the close of the fourth inning the Sox would have a 4 – 0 lead. The top of the fifth inning would see the Giants start to mound some offense when, Blanco singled to center, Pence also reached on a single to center. Posey’s single to center would get Blanco home. Pablo Sandoval sacrifice fly to center would get Pence home cutting the Sox lead in half 4 – 2.

Dunn would add three more in the bottom of the fifth inning thanks to a home run to right with Gillaspie and Abreu already on the pond. Gillaspie and Abreu both reached on respective singles to right and center. *Score at the close of the inning 7 – 2 in favor of the Sox.

The Giants added one in the top of the seventh, in the top of the eighth the Giants, starting the run chase again when, Ehire Adrianza started things off with a single to right, Brandon Crawford got a free pass by way of a walk. Blanco’s double to right got Adrianza home for a 7 – 4 Sox lead. Pence grounding to second moved Crawford across home plate, getting the Giants within two at the close of the inning. *Score Sox – 7 and the Giants 5

San Francisco Giants v Chicago White SoxThe top of the ninth would see the Giants fall two runs short when, Sandvol doubled to right, Michael Morse singled to right. Tyler Colvin’s sacrifice fly to left would get Sandvol home but Adrianza would close the game with a fly out to center.

The Sox head out on a road trip to Minnesota, Toronto, and Baltimore.



Swept in Three by the Royals

1924784_10203754512445589_8169856087209915222_nThe White sox were swept in their three game series with the Kansas City Royals.

*Game Two on Saturday. Royals – 9 and the Sox – 1

Danny Duffy was the brilliant on the mound for the Royals, Striking out 9 and only allowing one walk.

The fourth inning is where K.C did the most damage scoring 5 run, when Billy Butler started things with a walk, Alex Gordon’s single to left moved Butler to second, Salvador Perez’s singled to center to load up the bases. Lorenzo Cain grounded into a fielder’s choice but Butler and Gordon scored on an error by third baseman Leury Garcia, which allowed Perez to wind up safe at third. Mike Moustakas singled to center,  got Perez home and Cain to second. Norichika Aoki grounded into a double play which got Cain home for the fourth run of the inning. Omar Infante scored the final run when his single got Moustakas home for a 5 – 0 Royals lead.

They would go on to add one run in the top of the eighth inning and finish scoring with three more in the top of the ninth.

The only run the Sox could produce was a Paul Konerko home run in the top of the ninth.

*Game Three on Sunday. Royals – 6 and the Sox – 3

Andre Rienzo was on the mound for the Sox facing James Shields for the Royals

Scoring started in the top of the first with Eric Hosmer hitting a home run, with Infante on base. Adam Eaton answered back scoring one of the Sox runs in the bottom of the inning, after hitting a triple to right, was sent home on a balk by Shields. *Score at the close of the inning was Royals ahead 2 – 1

The top of the third saw Kansas City take the lead to 5 to 1 on a Perez homer to left, with Butler and Gordon already on the pond by way of Butler being hit by a pitch and Gordon walked.

The fourth inning would see the rest of the runs scored when, at the top half, Jarrod Dyson singled to center, getting Moustakas home, taking the scored to 6 to 1 in the Royals favor. The Sox would only be able to add two more runs in the bottom of the same inning when, Alejandro De Aza would hit a double to deep right, which allowed both Adam Dunn and Alexei Ramirez to score. Dunn and Ramirez had both reached on singles.

The Sox now have a much-needed day off before welcoming the San Francisco Giants for a two game series sending John Danks to the mound against Matt Cain for game one and Chris Sale for game two facing off against Tim Hudson.