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Winter Meeting Post Thoughts

**this is MY opinion**

Well, by now you know the news of the White Sox. Chris Sale and Adam Eaton both have new homes next season and we have 7 new pitchers.

There is still talk of more possible trades and all which should make everyone happy. Yes, I know it’s a part of the business but it is a hard one. A few years ago, I watched as my favorite player, Jake Peavy was traded to Boston. I cried for 2 days, knew it was going to happen but it was not any easier. I got up to watch him pitch for the last time in White Sox colors. He chose the 80’s throwback. It was hard but things eventually became OK.

Now there is more talk of trading players who (in my opinion) are pieces that we need for a successful season. Yes, we resigned Brett Lawrie and Avi Garcia. Both Brett and Tyler Saladino were shut down due to injuries late in the season but they are strong players who I think can contribute a lot. so, there was so silliness but the boys were having fun but getting the job done. What’s wrong with that if it creates the spark needed to fight back and win?

Let’s talk about the pitching for a couple – Since our ace has been traded we have no one to lead our pitching attack. Jose Quintana should fill that role provided he is not traded also then we to look to last year and Miguel Gonzalez, (who at times was brilliant) Then there was James Shield, every 4th or 5th day was pretty much a loss. Now, remember a few years back when JOhn Danks had the same issues and they pulled him for good. You should’ve heard all the screaming then, well now its the same case but a different pitcher so where’s all the screaming now? I don’t watch a pitcher out there who can’t win games. I know James tries as hard as he can but something is not working, let’s get it fixed while at the ranch or whatever in spring training before the boys get home to The Cell ( Comiskey). Zack Putnam and Jake Petricka were both on the disabled list for all last season, how can you expect them to be ready to throw back at their normal pace and all. Nate Jones was out for roughly 18 months and last season he was back throwing to where he was before he got hurt. I can’t wait to see him this season.

My other question is this, everyone says it will be a crap season but HOW do you know that will actually be the case? We have a new manager in Rick Renteria, players gone and new players joining. It could be the case of things falling into place for a great year. I just checked the injury list and it is clear.  Will be great to see Charlie Tilson get a real crack in center field, With Adam Eaton gone, Right field is now open for someone to earn a regular spot.

I would still like to see us pick up an experienced catcher at some point. Omar Narvaez was a really surprising find in my book.

Everyone wants the house cleaned,  to start again but how many of you will actually go to Comiskey, for games and all, or will you just sit at home complaining once again and refuse to go until the team gets better?

There was good stuff last season but everyone seems to forget that, how many times we fought back and won in the bottom of the 9th or extra innings. Did you forget that we turned 3 triple plays last season and 1 of those the combination was so unreal the Sox own that world record.

I understand it all, it’s just business but the negative gets a little too much when all I see on every article is TRADE HIM TOO.

I want to win just as much as the next guy but. . . .


New Coaching Staff

Joe McEwing was named the new bench coach moving from 3rd base. I loved his excitement there especially when he waved the boys around 3rd to home.

Nick Capra will be taking over at 3rd.

Curt Hasler will be the head of the bullpen.

Daryl Boston will stay at first, Don Cooper looking after pitching, Mark Salas returns as the bullpen catcher, Greg Sparks as the assistant hitting coach and Todd Steverson returns as the hitting.


When this news came out you could hear fans complaining already. This won’t work , we will be last again. My question was “How do you know it wont work?”

Only time will tell, let’s see what Winter Meetings bring.



Sox and Tampa Bay — Going for 3 in a row

BUT it’s raining.

The silly season has started already as the rumor mill has it that Robin will be offered a contract in 2017. Day Hayes is reporting that those reports are inaccurate. It is time for Robin to move on, come on Uncle Jerry, you want a winning team don’t you. Well, get rid of Kenny Williams also. What has he done to help this cause, NOT MUCH.

Now with that vent out-of-the-way: It should be Miguel Gonzalez working the office today.

Adam Eaton is out of the line up again, not sure why but hoping can find out when game starts.

1st pitch is a dead on strike.

Avi Garcia with a walk, 1st on the pond.

In the outfield is the law firm: Garcia, Garcia and Coats

Bottom of 3rd and Jason Coats gets his 3rd major league double. (bottom of 3rd and it’s the Tarps on again)

pitching change for Tampa Bay — Tim Anderson back at the plate and Jason Coats on 2nd.

Bottom of 4th and Melky on with a single.

Todd Frazier goes YARD for a 1 to 0 Sox lead, Avi with a walk. Carlos with a single, Avi stops at 2nd


Rain delay of 1 hour 15 minutes

Bottom of 8th and Timmy on with a double. Leury hit by a pitch,

Miguel is out to finish this off, he just turned out the office lights, the Rays batter got a single and Gonzo is done for the season but gets a wonderful round of applause for his work tonight from the fans who are left. David Robertson on his way to pick up the keys from Robin.

Robbie with 1 pitch and a rack’em up (double play) closes the office door and locks it for the win

Final Score

White Sox – 1 and Rays – 0



I decided to watch for fun

Sometimes you just have to take a break and watch to see what you are missing, so that is what I am doing today. (this is my opinions here)

It is interesting with Jason and Wimpy in the booth, I Have a feeling there will be a lot of giggles today.

In the discussion of Robin, yes it’s time for him to go. That spark is just not there, I can’t quite put my finger on it but something is not right. It took me a bit to give into that fact but things need to change. Question is who replaces him, I know the bench Coach Rick Renteria, who has taken over when Robin has gotten tossed would be a great choice.

Let’s talk pitching, we have a good core of pitchers and there are a few things I would do different. First is to keep Chris and Jose Quintana. David Robertson, Dan Jennings I would also keep. We have a young pen and some of the boys need to go back to Charlotte to work on control. Get Jake Petricka and Zack Putnam healthy and I think we would have a really good pool to work from

Charlie Tilman gets that second shot in the outfield, get him through rehab and strong, he will be a good addition. J.B Shuck along with Jason Coats are a solid group to help Melky and Adam.

With Jose at 1st and Tim at Shortstop, I hope we can hang onto Todd and to Brett, that would make a pretty good solid infield.

Behind the plate with Dioner Navarro and Omar Narvaez. Who knew we had a gem behind home plate.

At times I tend to write in Hawkisms and a bit of my own slang, I have learned a lot from Hawk Harrelson and use some of his terms as I write. It has been a real journey to find my way in what started as a challenge to myself has got me more work then I know what to do at times. I love it dont get me wrong but it’s a long season.

We might not make it this year to the playoffs but we have a great core of guys to build on, I really hope they are smart in the off season and can see where to start building on next year.



Chris Sale and Fair Weather Fans and Other Stuff

I am going to tell you up front this is my own thoughts on a few issues.

I really have had enough of fair weather fans. Today the Cubs and Sox are playing in the 4th game of the series. It is not even half way though and the fans are already complaining how bad the offense is. Well, gee whiz when you have a damn good pitcher in the office trying to make something happen is a little more difficult. We have run into team that know how to protect leads and know how to create that spark to get things going.

I think the reason some of these teams are doing so well they are keeping together a core group of boys together. I don’t think we have really had that core group more than 1 year to have that, trust, respect and all that gets built when a group of guys stays together for more than 1 season. To be able to learn those little things and basic mechanics that when spring training rolls around it’s like they never stopped playing. Everything just falls into place. On some levels baseball has just stopped being fun.

Chris Sale snapping was more out of frustration and lack of the front office in helping. Chris is so passionate about winning and wants to win every time he is in the office. The uniform that they wanted him to wear was not comfortable and Chris felt that it would hinder his pitching, I heard Chris say himself that he would not be able to pitch at his very best with the uniform design. No one in the front office did anything to offer an alternative solution. With the frustrations of the season and the issues at hand, Chris just snapped. He served his time and paid his fine, now it’s time to drop it and move on. Chris has made it known that he wants to stay in Chicago and win the world Series with the Sox.

My love of the White Sox has gotten me a lot of work, which starting out as a challenge to myself to work on and expand my writing. I love sports, especially baseball and football. Over my morning cup of coffee, it’s catching up on sports and what did I miss.

There is a lot of negative now with our boys of summer, to be honest it is time for Robin and a few of the coaching to go. The boys are doing their best to create the sparks and have some fun on the field of dreams but it also needs to come from the Coaches and staff that support the boys.

I get tired of the constant negative fans, but I also get they are frustrated. So are the boys, they have said it on more than one occasion but why can’t we give them some positive to help fuel the change and get this club where you need to be?

You try being on the field and dealing with the constant negative and see how you feel about what you are trying to do?

I will always be a White Sox girl giving my boys of summer the best possible positive support possible.


What about you?



Dedicated Stupidity

OK, I can see you totally dumfounded that by but bear with me as I try to explain.

As my husband Phil and I were walking across the footbridge to Adelaide Oval for a night game, we support the Adelaide Crows. It was cold, wet and miserable. I ask Phil “Are we dedicated or stupid going to the game?”, and the lady walking behind us called it dedicated stupidity.

Fans do all sorts of things for the love of their team, doesn’t matter if its football, soccer, hockey, baseball, your sport of choice. I love seeing the dedicated fans and their rooms to their team and all. Painting your house in team colors is a little much but it’s still amazing none the less.

Passion – I love the passion of fans getting dressed up and all on the day. Wearing your team colors no matter what. Late last year, the Crows lost their Coach who had only coached 8 games in tragic circumstances. It was a case of wearing the colors for all the wrong reasons but it brought the fan base closer together.

I guess where the stupidity comes in is the fair weather fans. We all know them, when the team is winning, doing great they are on board but as soon as one mistake, one loss and they run like hell. They are the ones who know how to fix the problems, they are the ones who have all the answers and will shove their opinion down your throat.

The recent events with the White Sox are proof of that. Starting out with a great season, everyone was happy and then the wheels fell off and everyone is said to trade this person or that one. That because of Chris Sale’s snap, he needs to go. That would have to be a grand slam deal according to Hawk Harrelson. Chris might actually have done the club house a favor by having that snap letting off some steam when it was hard for anyone to it publicly. Trade deadline is coming soon and it will be interesting to see how loud those fans do the screaming.

With Football (NFL and college) coming soon, I think they are some of the most passionate fans I have ever met and watched on television. Answer me one thing, WHY in sub-zero weather would you be outside in no shirt and wearing a cheese on your head? (green bay fans please explain) (now that is dedicated stupidity)

Since I have started looking in on the Chicago Bears, those are the most frustrated. Jay Cutler has not lived up to the standards that everyone has, they should be playing post season and I have a feeling that a lot of fans this season will become the frustrated stupid fans. I don’t mean that as an insult. I get the frustration, and how it can and does overflow when the season goes on and going into the 4th quarter you have the win, and win up losing the game. It happens anywhere in any game.

Then there is the rare breed of dedicated stupidity, fans who go hell for leather, will blow apart the team when things just completely fall apart, scream at the top of their lungs but, then each week pull on the team colors and get behind the team with everything crossed for a great win.


So, here is the question:

Are you a dedicated stupidity fan?




Missing the Boys

20160520_091808It has been a great mini break but I am ready for baseball again.

There are things that have really frustrated me about this first half of the season.

First and foremost, the fans really give me things to scream about. Nitpicking about every little thing drives me around the twist. Fans saying none of the boys deserved to go to the all-star game, which was a load of crap. Everyone has an equal chance, they just could not be bothered to get off their backside and vote. Chris Sale was named to the pitching staff and started the game, with Jose Quintana being named to the team just before the game. I am so proud of both of them, Jose works so hard and to finally see some of that pay off was great.

More about the fans, screaming for Robin’s head on a platter, well . . . . to be honest. They really need to do something to get things heading in the right direction. We are a bit better placed than last year but something is missing. With the starting rotation  not set, it is putting a real strain on the bullpen. Small tiring injuries are starting to show. Here is hoping the rest has done the boys a world of good.

Fan’s say they are die-hard but when the losing streak starts they run for the hills. You stick with them no matter what and take each game as it comes. We don’t win one day, the next game we will get it back. You can see how much fun the boys are having, we should be enjoying it with them, not working against them

We have a great team, with the addition of Todd and Brett, things are wild, but fun and focused. Adam Eaton in right is like OMG and that riffle of an arm throwing guys out at home.

Avi at D.H really needs to start being more consistent or things need to change there. J.B is great in center and really starting to gain the confidence and all that comes with playing on a daily basis.

Tim Anderson you little ripper and what a hell of a player. He has been amazing from day one and will be our shortstop for a long time to come. At a young age he is making good decisions on the field and is working very hard, you can see that. I think we have only seen the start of what he can do.

I know this is kind of all over the place but this is a great team and we are in a great place. I have a feeling the best is yet to happen.

Hang on kids, this ride is just getting started





Detroit at The Cell

moundJames Shield in the office today. Here is hoping that he has a much better outing. For those who could not see the boys are wearing the white pinstripe pants and Black Jerseys.

Word is starting to trickle out that Robin’s job may be on the line. I have to agree with this one, something needs to give and this might be the spark needed.

Tigers open the scoring with a lead off home run for a 1 to 0 Tigers lead. Detroit close the inning leading 3 to 0. Why would you put a pitcher in that a team knows well. The Tigers made us pay and we need to find a way to get the spark back. In the second inning the Tigers put another 3 on giving them a 6 to 0 lead.

I have serious doubts with James Shields, at this point he is not finding anything we need to get us on track. He needs to go to the bullpen and work out of there till he finds his feet. You can see the boys are frustrated by what is going on with James.

I can hear all the negative fans screaming at the top of their lungs. I am frustrated, discouraged and whatever else you want to add but, I am still here watching and keeping the faith that this will turn around. Even if it means that Robin has to go.

Bottom of 2nd and Brett Lawrie with a double, his speed was the factor of making it.

The tone of the game is set by the pitcher, if he is having an off day it flows onto the boys. They boys are feeling the effects of James struggling.

Bottom of the 3rd – YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD, YES Thanks Jose Abreu and Adam Eaton, it’s a 7 to 2 Tigers lead.

I get the thinking of leaving James in to try and build some confidence and to not stress the bullpen.

Bottom of the 4th – YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD, YES Thanks Dioner Navarro for a 7 to 3 Tigers lead.

Shields finally had a 1,2,3 inning. Top of the 5th, biggest thing is to save the bullpen for as long as possible.

Bottom of the 5th and the boys got things going when, Eaton and Melky both singled, Abreu’s single brings Eaton home cutting the lead to 7 to 4, wild pitch moved the runners opening 1st base. Melky home on Todd’s hit conceding the run and it’s a 7 to 5 ball game. Brett Lawrie’s single brings Abreu home for a 1 run Tigers lead at 7 to 6.

Tyler Danish has taken the keys from James Shields, Magic throw from Eaton to get the baserunner at second. Anderson called for the replay knowing he got him out. The call went the Sox way. Dan Jennings takes over from Tyler Danish. Tim Anderson with a single, Navarro stops at 3rd. Eaton with a Sac Fly to get Navarro home for an 8 to 7 Tigers lead. Melky with a double and time held at 3rd,

Matt Albers with office duties. Robin argued the calls and got tossed but Albers got the job done.

Top of the 9th has Nate Jones hoping to shut down the Tigers offense.  On a bunt, the Tigers get the run home for a 9 to 7 lead. Nate caught the baserunner in a run down for the final out.

Melky on with a 1 out single in the bottom of the 9th, wild pitch gets Melky to second and takes away the double play ball. Abreu walked and it’s Todd Frazier to the play as the winning run. Frazier safe at first they get the force at 2nd. Lawrie with a single getting Melky home for a 9 to 8 Tigers lead. Avi with a single to get Frazier  home and it’s a 9 ALL BALL GAME.

10th inning – Nate Jones in the office. 3 up and 3 down, it’s up to the offense to finish this off. Eaton on with a 1 out single. Eaton safe at second on that steal. Melky got Eaton to 3rd. Giving Abreu the free pass, Frazier waiting, the free pass to Abreu paid off , they got Frazier to strike out, on to the 11th.

11th inning – David Robertson in the office. Robbie had bases loaded but got a pop out to end the inning.

12th inning – J.B Shuck with a double. Anderson with a bunt to move Shuck to 3rd. Adam Eaton with the game winning single to center to get Shuck home for the win.

Final Score is Sox 10 and Tigers 9


**NO , you’re not dreaming at one point it was 7 to 0 the Tigers. **









Friday Thoughts

20160520_091808Just looking at the standings and we are Tied with Cleveland at 1.5 games out as Kansas City lost. The boys are in Detroit for a 3 game series before back home to The Cell, or Comiskey Park as I have been corrected on occasion. In the last couple of weeks I got really overwhelmed with all the negative and I took a different approach. If we, the fans are upset how do  you think the boys feel?  They are the ones out there playing every day, they are the ones fighting tooth and nail for that win. They are trying to find that spark to with that game, to get the winning streak going again.

Speaking of that, Matt Albers –  you are the BOMB man. Who knew the guy could bat and a double at that. If you were watching the game you should-be heard the dug out go nuts. Matt made it to 3rd on a wild pitch and home on a Jose Abreu sac Fly to right. Talk about a real confidence boost.

David Robertson – Robbie please grow back the beard. I know you shaved it to help change things but it’s so wrong on so many levels.

Brett Lawrie and Todd Frazier – Please keep getting this team fired up. You both have brought a new energy to this team. You go out and give 110% and if you stuff up, you guys admit to it. I love the attitude of tomorrow is a new day and we will do our best to win today.

Jose Abreu – I have faith in you, you will find your way and be brilliant again. Find the positives and hold on to those. Talk to the boys around you when you are having a hard time. Let them carry the load for a bit. Each day is new, keep trying.

Adam Eaton – you are a freak in right field. I have never seen you play so well as you are this year. Gunning down those baserunner in a single throw.

Bullpen – You guys need to get your shit together, BETTER. you had a rocky patch there and even I wanted to kick your backsides. You are an amazing bunch that can do great things together. That is the key you have to work together. Talk to each other, help figure stuff out. If someone is down, pick them up. Do what you need to, you guys can kick some serious ass in the weeks to come.

I know you can make the playoffs, stay positive.

I have  faith in you.

Have faith in yourselves.


Friday Positives and Negatives

891White Sox Indians BaseballYes, we lost today and split the series with the Angels.

A year ago today April 21 we were already 5.5 games behind, today we are already playing .500 ball, at 10 and 6. It is a totally different team, and a different vibe.

John Danks pitched today, it was a good outing. He did give up 5 walks but no one scored. He also helped turn 1 of 4 double plays. Yes,John is the 5th starter but yes he does have a big pay packet. He still deserves the same amount of support as every other pitcher on the team. OK, now I hear all of you whining and moaning but you know what, I don’t care, whine away (want some cheese). John is part of the team and is entitled to just as much support as any other member of the pitching staff. John came out publicly and took responsibility for the opening day loss. The second loss for his was hard also, you could see how frustrated he was, he wants anything to help this team. Someone said to day, “wondering if he is just trying too hard to find that spark that he needs?” I actually wonder that myself. You can see in his delivery that he has changed things, maybe it is that one little mechanic that is possibly holding him back. Only time will tell.

The good stuff – Brett Lawrie, Todd Frazier your addition to the team is amazing. Your defense the last few games has been heart stopping at times. The batting will come, we see those little sparks and as you play so hard to help this team and make something happen we can see it. Your arrival has change the dynamic of this team and I hope for years to come. I have the faith in both of you to help this team go far this year.

David Robertson – I am such a fan of yours, Love watching you work. trying to figure out your thought process and your determination that you will win not the batter. 6 saves already and I know good things are coming. Have faith, cause I have faith in you when you walk to the mound. My sorority sister Karen just sent me pictures she took of you for me.

I would live at The Cell all summer if I could, I spend heaps of time tweeting and blogging about the boys. I am trying my best to lobby for Twitter follows from Todd, Brett and David. I will earn those follows if I have to.

Tomorrow the Texas Rangers are in for a visit. Get out to the ball park and support them.