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19 days and counting

Until our boys of summer return home to Rate Field.

It has been interesting watching the scores come through and all. they have done well and the new players seem to be settling in and finding their way.

It has taken me awhile to open th is blog. I was really disappointed in some so-called fans. How angry and all they were. Everyone got their wish, Chris Sale is gone, Boston and at some point we will see him during the year. I really hope he does well and gets that World Series he has always dreamed of. Another line I hear was go out and lose every game so we get great draft picks. WEll, the boys got wind of that one and were not really happy. I read that they are positive and they are there to win.

We said goodbye to Brett Lawrie. His injury from last season had not healed over the off-season and he was not able to play at all in spring training. Even I am not sure if he will be picked up by opening day. I have a feeling his career may be over.

Charlie Tilson, who we adore is in a moon boot with no pressure on his leg for 3 weeks. Last year it was his hammy and now this. He has been shut now until further notice and they are looking at replacements in centerfield.

Jose Quintana, Nate Jones, David Robertson and Miguel Gonzalez are all off playing in the Baseball World Classic. As of the writing of this all are still active with their respective country teams.

Even I have a feeling this will be a different year. So much has changed and everyone is excited. The young kids coming in are happy and learning. One of the new kids has always wanted to play with Jose Abreu and he will get his chance this year.

Fingers crossed injuries can stay away and pitching is good, there might be a new contender in the American League Central

Chicago White Sox


Who Gave James the Keys to the Office?

Final game of the series and for some unknown reason James Shields found the office keys. This could go one of 2 ways, Sox win the series or we split it. Winning the series would be nice since it is something we have not done all season especially against the tribe.

1st pitch a strike

For those who missed the game the boys wore the white pinstripe pants with black jerseys.

16 pitches top open the 2nd for James. It was not pretty but James with the flick from Todd got the 3rd out.

Top of the 3rd the Tribe would score their only run for the day when, (James has lost his control and has walked 2 after a single) Sac Fly gets the job done for a 1 to 0 Indian’s  lead.

The Sox get their 1st run in the bottom of the 4th when — Jose Abreu goes “Yard” to left for a 1 all ball game.

Top of 6th and James struck out 8, striking out the side.

Chris Beck got the keys from James as he was walking to the showers. Chris Leaves the Keys with Robin for Dan Jennings (matching left-handed batter to left-handed pitcher)

Top of the 8th and nasty Nate Jones found the office keys when he put his hat on.

Who caught Nate passing the keys to David Robertson during their secret handshake?

Bottom of 9th and it’s still tied at 1 all

Omar Narvaez at the plate – Leadoff single – pitch runner Leury Garcia to take over at 1st. Leury safe at 2nd on a steal, Carlos Sanchez at the plate and a single to right gets Leury home for a 2 to 1 Sox win


Sox — 2 and Indians – 1

Pack your travel bags we are going on the road to Kansas City for a weekend series with Chris Sale, Miguel Gonzalez, Jose Quintana listed as having office keys for the series.




Pre Season Frustrations

Soxfest was last weekend and it looked amazing by all the pic I saw. I would give anything to go just once. To the work shops and to be able to get an autograph from my favorite player.

There were some great trades during the off-season. We now have a second and third baseman, which we needed the stability there. The try for another outfielder was a real mess. Some of the pay packets these guys were asking , are totally nuts. Triple figures for less than 10 years, at age 30 or over.

Even with the guys we lost through trade, We have gained much-needed experience, we lost those who held us back last year. It is going to be a great year. I can’t wait for the season to start, the boys report to the ranch is a few days. It is always good to see how everyone settles in. With new catchers this year, there will need to be some fast trust build between pitchers and catchers. We have more experienced catchers with us and that is hoping that they are able to gun down base runners.

I am still seeing so much negative and it’s really frustrating. I get that people are unhappy and all but it’s the fair weather fans that really crap me silly. It breaks my heart to see the stands empty, if I was in Chicago I would be at The Cell every day.

The other frustrating talk is that Robin will be gone by the mid-season break. Answer me this, “How do you know that?”

It is a new season and a new team, anything is possible.

See you at the ranch.

End of Year Thoughts

As of today: It is 98 days til baseball season opens and 102 days til The Cell opens

One thing that has frustrated me is the pitching talk and who everyone would trade and all. The duo of Chris Sale and Jose Quintana are amazing as a 1, 2 punch. I am tired of all the trade John Danks talk, because of his pay packet, he wont be traded so you just need to deal with it. I do think John would be better suited to lead the middle attack. Danks has never been the same since his surgery. I think he would be better suited there, his experience would be invaluable. The combination of David Robertson and Nate Jones in closing should work well. Nate is coming off 2 terrible injuries and will need more time to find his way back.

The Todd Frazier deal was a complete surprise. We did struggle last season at that position and I am happy to see an experienced player in that spot. Brett Lawrie also joining the squad will be a good fit I think. The experience they bring will help a lot. With the Sox not taking the option with Alexei Ramirez still leaves questions in my book, can a young guy step up and fill that spot, will lack of game time in the big leagues be an issue.

We were not able to deal Adam LaRoche and I wonder if that was a good or bad thing. We would have had to pay too much of his salary had we been able to off load him, so he either needs to produce or go home.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – Robin. Jerry likes Robin so , he is not going anywhere as much as everyone says he needs to go. Big question is simple. Who would replace him?, to be honest here is not really anyone out there who could. People forget that Robin is not the one on the field playing every day. Now, with that said, he is the one who should be inspiring and being more disciplining when plays are not going right or a player needs benched to get it through his head it is a team effort.

** On a side note, thanks heaps for your support this season. Cant wait for 2016


Sox News Update

10361518_3509412416527_814849475004887912_nFound out a couple of interesting things in the last few weeks since I have checked in with you.

A) Jeff Samardzjia is now a San Francisco Giant. Something like 5 years for 90 million dollars. I am really wondering why but I guess only time will tell. It will give us an extra draft pick to help with compensation. I will still be supporting Jake Peavy when he is in the office but other than that, I could care less what happens.

B) New catchers – Tyler Flowers contract was not renewed and we have a new catching staff. Alex Avila(from Detroit) and Dioner Navarro(from Toronto). They both have experience and actually better numbers behind the plate. Question how quick can they settle in with the pitching staff and get that trust built. It is rumored that after the Flowers announcement Chris Sale called Rick Hahn and asking what is going on. What direction is the team going. To be honest, Rick, that is a good question and we the Sorority and other fans would like to know what is going on?

C) Other Pitchers – we have also picked up some new pitchers, Brandon S. Brennan through the draft, Tommy Kahnle from the Colorado Rockies, Zach Phillips, Jacob Turner, and J.B Wendelken.

Winter meetings are coming up soon and will be interesting to see what takes place.

Will keep you update on any news that comes across my desk.

#RIP Minnie Minsos

IMG_54102817776935His full name was Saturnino Orestes Armas Minoso Arrieta but everyone calling him “Minnie”

To everyone he was known as Mr. White Sox.

He was always visiting the Locker Room, chatting with players and in Minnie’s way letting them know things that they need to work on.

I got to watch the opening of Sox Fest this year and Minnie was there, and what a cheer went up when he entered the room. His smile lit up the whole place.

Twitter has been full of memories and wonderful pictures. Ron Kittle posted a great picture from The Cell you should check out.

The news that has come form the team is that the boys are taking the news hard, especially Jose Abreu who has cancelled all request for interviews at this time. There are some great video’s at

Minnie was 90 and survived by his wife and family who are asking for privacy at this time.

Sox Fest 2015

IMG_657629113138827The girls and I gathered to watch the opening ceremonies of the Sox Fest taking place this weekend in Chicago.

The opening video gave us all chills and a few comments that the tears has started (me included).

Getting to see the boys past and present was really great, with this being the 10 year anniversary for the winning of the 2005 World Series. Scotty Pods is a hottie

When Rick Hahn was introduced he got a nice cheer, I even let out a nice job mate

Adam “Sparky” Eaton is a power house packed in a small package. Now if he can only stop running into walls.

The girls who were able to attend, posted pictures about the seminars that they attended, and how the vibe was in the room. Everyone is fitting well together and there was a new excitement.

One my Sorority sisters got the best gift, she got to say “Thank You” to Scott Podsednik for his walk off home run. It was the last game that she attended with her Dad before he passed away. Scotty hopped off the stage and gave her a kiss and a cuddle and whispered “Your Welcome” in her ear.

I can’t wait for the season to start. This is the first year since I have been following the boys that everyone I talk to or heard so much excitement from the coaching staff with this new group. If they are excited then we need to take our cue from them.

This morning we got an interesting piece of news, Gordon Beckham who had been traded to the Angles, as of today is now back in black. It is only a years contract but he is back home and Dayan Viciedo has been designated for assignment.

20 days and counting til the boys reports for spring training…….How excited are you?