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Visiting The Los Angeles Angels and the Chicago Cubs

James Russell, Alberto CallaspoEvening Kids

Tonight we are visiting the Los Angeles Angels and the Chicago Cubs. This game took place on Wednesday the 5th of June.  We are visiting in Angel Stadium in Anaheim California

The pitcher tonight for the Angels is Jason Vargas with Matt Garza on the mound for the Cubs

***First Inning

*0 – 0 

Cubs – (struck out)(pop out to second)(ground out to first)

Angels – (fly out to center)(fly out to center)(double)(ground out to pitcher)

***Second Inning

*2 – 0 (angels lead)

Cubs – (double)(ground out to second,runner to third)(walk)(struck out)

Angels – (double)(HOME RUN)(ground out to second)(struck out)(ground out to short)

***Third Inning

*2 – 1 (angels lead)

Cubs – (triple)(ground out to short,runner scores)(double)(fly out to right)

Angels – (fly out to right center)(line drive to first)(fly out to left)

***Fourth Inning

*4 – 1 (angels lead)

Cubs – (struck out)(single)(hit into double play)

Angels – (walk)hit into force at second,safe at first)(single,runners at first and third)(pop out to third)(single,runner scores,runners at first and third)(single to right,runner scores,runners at first and second)(picked off first base runner)

***Fifth Inning

*4 – 4 

Cubs – (single)(fly out to shallow center)(single to center)(HOME RUN)(ground out to first)(double)(walk)(double steal,runners at second and third)(fly out to right center)

Angels – (struck out)(fly out to right)(struck out)

***Sixth Inning

*5 – 4 (Cubs lead)

Angels Pitching Change, another change for the angels

Cubs – (double)(infield single,runners at first and third)(RBI single,runners at first and second)(pop out third base foul)(pop out to shallow right)(ground out to first)

Angels – (wild pitch,safe at first)(hit into double play)(single)(fly out to center)

***Seventh Inning

Angels Pitching Change 

Pitching change for the Cubs

*5 – 4 (Cubs Lead)

Cubs – (line out to left)(single)(fly out to center)(struck out)

Angels – (struck out)(triple)(popped out to catcher)(walk)(fly out to center)

***Eighth Inning

*5 – 5 

Cubs – (struck out)(ground out to short)(struck out)

Angels – (HOME RUN)(popped out to short)(struck out)(ground out to first)

Ninth Inning

Pitching Change for the Angels

*8 – 6 (cubs lead)

My tape ran out but on looking up the Chicago Cubs wound up taking the game out over the Los Angeles Angels by a score of 8 to 6.

Thanks for hanging out with me,

See you again





WHY I Follow The Chicago White Sox

935307_639711536042446_2014875303_n     I thought this might help answer a few questions about WHY I follow the Chicago White Sox.

I am originally from Ohio in the USA, so that makes me an expat. I am a born and bred Buckeye and I will always hate that team up north. I moved to Australia in 2000 and rebuild my life after a series of events that saw my marriage fall apart, I grew apart from my kids and I was on the verge of a complete breakdown. I got very little in the way of hometown sports, baseball and gridiron(as the Aussie call it). I love my sports and always have, I needed those connections back to my roots and rediscovering baseball again was something I needed.

I knew all about the White Sox and some of their history but I wanted to know more. I had friend who were massive Sox fans and I finally decided to get on board. I read as  much as I can and research to learn about new players. I completely adore the movie “Field of Dreams” I guess I you could say I have been a Sox fan ever since the movie came out but it wasn’t until meeting the brother of a close mate of mine who was a massive fan of the boys. Gary had tickets each spring training to the Camelback Ranch and would take his boys for a few games.

Roughly three years ago Gary got dealt a really cruel blow, finding out that he had cancer. The sad fact was that the cancers he had were inoperable and he was in the fight of his life. We all rallied around Gary and did anything and everything to keep his spirits up as much as possible. We all started following the White Sox, keeping Gary updated and doing our best to keep his spirits up.

In 2011 as the new season was approaching we knew the end was coming for Gary. He was not able to go to the ranch that year but his boys went, and took Gary with them in spirit, taking plenty of pictures. All Gary kept sharing was he wanted to see opening day,Gary was too ill to actually go to the park but friends took a picture of Gary with them and posted from all places in the ballpark.

Just a few days later Gary lost his fight, I miss him so much and wish I could talk to him today. He was a teacher and taught me so much. I take what he taught me and I teach others who I see are struggling. I continue to love and follow the White Sox wishing that Gary was here to see the highs and lows of the season. It keeps Gary’s memory alive but it always keeps me connected to my roots.

My partner and I are planning a trip home to the USA and to spend some time in Chicago and attend some games. I can’t wait for the whole experience.

Yes, I live in Australia and Adelaide is my second home but I will ALWAYS love my Buckeyes and I will always look good in the black and White of the Chicago White Sox

See you at the ball park


Dugout News from the Cubs Series

20120310_jtl_ar5_769_extra_large_medium***Game One with the Cubs

Behind the mike calling the game today is – Ken and Steve

Uniform of the day is – White Pinstripe with camouflage in honor of Memorial Day and those who served and gave their lives for the USA

Pitching Staff today – Jose Quintana(ERA is 3.48), Nate Jones,Brian Omogrosso

***Game Two with the Cubs

Behind the mike calling the game today is –  The crew from the Cubs

Uniform of the Day is – White Pinstripe, with Black Letters, Numbers and trim

Pitching staff today is – Chris Sale,

**Rained out in the Fourth Inning

***Game Three with the Cubs

Behind the plate calling the game is the Cubs Crew

Uniform of the day is all grey with black, letters,numbers and trim

Pitching staff today is John Danks, Hector Santiago, Matt Thornton, Nate Jones

Gone 8 Miles North

20120310_jtl_ar5_769_extra_large_mediumMorning Kids.

Gee its early but we have a ball game and John Danks is on the mound. I am not sure why Paul Konerko is out of the line up but will find out. With being in a National League park the DH is not in effect.

Plenty of coffee and see you at the first.

***First Inning

*1 – 0 (Cubs Lead)

Sox – Alejandro De Aza(struck out), Alexei Ramirez(single to right)(stole second), Alex Rios(third to first), Adam Dunn(struck out),

Cubs – (double)(single, runner to third)(force at second,runner scores)(hit into double play)

***Second Inning 

*2 – 1 (Cubs Lead)

Sox – Dayan Viciedo(second to first), Conor Gillaspie(single), Jeff Keppinger(single,runner to third) Tyler Flowers(single,runner scores) John Danks(bunt,moved runners to second and third) De Aza(second to first),

Cubs –(Fouled out to first)(HOME RUN)(walk)(fly out to right)(struck out)

***Third Inning

*2 – 1 (Cubs Lead)

Sox –  Ramirez(fly out to right), Rios(fly out to right), Dunn(struck out),

Cubs – (struck out)(short to first)(first to pitcher)

***Fourth Inning

*4 – 1 (Cubs Lead)

Sox – Viciedo(struck out), Gillaspie(struck out), Keppinger(second to first),

Cubs – (fly out to center)(single)(fly out to left)(HOME RUN)(double)(third to second)

***Fifth Inning

Hector Santiago now pitching

*4 – 1 (Cubs Lead)

Sox –  Flowers(double),Danks(Casper Wells batting,Danks is done)(single)(Flowers to third),De Aza(Sac Fly)(flowers scores), Ramirez(safe at first,got Wells on the force)(stole second) Rios(third to first),

Cubs – (single)(struck out)(fly out to right)(fly out to right center)

***Sixth Inning

Matt Lindstrom on the mound

*6 – 2 (Cubs Lead)

Sox –  Dunn,(struck out)Viciedo(struck out),Gillaspie(short to first),

Cubs – (single)(walk,runners at first and second)(1 to 4 out)(moved runners)(wild pitch)(runner scores)(ground to short)(single to left center,runner scores)(single, runners at first and second)(lined to second)

***Seventh Inning

Pitching change for the Cubs

Brian Omogrosso now pitching

*9 – 2 (Cubs Lead)

Sox – Keppinger(single), Flowers(struck out),Wise(struck out), De Aza(second to first),

Cubs – (single)(hit by pitch)(struck out)(HOME RUN)(struck out)

***Eighth Inning

Pitching Change for the Cubs

Nate Jones on the mound

*9 – 3 (Cubs Lead)

Sox –  Ramirez(double), Rios(struck out), Dunn(sac fly)(ramirez scores), Gimenez(struck out)

Cubs – (struck out)(fly out to center)(ground out to short)

***Ninth Inning

Pitching Change for the Cubs

*9 – 3 (Cubs Lead)

Sox –  Gillaspie(fly out to left),Keppinger(single),Flowers(pop out to third),Wise(second to first)

That is the game kids.

See you tomorrow for the final game of the series


From Across the City They Come

964426_10151979867343298_322578903_oMorning Kids,

What an amazing last two games against the Miami Marlins that was. Jake Peavy pitching a complete game was amazing to hear.

Now, it’s the series all diehard White Sox fans have been waiting for. A four game series with the Chicago Cubs.

Jose Quintana will open the mound office today. Fingers crossed that the offensive support will be there also and we can win this opening game. We finally hit .500 during the Marlins series.

Chris Sale is listed as the starter for tomorrow’s game. According to Ken and Steve the extra time off has helped Chris. John Danks and Jake Peavy finish out the staff for this series.

Grab a coffee and see you at the top of the first.

***First Inning

*1 – 0 (Cubs Lead)

Cubs – (walk)(stole second)(double, scores runner)

Sox – Alejandro De Aza(flied out to right), Alexei Ramirez(struck out), Alex Rios(flied out to right),

***Second Inning

*1 – 0 (Cubs Lead)

Cubs – (short to first)(third to first)(pop out to third)

Sox –  Adam Dunn(fly to deep right)Paul Konerko(third to first)Dayan Viciedo(pop out to second),

***Third Inning

*1 – 0 (Cubs Lead)

Cubs – (fly out to left)(struck out)(struck out)

Sox –  Conor Gillaspie(single to right)Jeff Keppinger(hit into double play), Tyler Flowers(short to first),

***Fourth Inning

*1 – 0 (Cubs Lead)

Cubs – (flied out to center)(single to right)(pop out to first)(ground out to third)

Sox – De Aza(ground out to second), Ramirez(ground out to third), Rios(ground out to third)

***Fifth Inning

* 3- 0 (Cubs Lead)

Cubs – (fly out to short)(walk)(pop out at home caught by first baseman)(HOME RUN)(short to first)

Sox –  Dunn(struck out), Konerko(walk), Viciedo(struck out), Gillaspie(fly out to deep left),

***Sixth Inning

*4 – 0 (Cubs Lead)

Cubs – (double)(fly out to deep right,runner advances)(sac fly,runner scores)(walk)(struck out)

Sox – Keppinger(short to first), Flowers(struck out), De Aza(struck out),

***Seventh Inning

Nate Jones now on the mound

*7 – 0 (Cubs Lead)

Cubs – (struck out but didn’t run, tyler missed the throw to first, safe)(pop out to short)(single to center)(single but viciedo threw out runner at home)(runners at first and third)(triple,two runs score)(single,runner scores)(fly out to left)

Sox –  Ramirez(flied out to left), Rios(pop out to right), Dunn(struck out),

***Eighth Inning

Brian Omogrosso now Pitching for the Sox

*7 – 0 (Cubs Lead)

Cubs – (flied out to center)(popped out to second)(flied out to center)

Sox –  Konerko(flied out to short), Viciedo(struck out), Gillaspie(flied out to left),

***Ninth Inning

*7 – 0 (Cubs Lead)

Cubs – (struck out)(struck out)(double)(ground out to pitcher)

Sox – Keppinger(pitcher to first), Flowers(walk), De Aza(struck out), Ramirez(single,tyler to third) Rios(pop out to short)

Score line says it all kids.

See you tomorrow for game two of the series with Chris Sale on the mound before we travel across the city for game three with John Dank in the office and game four when Jake Peavy takes the mound.

See you at The Cell



Final Sox Drawer Battle

Addison Reed  Morning Kids

It’s the final battle in the war to see which Sox reign supreme. Hector Santiago got the call for today’s game with Chris Sale experiencing some tendonitis in his shoulder. They are hoping that a few extra days rest will help and as of now he is scheduled to pitch in the crosstown rivalry. I did see on twitter that as of now, John Danks COULD return as soon as FRIDAY night against the Florida Marlins, either Dylan Axelrod or Hector Santiago will be moved to the bullpen to make room for him on the rooster.

OK, Grab a coffee and see you at the top of the first

***First Inning

*2 – 0 (RED SOX LEAD)

Red Sox – (pitcher to first)(hit by pitch)(double)(check swing to left field,TWO runners score)(struck out)(runner moves to third)(struck out)

Sox – Alejandro De Aza(single)(out trying to steal second), Alexei Ramirez(walked), Alex Rios(walk)(ramirez to second), Adam Dunn(struck out), Paul Konerko(fly out to left),

***Second Inning

*2 – 0 (Red Sox Lead)

Red Sox – (struck out)(struck out)(single)(fly out to left)

Sox – Dayan Viciedo(short to first), Conor Gillaspie(fly out to shallow center)Jeff Keppinger(short to first),

***Third Inning

*2 – 1 (Red sox Lead)

Red Sox – (walk)(hit into 6-4-3 double play)(walk)(struck out)

Sox –  Tyler Flowers(single), De Aza(walk)(flowers to second), Ramirez(safe at first but got De Aza at second), Rios(short to first but Flowers scores), Dunn(struck out),

***Fourth Inning

*2 – 1 (Red Sox Lead)

Red Sox – (struck out)(struck out)(struck out)

Sox – Konerko(single to left)(out at second due to force),Viciedo(safe at first), Gillaspie(hit into double play)

***Fifth Inning

*2 – 1 (Red Sox Lead)

Red Sox – (walk)(6-4-3 double play)(foul out on first base side)

Sox – Keppinger(single)(out by force),Flowers(struck out), De Aza(safe at first), Ramirez(fly out to deep center)

***Sixth Inning

*2 – 1 (Red Sox Lead)

Red Sox – (fly out to center)(struck out)(fly out to first)

Sox –  Rios(single to center)(caught stealing second), Dunn(pop out), Konerko(fly out to left),

***Seventh Inning

*2 – 1 (Red Sox Lead)

Brian Omogrosso is now pitching

Red Sox – (fly out to left center)(fly out to second)(single)(single)(ground out to second)

Sox –  Viciedo(struck out), Gillaspie(flied out to left), Keppinger(flied out to right),

***Eighth Inning

*4 – 1 (Red Sox Lead)

Nate Jones replaces Brian Omogrosso on the mound

Red Sox – (flied out to left)(single)(single, runner to second)(walk,bases loaded)(fly out to right)(runner scores from third)(walk,bases loaded)(wild pitch, run scores)(struck out swinging)

Sox –  Flowers(struck out), De Aza(struck out), Ramirez(fly out)

***Ninth Inning

Nate Jones passed off to Donnie Veal

*6 – 2 (Red Sox Lead)

Red Sox – (walk)(single)(struck out)(fly out to center)(walk,bases loaded)(single, two runs score)(force out at third)

Sox –  Rios(fly out in foul territory), Dunn(second to first), Konerko(HOME RUN), Viciedo(struck out)

Well Kids, that loss ends the Sox Drawer War, by a score of 6 – 2 but the White Sox won the series by 2 games to 1. It’s a day off tomorrow before the Florida Marlins come to The Cell. Then, it’s the series that every White Sox die-hard fan waits for, the crosstown rivalry with the Chicago Cubs.

Get some rest and see you on Friday in the USA and Saturday here in Australia for the first game with the Marlins.