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Winter Meetings 2019

Meetings started on Sunday December 9 and will run all week.

The sox rumor mill is starting already.

Sox ties are talking to Bryce Harper’s camp, there is room in the salary cap.

Tim Anderson and Carlos Rodon have seen interest expressed in them but have been told they are off-limits.

Harold Baines has been inducted to the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame


Winter Meeting Post Thoughts

**this is MY opinion**

Well, by now you know the news of the White Sox. Chris Sale and Adam Eaton both have new homes next season and we have 7 new pitchers.

There is still talk of more possible trades and all which should make everyone happy. Yes, I know it’s a part of the business but it is a hard one. A few years ago, I watched as my favorite player, Jake Peavy was traded to Boston. I cried for 2 days, knew it was going to happen but it was not any easier. I got up to watch him pitch for the last time in White Sox colors. He chose the 80’s throwback. It was hard but things eventually became OK.

Now there is more talk of trading players who (in my opinion) are pieces that we need for a successful season. Yes, we resigned Brett Lawrie and Avi Garcia. Both Brett and Tyler Saladino were shut down due to injuries late in the season but they are strong players who I think can contribute a lot. so, there was so silliness but the boys were having fun but getting the job done. What’s wrong with that if it creates the spark needed to fight back and win?

Let’s talk about the pitching for a couple – Since our ace has been traded we have no one to lead our pitching attack. Jose Quintana should fill that role provided he is not traded also then we to look to last year and Miguel Gonzalez, (who at times was brilliant) Then there was James Shield, every 4th or 5th day was pretty much a loss. Now, remember a few years back when JOhn Danks had the same issues and they pulled him for good. You should’ve heard all the screaming then, well now its the same case but a different pitcher so where’s all the screaming now? I don’t watch a pitcher out there who can’t win games. I know James tries as hard as he can but something is not working, let’s get it fixed while at the ranch or whatever in spring training before the boys get home to The Cell ( Comiskey). Zack Putnam and Jake Petricka were both on the disabled list for all last season, how can you expect them to be ready to throw back at their normal pace and all. Nate Jones was out for roughly 18 months and last season he was back throwing to where he was before he got hurt. I can’t wait to see him this season.

My other question is this, everyone says it will be a crap season but HOW do you know that will actually be the case? We have a new manager in Rick Renteria, players gone and new players joining. It could be the case of things falling into place for a great year. I just checked the injury list and it is clear.  Will be great to see Charlie Tilson get a real crack in center field, With Adam Eaton gone, Right field is now open for someone to earn a regular spot.

I would still like to see us pick up an experienced catcher at some point. Omar Narvaez was a really surprising find in my book.

Everyone wants the house cleaned,  to start again but how many of you will actually go to Comiskey, for games and all, or will you just sit at home complaining once again and refuse to go until the team gets better?

There was good stuff last season but everyone seems to forget that, how many times we fought back and won in the bottom of the 9th or extra innings. Did you forget that we turned 3 triple plays last season and 1 of those the combination was so unreal the Sox own that world record.

I understand it all, it’s just business but the negative gets a little too much when all I see on every article is TRADE HIM TOO.

I want to win just as much as the next guy but. . . .


Sox News Update

10361518_3509412416527_814849475004887912_nFound out a couple of interesting things in the last few weeks since I have checked in with you.

A) Jeff Samardzjia is now a San Francisco Giant. Something like 5 years for 90 million dollars. I am really wondering why but I guess only time will tell. It will give us an extra draft pick to help with compensation. I will still be supporting Jake Peavy when he is in the office but other than that, I could care less what happens.

B) New catchers – Tyler Flowers contract was not renewed and we have a new catching staff. Alex Avila(from Detroit) and Dioner Navarro(from Toronto). They both have experience and actually better numbers behind the plate. Question how quick can they settle in with the pitching staff and get that trust built. It is rumored that after the Flowers announcement Chris Sale called Rick Hahn and asking what is going on. What direction is the team going. To be honest, Rick, that is a good question and we the Sorority and other fans would like to know what is going on?

C) Other Pitchers – we have also picked up some new pitchers, Brandon S. Brennan through the draft, Tommy Kahnle from the Colorado Rockies, Zach Phillips, Jacob Turner, and J.B Wendelken.

Winter meetings are coming up soon and will be interesting to see what takes place.

Will keep you update on any news that comes across my desk.

So. How was your weekend?

10494799_908819615803866_1972854698293534097_nThat is how Rick Hahn greeted the media today when making the formal introductions of Jeff Samardzija, David Robertson, and Melky Caberea.

It has been interesting to sit back and watch Winter Meetings play out and all, to see what happens. When the news came that Jeff was heading to the Sox, well at first to be honest I was not happy. To me, it felt like he had such as snobbish attitude but he is a damn good pitcher and I have to give him that tick. I heard some of his back ground and I started listening, Jeff grew up a fan of the White Sox, and always went to games as a kid.

As a lot of you know I have a thing for pitchers, well, David Robertson has gotten my attention. He comes to the White Sox from the New York Yankees. My understanding is that he was the set up man for Mariano Rivera. I cant wait to see his stuff and how he handles The Cell.

If your into pitchers, then keep an eye on Dan Jennings who comes to The Cell from the Florida Marlins. The giggle is that the general manager of the Marlins is also named Dan Jennings. The tag line for the announcement read –  Dan Jennings trades Dan Jennings. It made me look.

Melky Caberea – not one of us saw that coming. I know he comes with history and all but he is good at what he does. It will give Jose another bat to help drive those runs in. Setting up the right batting order will be interesting.

I actually have confidence in this bull pen and with Nate coming back soon, its going to take him a bit to settle in.

I am actually excited for this season and what is ahead.

Dear Rick

On behalf of my Sorority Sisters of the Chicago White Sox Sorority;

Congratulations on a great winter Meetings so far. You have addressed the one issue that we hoped you would with pitching.

We all held our breath as you close the deal with Jeff. We know that you made the best deal possible to get him to Chicago. We are sad to see Josh, Marcus and the other boys leave us and we wish them well.

Getting David from New York was an amazing deal. I think he will be the experience and stability that was lacking last year after losing Matt Lindstrom and Nate Jones. Please give Nate our best and tell him we cant wait til he comes back.

At the time of writing you this letter my sisters and I realize that you may still be working on a deal involving Dayan Viciedo. We know that you will make the best deal possible to bring that needed player home to The Cell.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this

Cricket Fox and the ladies of the Chicago White Sox Sorority





Can you pronounce Samardzija

10846017_10153471226798298_3762506296448831856_nAs of today, Jeff Samardzija is a member of the Chicago White Sox. He is joined by team-mate Michael Ynoa.

Jeff is on Twitter and you can find him at @SouthSideShark

We, as Sox fans have to send our best wishes to Josh Phegley, Marcus Semien, Right Hander Chris Bassitt, First Baseman Rangel Ravelo.

Jeff is thrilled to be with his boyhood team, he followed the Sox growing up. He would give anything to be able to hit a home run and have Hawk Harrleson call it. There is still one deal, at this point, but it will be later in the week before we know more.

Former Sox pitcher Jake Peavy is still unemployed as the Giants have not offered him a contract at the time of this writing.

In other late news – Jon Lester has signed with the Chicago Cubs for a reported 6 years 155 million dollars.