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It’s Cold at Comisky

The Sox welcome Cleveland for a 3 game series

****GAME ONE – John Danks in the office

**Top of 1st – thanks to an error by the catcher the Indians open the scoring 3 to 0

**Top of 2nd – Indians add 2 more for a 5 to 0 lead

**Bottom of 4th – Todd Frazier with his 2nd home run, 5 to 1 Indians lead.

**Top of 5th – Indians add another one for a 6 to 1 lead. another run in taking the lead to 7 to 1. (it’s snowing again)

**Top of 6th – Dan Jennings now in the office

**Bottom of 6th – Abreu hit by a pitch.

**With the mistakes of the White Sox early in the game, the Indians held on and took out the win 7 to 1

****GAME TWO – Chris Sale in the office.  Black Jersey’s with white pinstripe pants

**Bottom of 3rd – Canon(Abreu) with a blast to open the scoring for the Sox 1 to 0, Frazier safe thanks to E-5,

**Bottom of 4th – Garcia with a single,Avi to second on a wild pitch, E-8 and Avi is home for a 2 to 0 Sox lead, overthrow by the pitcher and Shuck at second.

**Bottom of 5th – Cannon with a looper to center. Wild pitch moves Cannon to second.

**Top of 6th –  Indians tie the game at 2 all

**Top of 7th – Indians take the lead 3 to 2.

**Bottom of 7th – Jackson on with a single, Rollins with a double moving Jackson to 3rd. Cannon gifted 1st thanks the the Intentional walk, pond is loaded. Jackson scores to tie the game, RBI single to right for Melky brings Rollins home for a 4 to 3 Sox lead, Avi with a 3 run shot to take command of the game 7 to 3.

**Matt Albers and Zach Duke combined to close out the game. Series tied at one game each.

Today’s game has been cancelled due to rain. May 23 will be a straight double-header.

Revised pitching will see Jose Quintana on Monday, Carlos Rodon on Wednesday and Matt Latos on Thursday.

Congratulations to Adam and Katie Eaton on the birth of their first child

Tomorrow opens a 3 game series in Minnesota




White Sox and Twinkies at Target Field, Games 3 and 4

Chris Sale on the mound

Chris Sale on the mound

The White Sox gave Chris Sale the keys for Sundays game against the Twins, and with a 2 – 0 lead in the series the Sox where hoping for great things from the ace and they were not in any way shape or form disappointed. Going 8 full innings with 12 strike outs and dropping his ERA to 1.88. It would be up to the offence to complete the day. I was over the moon to see that they have come through with great support for Sale, who would pass off to Daniel Webb to lock up the office.

Robin Ventura  would send in for battle – Adam”Spanky” Eaton, Alexei “Missile”  Ramirez, Jose “Cannon” Abreu, Dayan”Tank” Viciedo, Paul”Captain” Konerko, Conor Gillaspie, Tyler “T-Flow” Flowers, Alejandro De Aza, Gordon”Bacon” Beckham. (My sorority sisters and I love our boys nicknames)

*Game Three, Sox – 7 and Twins – 0

Chris Sale against Logan Darnell

Gillaspie opened the scoring in the bottom of the second inning when, Gillaspie doubled to right, Flowers hit a single which got Gillaspie home but would up on second due to a throwing error by Santana of the Twins.

The Sox 1 – 0 lead changed to 2 – 0 when in the third inning, Eaton and Ramirez both reaching on singles to center and left respectively, Abreu’s sac fly scored Eaton and moved Ramirez to second, Viciedo lined out leaving Ramirez at second,

Sale kept the Twins bats quiet through four innings when at the top of the fifth, Ramirez with Beckham on the pond thanks to his double, unleashed a home run to left taking the score to 4 – 0 in the Sox favor.

The Sox would do the rest of the damage in the top of the sixth inning when, Konerko and Gillaspie would both reach the pond on singles, Flowers double would bring home Konerko and hold Gillaspie at third, A De Aza single to right would being home Gillaspie and keep Flowers at third, Beckham’s sacrifice fly to center would bring Flowers home for run number 7.

Sale would keep the Twins score less for the rest of the day, with the final score Sox – 7 and the Twins – 0. Another brilliant outing by Sale only all the Twins 5 hits for the day.

*Game Four, Twins – 4 and the Sox – 3

Scott Carroll against Yohan Pino

A four game sweep is what the Sox were hoping for today but it was not meant to be. Ronald Belisario who was on in relief  and was rattled by issues with the umpire was not able to hold the Twins who were able to sneak in and steal the win.

Things were all quiet until the Twins half of the third when, Escobar started things with a double to right, who came home on a triple  by Santana, giving the Twins a 1 – 0 lead.

It took til the top of the sixth inning for the Sox to get on the board, Beckham opened the inning with a double to left, Nieto sacrificed to the pitcher to get Beckham to third. With Eaton on first thanks to an infield single, Ramirez sacrifice fly brought Beckham home for a 1 all game, Abreu’s double to deep left saw the fast-moving Eaton home for a Sox 2 – 1 lead.

The bottom of the seventh would see the Twins take the lead,  Parmelee singled to left, moving  Willingham to second, who had reached on a walk. On a Belisario wild pitch saw both runners advance, Fryer walked to load the bases and Guerra took over the mound office.  Santana’s sacrifice fly to center, got  Willingham home for a 2 all ball game,Parmelee to third, Fryer to second.  Fuld single to center, brought  Parmelee and Fryer home for a Twins 4 – 2 lead. Fuld was  thrown out at second trying to stretch the play.

The top of the eighth inning would see the Sox take a run at trying to putt out a win when Adrian Nieto would unload his first major league home run to left field to cut the Twins lead to 4 – 3. The Twins pitching and defense would shutdown the Sox taking away the sweep that they were looking for.

Monday is a day off before the Sox pack up and head up to Detroit for a three game series, with Jose Quintana,  Hector Noesi and John Danks listed as the pitching staff

The recent update of the Disabled list has some good news for Avisail Garcia who is listed to start a rehab assignment soon, Nate Jones continues recovery from back surgery and is throwing on flat ground. Matt Lindstrom is due to throw a simulated game any time soon, Zach Putnam in recovering from right shoulder inflammation, he is currently on the 15 day disabled listed. Felipe Paulino is still on the disabled  list with Right rotator cuff inflammation. He was moved to the 60 list on July 20th and there has been no new update.



Battle of the Sox Drawer – Game Three

1511023_10152831133068298_2185857944187102176_nMorning Gang,

It is the closing game of the series with Chris Sale in the office today. It was a tough battle yesterday and there was nothing left, I hope the boys have gotten some rest and are ready to go. You know it’s a long day when Leury Garcia is on the mound.

As of opening this blog the boys are just .5 of a game out of first place. Donnie Veal has been taken off the menu and replaced by Zach Putnam from AAA Charlotte,

Grab some bench and see you in the first.

**First Inning  **0 – 0

Boston – (ground to short)(Strike out)(fly out to deep center)

Sox – Eaton(ground to pitcher), Semien(ground to short), Viciedo(pop to 1st),

**Second Inning  **0 – 0

Boston – (strike out)(ground to second)(walk)(fielders choice to short)

Sox –  Dunn(pop out to first), Konerko(strike out), Ramirez(line out to short),

**Third Inning  **0 – 0

Boston – (strike out)(strike out)(strike out)

Sox – De Aza(strike out), Flowers(strike out), Garcia(Strike out),

**Fourth Inning  **0 – 0

Boston – (hit by pitch)(strike out)(fly out to center)(strike out)

Sox – Eaton(pop out to short), Semien(ground to 3rd), Viciedo(strike out),

**Fifth Inning  **0 – 0

Boston – (strike out)(strike out)(fly out to left)

Sox – Dunn(fly out to left), Konerko(pop out to catcher in foul terrority), Ramirez(strike out)

**Sixth Inning  **1 – 1

Boston – (strike out)(line out to short)(HOME RUN)(fly out to center)

Sox –  De Aza(ground out to 1st), Flowers(single to shallow left), Garcia(double), Eaton(infield single,flowers scores), Semien(strike out), Viciedo(fly out to right)

**Seventh Inning  **1 – 1

Boston – (walk)(fly out to left)(walk)(fly out to right)(strike out)

Sox –  Dunn(single), Konerko(fly out to right), Ramirez(fly out to right), De Aza(double to right,Runner OUT at home)

**Eighth Inning  **1 – 1

*Chris Sale is finished and now in the office is Ronald Belisario

Boston – (walk)(double play)(strike out)

Sox –  Flowers(single to center), Garcia(sac bunt), Eaton(strike out), Semien(infield single), Viciedo(strike out)

**Ninth Inning  **3 – 1 Boston

Boston – (ground out to catcher)(infield single)(double to right,runner scores)(bunt,runner scores)(double play)

*Belisario is giving the mound keys to Scott Downs

Sox –  Dunn(strike out),Konerko(foul out to 1st), Ramirez(single to left), Abru(ground out to 3rd),



It was the Red Sox taking the game out 3 – 1. John Lester is a hard man to beat. Really proud of Chris Sale and how well he pitched tonight. We all want to smack the 3rd base coach for waving Adam Dunn on to home when we all know he doesn’t have the speed.

Time to pack your travel bag, first stop is Texas for a three game visit with the Rangers.

See you on the road



Game 2 with the Indians – Chris Sale in the Office

10258563_10152814787378298_1861164726913982963_oMorning Gang,

It is game two with the Cleveland Indians and Chris Sale in the office for the game. It was a rough start yesterday but with 3 home runs, 2 from Jose Abru and 1 from Alexei Ramirez, the boys worked slowly for the win.

Grab some bench and see you in the first inning

**First Inning  **0 – 0

Indians – (fly out to deep center)(walk)(strike out)(strike out)

Sox – Eaton(strike out), Semien(strike out), Gillaspie(walk), Abru(strike out),

**Second Inning  **0 – 0

Indians – (strike out)(single to left)(single to right)(fly out to right)(strike out)

Sox – Dunn(ground to short), Viciedo(ground out to 3rd), De Aza(fly out to center),

**Third Inning  **2 – 0  Sox

Indians – (ground to short)(line out to center)(strike out)

Sox – Ramirez(single to center), Flowers(single to right), Eaton(double,runner scores) Semien(strike out), Gillaspie(sac fly,runner scores,runner to 3rd) Abru(fly out to third),

**Fourth Inning  **3 – 0  Sox

Indians – (ground to third)(ground to pitcher)(ground to 2nd)

Sox – Dunn(single to center,reaches 2nd on a wild pitch), Viciedo(fly out to right), De Aza(single to right,runner scores,picked off at 1st) Ramirez(ground to 3rd),

**Fifth Inning  **5 – 3  Sox

Indians – (single to right)(double)(double,runners score)(single,runner scores)(fly out to center)(fly out to deep left)(pop out to second)

Sox –  Flowers(ground out to first), Eaton(walk,reaches 2nd on wild pitch), Semien(walk), Gillaspie(single,runner scores), Abru(strike out), Dunn(walk), Viciedo(walk), De Aza(strike out)

**Sixth Inning  **7 – 4  Sox

*Chris Sale has given the mound pass to Jake Petricka

Indians – (walk)(single)(runner scores on a fielder’s choice,error to 3rd)(strike out)(strike out)

Sox – Ramirez(strike out), Flowers(struck out), Eaton(single), Semien(single to left), Gillaspie(double,runners scored) Abru(fly out to deep center),

**Seventh Inning  **8 – 5  Sox

Indians – (single to right)(force at second)(ground to short)(single to left,runner scores)(strike out)

Sox –  Dunn(double), Viciedo(ground to short), De Aza(ground to third), Ramirez(single,runner scores,safe at 2nd on steal) Flowers(strike out),

**Eighth Inning  **9 – 5  Sox

Jake Petricka has given the mound duties to Maikel Cleto and Jordan Danks is now in right

Indians – (fly out to left)(walk)(double play)

Sox –  Eaton(walk), Semien(walk), Gillaspie(ground to first), Abru(intentional walk), Dunn(walk,run scores) Jordan Danks(strike out), De Aza(ground to third)

Ninth Inning  **9 – 6

Donnie Veal in the office to lock up.

Indians – (pop out to first)(fly out to left)(walk)(double,run scores)(ground to second)



It was a slow-paced game with pitching issues on both sides. No home runs hit tonight but it was a slow and steady work for the run and you could see in the Sox dugout the excitement and how appreciative they boys for each others efforts.

Its my day off tomorrow, so I wont be with you for the game.

Felipe Paulino is in the office on Saturday and Jose Quintana closes the series on Sunday before a day off.

See you soon



Dedicating Post 150, to Sisters and Favorite Players.

Cricket and Opera HouseIt has been an interesting journey during this baseball season. When I started this it was for fun and to get back into baseball and see what was going on. Since then, things have taken many turns that I never expected and I have made some wonderful new friends and Sorority Sisters.

My Sorority Sisters are the most wonderful, loving, funny, supportive Sisters that any girl could ask for, I love sharing the games with the girls and just having general chat about life and our love of the game, the players we love, those we miss. I had a melt down as few weeks ago and they were so supportive and wonderful. To my Sisters, I give you my love and support, we have shared the massive great times and helped each other through those days of trades and favorite players leaving. Jake Peavy is a case in point, I was devastated when he was traded to Boston and the girl knew I would be. They were there to support me and remind me that I can always follow him no matter. That is how our “She Also Loves the Former White Sox Players” came to be. There are rumors of Paul Konerko retiring along with Adam Dunn, I know some of the girls are devastated by the news. I will be there for them, to love and support them as we wait for news. It may not come til after our season ends but I will be there.

I miss Jake Peavy in the number 44. He was wonderful to watch, was really connected to his catchers. You could see then he would be really annoyed with himself, he would yell at himself when he was in the office (on the mound). Jake was a mentor to Chris Sale and some of the other pitchers and I wish he would still be there. I will continue to follow Jake until he retires, no matter what color his Sox are. Miss you heaps Jake.

I have already decided to return next year, that was an easy choice as my love of baseball and especially my love of the Boys of Summer. It has been an amazing year, the highs of seeing Jake, Hector and Jose pitch and do well, the lows of injuries and wavers. Gavin Floyd departing and needing Tommy John surgery. The explosion of Josh Phegley, an Indiana boy making in the big league.

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU, to Dan who is my editor, Pj my husband, for his love and support, putting up with me getting up at all hours of the night to work, to my Chicago White Sox Sorority, I LOVE YOU…I cant thank you for all your support and what wonderful friendship we have built. I know that I have many wonderful sisters for life.

Finally, to YOU my readers, I can not say THANK YOU enough for taking the time to stop by and share a few minutes of your day with me. Your support is what keeps me going, Its been full of highs and lows but we have made it through.

Take care and again


See you on the field



Closing the Series with the New York Yankees

alexeiMorning Kids,

It’s the final in a three game series with the New York Yankees and to be honest I am glad it is over in light of everything that has gone on. I am sorry for OUR boys who have had to deal with all of this on their first series home.

My SHOUT OUT today goes to the White Sox Bat Boys – you guys just ROCK. I never knew you guys had so much to do during a game. Have a super home stand.

Would like to send a #chisoxsorority WELCOME to our new LHP Charlie Leesman who will start in-game two of the double-header on Friday

Grab a drink and see you at the top of the inning

***First Inning

*2 – 0 (Yankees Lead)

Yankees – (bunt single to second)(HOME RUN)(fly out to right)(fly out to center)

Sox – Ramirez(fly out to left),De Aza(flied out to left), Rios(fly out to center)

***Second Inning 

*2 – 0 (Yankees Lead)

Yankees – (He Gone(Struck out)(double)(line out to first)(He Gone,(struck out)

Sox – , Konerko(Hang woof’em(fly out to center), Beckham(pop out to second), Viciedo(fly out to shallow left),

***Third Inning

*3 – 0 (Yankees Lead)

Yankees – (He Gone(Struck out)(walk)(single)(foul out to third)(RBI single)(Can o corn(fly out to center)

Sox – Wells(struck out), Gillaspie(line out to center), Flowers(fly out to left),

***Fourth Inning

*4 – 0 (Yankees Lead)

Yankees – (Home Run)(He Gone,(struck out)(line out to center)(ground out to first)

Sox – Ramirez(single) De Aza(double play), Rios(ground out to second),

***Fifth Inning

*4 – 1 (Yankees Lead)

Yankees –(ground out to second)(fly out to left)(ground out to pitcher)

Sox – Konerko(ground out to short), Beckham(HOME RUN), Viciedo(fly out to right),Wells(ground out to third),

***Sixth Inning

*4 – 1 (Yankees Lead)

Hector Santiago is handing the keys to Ramon Troncoso,who now passes to Donnie Veal

Yankees – (single to left)(fly out to left)(walk)(He Gone,Struck out)(walk)(fielders choice, second to first)

Sox – Gillaspie(ground to second), Flowers(fly out to left),Ramirez(ground out to short),

***Seventh Inning

*4 – 3 (Yankees Lead)

Matt Lindstrom has been given the keys from Donnie Veal

Yankees – (single to center)(walk)(double play,runner to third)(ground out to third)

Sox – De Aza(single to center), Rios(single to right,De Aza to third) Konerko(double to left center,De Aza scores), Beckham(RBI single,Rios Scores,Konerko out at third) Viciedo(lined out to right), Wells(fielders choice,Beckham out at second)

***Eighth Inning

*4 – 3 (Yankees Lead)

Matt Lindstrom has passed to Dave Purcey who turns over to Nate Jones

Yankees – (walk)(single to right)(double play)(struck out)

Sox – , Gillaspie(ground out to second), Flowers(struck out), Ramirez(single)(safe steal at second), De Aza(ground out to pitcher),

***Ninth Inning

*4 – 4

Yankees – (fly out to left)(single)(wild pitch,runner advances)(He gone,Struck out)(intentional walk)

Sox – Rios(fly out to right), Konerko(fly out to center), Beckham(double),Dunn(single to left, Beckham Scores), Wells, (struck out)

***Tenth Inning

*4 – 4

Yankees – (He Gone,struck out)(fouled out to catcher)(He Gone,struck out)

Sox – Gillaspie(ground out to second), Flowers(struck out),Ramirez(ground out to third)

***Eleventh Inning

*4 – 4

Yankees – (walk)(single,runner thrown out at second)(runner safe at second on steal)(fly out to center)(ground out to third)

Sox – De Aza(struck out), Rios(infield single), Konerko(struck out),Beckham(intentional walk), Jordan Danks(struck out)

***Twelfth Inning

*6 – 5 (Sox Lead)

Yankees – (HOME RUN)(pop out to second)(He gone,Struck out)(walk, stole second)(struck out)

Sox – Wells(struck out),Gillaspie(ground out to short),Flowers(infield single), Ramirez,(single,Flowers to third)De Aza (triple to deep right, Flowers and Ramirez score)

WOW, what do you say after all that. It was truly amazing to see Mariano Rivera, take the field for the final time in Chicago. What respect that the Sox fans showed him.

The final score was White Sox – 6 and the New York Yankees – 5

That is the rare sweep for the boys. It is a well deserved day off tomorrow and starting Friday the Minnesota Twinkies arrive for a four game series with a double-header on Friday,

Enjoy the day off and get some sleep

See you on Friday on the field



Game Two at home, Issues are still there

Chris+Sale+Chicago+White+Sox+v+Seattle+Mariners+sH1gT7YAqU8l    Morning Kids,

It is game two against the New York Yankees and Chris Sale is on the mound for our boys. It was an amazing day yesterday with it just feeling like everything was just as it should be.

NO Errors yesterday was even more special

I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to the Sox Score Board Crew. G’day Gang, Hope your having a super home series.

Grab a coffee and see you soon

***First Inning

*1 – 0 (Yankees Lead)

Yankees – (walk)(fielders choice,force at second)(safe steal at second)(wild pitch,runner scores(lost pitch)(walk)(foul out to left)(fielders choice to third,force at second)

Sox – De Aza(single to left)(thrown out stealing second), Ramirez(ground out to third), Rios(ground out to third),

***Second Inning

*1 – 0 (Yankees Lead)

Yankees – (struck out)(fly out to center)(struck out)

Sox –  Dunn(fly out to center), Konerko(walk),Gillaspie(fly out to left), Beckham(single to center,Konerko to second) Danks(struck out),

***Third Inning

*1 – 0 (Yankees Lead)

Yankees – (walk)(fly out to center)(hit by pitch)(single,runner thrown out at home)

Sox – Phegley(struck out), De Aza(fly out to left), Ramirez(ground out to third),

***Fourth Inning

*1 – 1 

Yankees –(flied out to left)(double)(ground out to short)

Sox –  Rios(fly out to right center), Dunn(single)(wild pitch,advance to second) Konerko(fly out to center), Gillaspie(single to right,Dunn  scores), Beckham(fly out to left),

***Fifth Inning

*1 – 1

Yankees – (single)(struck out)(single)((fly out to center)(fielders choice,force at second)

Sox – Danks(lined out to left), Phegley(single), De Aza(double play),

***Sixth Inning

*2 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Yankees – (line out to second)(ground out to pitcher)(fly out to center)

Sox –  Ramirez(single), Rios,(single to right,Ramirez to second) Dunn(fielders choice,force at second) Konerko(fielders choice to third,Ramirez scores,force at second) Gillaspie(ground out to first),

***Seventh Inning

*3 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Yankees – (struck out)(ground out to second)(fly out to center)

Sox –  Beckham(double), Danks(struck out), Phegley(struck out), De Aza(double,Beckham scores) Ramirez(ground out to short)

***Eighth Inning

*3 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Chris Sale has given the keys to Nate Jones

Yankees – (single)(line out to short)(struck out)(struck out)(

Sox – , Rios(lined out to center), Dunn(fly out to left), Konerko(single), Gillaspie(flied out to left),

***Ninth Inning

*3 – 2 (Sox Lead)

Addison Reed has gotten the pass from Nate Jones

Yankees – (ground out to third)(single)(safe stealing second)(struck out)(RBI single)(struck out)

OK, everyone take a breath. That was a close one but the boys got it done with Addison Reed on in the 9th inning to give Chris Sale the much needed win he has been seeking for a long time. Final Score was the New York Yankees – 2 and the Chicago White Sox – 3

Hector Santiago is on the mound for the closing game of the series before a well deserved day off

See you on the field


Road Trip Notes for Detroit Visit

th_chicago_white_sox***Game One with the Tigers

White Sox – 11    Detroit – 4

Behind the mike calling the game is the crew from the Detroit Tigers

Uniform of the day is – Grey Pants, Black Jerseys, with White Trim, Letters and Numbers

Pitching Staff today is Jose Quintana, Simon Castro

Playing Staff today is – De Aza, Ramirez, Rios, Dunn, Keppinger, Gillaspie, Viciedo, Beckham, Phegley, Blake Tekotte, Brett Moral

**Jake is doing better than expected. Had a simulated game today.

***Game Two with the Tigers

White Sox – 5      Tigers – 8

Behind the mike calling the game is the crew from Detroit

Uniform of the day is – Grey Pants, Black Jerseys with White Trim, Letters and Numbers

Pitching Staff today is – Dylan Axelrod,Ramon Troncoso, Dave Purcey, Simon Castro

Playing staff today is – De Aza, Ramirez, Rios, Dunn, Keppinger, Gillaspie, Viciedo, Beckham, Flowers

***Game Three with Detroit

White Sox – 6   Tigers – 3

Pitching Staff for today – Chris Sale, Matt Lindstrom, Matt Thornton Addison Reed

Playing Staff for today – De Aza, Ramirez, Morel, Rios, Keppinger, Gillaspie, Viciedo, Tekotte, Beckham, Phegley


***First Inning

*1 – 0 (Sox Lead)

Sox – De Aza got on base, Ramirez hit a double to left and De Aza was able to score.

***Second Inning

*2 – 1 (Tigers Lead)

Tigers –  With a runner on base, Detroit batter hit a home run to right

***Fifth Inning

*3 – 1 (Tigers Lead)

Tigers – Detroit batter hit a home run

***Sixth Inning

*5 – 3 (Sox Lead)

Sox – With Jeff Keppinger, Conor Gillaspie and Gordon Beckham all on base, Josh Phegley with a full count hits a GRAND SLAM to left.

***Eighth Inning

*6 – 3 (Sox Lead)

De Aza hits a solo HOME RUN to right

Chris Sale picks up the win, with Addison Reed getting the save. The game was not without other excitement as Alexei Ramirez was hit by a pitch which cleared both benches. Chris Sale had a pitch that went high and inside on a Detroit batter. Not having seen the issues take place, Chris would NEVER thrown a pitch to intentionally hit a batter. I just do not understand when things like this happen what in the world would that accomplish.

We had a good solid series. No one tried anything fancy that caused errors, it was good basic one out at a time ball. You can see patience in the batters box, making the pitcher work harder to get the out.

Pack your travel bag kids, its off to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a three game series with the Phillies at Citizen Bank Park before heading home for the All Star break

See you on the field


Game Two of the double header with the Indians

nateIts game two in this double-header with Jose Quintana on the mound for the Sox.

Take a break and see you for the first pitch

***First Inning

*4 – 1 (Indians Lead)

Indians(single to left)(single to right,runner to second)(single to center,runner scores,runner to third)(walk,runner to second)(struck out)(walk,run scores)(wild pitch,runners advance)(Sac Fly,runner scores)(struck out)

Sox – De Aza(single to center,safe steal at second),Ramirez(flied out to left), Dunn(walk), Keppinger(single), Gillaspie(Sac Fly,De Aza scores) Beckham(ground to second),

***Second Inning

*4 – 1 (Indians Lead)

Indians – (ground out to second)(single to center)(fielders choice to short, out at second)(flied out to left)

Sox –  Danks(struck out), Wells(flied out to right), Gimenez(ground out to third),

***Third Inning

*4 – 1 (Indians lead)

Indians – (struck out)(ground out to third)(ground out to second)

Sox –  De Aza(ground out to second), Ramirez(ground out to short), Dunn(ground out to short),

***Fourth Inning

*4 – 1 (Indians Lead)

Indians – (ground out to short)(ground out to third)(ground out to first)

Sox – Keppinger(ground out to short), Gillaspie(single to center), Beckham(fly out to right), Danks(double to right center,Gillaspie to third),Wells(ground out to short),

***Fifth Inning

*4 – 2 (Indians Lead)

Indians – (pop out to second)(pop out to second)(ground out to pitcher)

Sox – Gimenez(flied out to right), De Aza(single to center), Ramirez (single), Dunn(struck out), Keppinger(single,De Aza Scored,Danks to second), Gillaspie(ground out to first),

***Sixth Inning 

*6 – 5 (Sox Lead)

Indians – (HOME RUN)(ground out to second)(ground out to first)(ground out to third)

Sox –  Beckham(single to center), Danks(struck out), Wells(single to center,Beckham to second) Gimenez (walk), De Aza(double,Beckham and Wells score), Ramirez(ground out to pitcher), Dunn(single to center,Beckham and Wells score,Gimenez to third)Keppinger(intentional walk), Morel (walk,Dunn to third,Keppinger to second)Beckham(flied out to center)

***Seventh Inning

*6 – 5 (Sox Lead)

Jose Quintana has hit the showers with Nate Jones now in the mound office

Indians – (struck out)((struck out)(single)(ground out to second)

Sox –  Danks(struck out), Wells(struck out), Gimenez(struck out),

***Eighth Inning

*8 – 5 (Sox Lead)

Nate Jones passes off to Jesse Crain

Indians – (ground out to second)(single to center,picked off at first)(single to right)(fly out to short)

Sox –  De Aza(walk,safe steal at second),Ramirez(double,De Aza scores) Dunn(struck out), Keppinger(double,Ramirez scores) Morel(ground out to short), Beckham,(fly out to center)

***Ninth Inning

*9 – 8 (Indians Lead)

Addison Reed in the mound office

Indians – (single)(single)(single,runner scores)(wild pitch,runner scores)(fly out to right,runner to third)(Sac Fly,runner scores)(HOME RUN)(struck out)

Sox – Danks(struck out), Wells(walk), Gimenez(struck out), De Aza,(struck out)

Another heartbreaking loss for the boys. Its been a long night.

Get some sleep and see you tomorrow when its Dylan Axelrod on the mound

See you at The Cell




Game One of two with Cleveland Indians

Jesse+Crain+Chicago+White+Sox+v+Cleveland+vLFmgvB1tn-x***Game One with the Cleveland Indians

Behind the mike calling the game is – Hawk and Steve (Picks to Click, De Aza, Keppinger and Beckham)

Uniform of the day is – White Pinstripe Pants, with Black Jerseys, with White Letters, Numbers and Trim

Pitching Staff today is – Hector Santiago, Brian Omogrosso,Ramon Troncosco, Matt Lindstrom, Casper Wells

Playing Staff today is –  De Aza, Ramirez, Rios, Dunn, Viciedo, Morel, Keppinger, Beckham, Flowers

**Today is the first time since I have opened the blog, that the Sox have batted through the order in the first inning.

***Game Two with the Cleveland Indians

Behind the mike calling the game is – Cleveland Indian Crew

Uniform of the game is – White Pinstripe, with Black Letters, Numbers and Trim

Pitching Staff for today is – Jose Quintana, Nate Jones, Jesse Crain, Addison Reed

Playing Staff today is – De Aza,Ramirez, Dunn, Keppinger, Gillaspie, Beckham, Danks, Wells, Gimenez