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Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year from Australia

There are still rumors of the Sox adding to the team for next year. Waiting to see how a couple of things I have seen on Twitter play out.

Before New Year’s I will give you an update and my thoughts on the rebuild for the 2020 season


Contract News

James McCann and the Sox have agreed to a 1 year $5.4 million dollar contract.

Ryan Burr, Caleb Frare and Yolmer Sanchez have not been offered contracts for the 2020 season

Thyago Vieira has been grated a release so he can play baseball in Japan.

any other unsigned player has been offered a contract, with the current active roster sitting at 36

Even Betterr News To Wake Up To

Jose Abreu has signed a 3 year extension on his contract.

Its an extention worth 50 Million dollars.


Can you imagine if we can keep this years lineup intact with few or no major injuries how good next year will be?

Woke up to Quite the Surprise

Checking out Twitter this morningI found some amazing news. Jerry actually opened his wallet and signed Yasmani Grandal to a 4 year deal worth 73 Million dollars. Yas played with the Brewers.


The Sox have also purchased the contracts of Zack Burdi, Dane Dunning, Matt Foster, Jimmy Lambert, Bernado Flores Jr, Yermin Mercedes and Black Ruthford. 5 of the 7 players aer ranked in the top 30 prospects of the White Sox according to MLB.


According to Jason Benetti, yas leads the MLB in fwar by catchers since 2015 (24.9). Part of that also is that Yas leads all catchers in home runs since 2015 with 117.


“I Loved their professionalism, preparation and vision towards the future. I want to thank them for allowing me to be a part of this process moving forward.” —Yasmani Grandal






I have had more than enough of when I share my feeling son the trades and all that I am an idiot and have no clue.

*Chris Sale trade – sure I was upset about it but I do understand it. We got some great prospects and I know that the stable was empty. I loved watching Chris pitch, now its just in different colors. My sister Judy is happy as she is a Boston fan. It will be interesting to see how he is received and all. I know that he and Kenny Williams butted heads over a lot of issues. I hope that Chris can finally get the Cy Young that he has been missing.

*Adam Eaton – I loved his energy and this excitement, along with that riffle of an arm it will be missed in right field. He always gives 110% and you could see that rubbed off on the rest of the outfield. I can see a golden glove in his future

*Jose Quintana – I would really love to see him stay and become our ace. Q has pitched in Chris’s  Shadow and I want to see him get his time in the sun. There is still talk about a trade in the work and only time will tell.

I get really tired of all the negative and when minor trades and things pop up everyone starts complaining, it is not good enough. Everyone is convinced that we will lost 100 games, and my question is how would you know that? The season has not even started. You really think they boys are going to go out and lose on purpose?

We have a healthy team and it will be exciting to see what happens in the spring.

I watch the ball games over breakfast here in Australia, I would be at the park if at all possible. I would live there if I could.

I am smart and I do get what is going on but I also have my feelings in all of this.



Off Season News and Venting

OK, enough of the Scrubs and all of that. I don’t care any more. Yes they finally won but enough already, I have far more important things to do then to be abused by nasty fans because I didn’t get on the band wagon nor did I cheer for them. I was polite to my Scrubs mates and wished them congrats. I have seen enough post to last a lifetime and heard way too many  stories of mates of mine being abused because they did not support the other team in Chicago.

To share a little background with you, Yes I am from Ohio, I was born in Columbus. I knew that the White Sox existed and kind of followed as I was growing up and when I moved to Australia. My editor’s brother who was a massive die-hard Sox Fan was diagnosed with Cancer. A group of us started following the Sox in support of him. I got interested in the background of the Sox and all, and started reading anything I could get my hands on. My editor’s brother passed away but I stayed on and now have this blog which started as a challenge to myself but is going strong in its 4th season. I was born in Columbus and work in Chicago, and can’t wait to visit the boys at Comisky.

There is another question to be solved, what do you call it now. With the new name change, that is the discussion now. U.S Cellular does not exist any more, this past season I called home “The Cell”. So here is my question, can I still call it The Cell or is just Sox Park good enough?

Ok, Player news – Matt Albers contract was bought out, so he is no longer with the Sox, Daniel Webb has been let go (he is still listed on our injury report) , J.B Shuck is back in Charlotte, Jake Petricka, Matt Davidson and Zack Putnam are all back on the main roster.

More news when it’s available

Pre Season Frustrations

Soxfest was last weekend and it looked amazing by all the pic I saw. I would give anything to go just once. To the work shops and to be able to get an autograph from my favorite player.

There were some great trades during the off-season. We now have a second and third baseman, which we needed the stability there. The try for another outfielder was a real mess. Some of the pay packets these guys were asking , are totally nuts. Triple figures for less than 10 years, at age 30 or over.

Even with the guys we lost through trade, We have gained much-needed experience, we lost those who held us back last year. It is going to be a great year. I can’t wait for the season to start, the boys report to the ranch is a few days. It is always good to see how everyone settles in. With new catchers this year, there will need to be some fast trust build between pitchers and catchers. We have more experienced catchers with us and that is hoping that they are able to gun down base runners.

I am still seeing so much negative and it’s really frustrating. I get that people are unhappy and all but it’s the fair weather fans that really crap me silly. It breaks my heart to see the stands empty, if I was in Chicago I would be at The Cell every day.

The other frustrating talk is that Robin will be gone by the mid-season break. Answer me this, “How do you know that?”

It is a new season and a new team, anything is possible.

See you at the ranch.

Sox News Update

10361518_3509412416527_814849475004887912_nFound out a couple of interesting things in the last few weeks since I have checked in with you.

A) Jeff Samardzjia is now a San Francisco Giant. Something like 5 years for 90 million dollars. I am really wondering why but I guess only time will tell. It will give us an extra draft pick to help with compensation. I will still be supporting Jake Peavy when he is in the office but other than that, I could care less what happens.

B) New catchers – Tyler Flowers contract was not renewed and we have a new catching staff. Alex Avila(from Detroit) and Dioner Navarro(from Toronto). They both have experience and actually better numbers behind the plate. Question how quick can they settle in with the pitching staff and get that trust built. It is rumored that after the Flowers announcement Chris Sale called Rick Hahn and asking what is going on. What direction is the team going. To be honest, Rick, that is a good question and we the Sorority and other fans would like to know what is going on?

C) Other Pitchers – we have also picked up some new pitchers, Brandon S. Brennan through the draft, Tommy Kahnle from the Colorado Rockies, Zach Phillips, Jacob Turner, and J.B Wendelken.

Winter meetings are coming up soon and will be interesting to see what takes place.

Will keep you update on any news that comes across my desk.

Post Season Thinking

12143177_10154356671508298_5168904825570331052_nAfter seeing a lot of negative frustrating post season articles, I decided it was time to stop by and have a vent basically.

Yes, I was very disappointed by were we finished in the course of the season. I really thought we would have made it into the play offs. Jeff Samardzija teamed with Chris Sale was supposed to be the top of our pitching but, with the struggles that Jeff had and with him and Chris being suspended after the trip to Kansas City. I am actually glad that Jeff will be gone. I saw the other day that Chris was 4th on the Cy Young voting. Here’s hoping that next year will be a different story.

John Danks — Yes, I know his pay packet that everyone gripes about. He has never found consistent form since his surgery. He might extend his career if he would move to the bull pen, become middle rotation. Maybe a set up for David Robertson, to come in and close. I have a feeling that this will be his last year with us. Nate Jones is back and helping to close but I do not think he is ready full-time. Just coming off back surgery with Tommy John surgery on top of it. Nate is still going to need time to heal. I think he and Robertson make a good one two punch.

Mark Buehrle — Mark gave things away in Toronto at the end of the season. Not going to the playoffs, with the Blue Jays I thought was kind of odd, but Mark had been struggling and felt it best to get away from it all for now. Sox fans are hoping that they will step in and make him an offer. even if it’s just for a year then he can retire a White Sox.  Teaming Mark with Chris would be an amazing 1, 2 punch. I read that Mark was taking time away with his family and working out what he wants to do now.

Alexei Ramirez — is no longer a White Sox. They did not pick up his option. Sad in a way, thought he would have retired a Sox but it is not meant to be. Sure I do agree that it is time for the younger kids to start playing but who is the air apparent? Gordon Beckham is not on the list for next year also. Adam La Roche also did not have a great year with the bat and that one needs to change. He was supposed to be the support and all to Jose Abreu and it just did not happen.

Winter meetings will be interesting, to see what happens and if there are any more movements on the roster front. I am still not happy that Robin is managing next year. We someone with some fire and to get the boys inspired. There needs to be a lot of consistency and stability to have any hope of playing ball in October in 2016.

7 days and Counting

Some of the articles that have come out of late are interesting. That the Sox will only finish four games better this year then last year. That really is annoying with all the great moves over the winter that Rick, Robin and the team made.

The biggest problem from last year was the bullpen. When Nate and Matt Lindstrom both got hurt it threw everything into disarray. There were so many games that we had won but in the end it was the bullpen that blew the game. In the same token, I do have to also give the defense some of the blame for not backing up and protecting the lead.

Here we are now, with Jeff Samardzija, David Robertson and Dan Jennings along with a strong staff this year, I cant wait. I am a pitchers girl and can’t wait to see how good the combinations are.

With Jose Abreu coming off a stunning rookie year, I have a feeling that it will just continue, and having Adam La Roche to help at first base, Jose can have a bit of a rest on occasion to be fresh for the end of season run.  Melky Cabrera joining Avisail Garcia and Adam Eaton in the outfield, we have gone from strength to strength.

Gordon Beckham has returned which we are thrilled about, Dayan Viciedo was put on wavers but he was not picked up by anyone and has been let go. I really do hope that he can find a new home. He is a good ball player but he needs a little help finding that spark that he needs to be totally amazing

Thanks Rick,

The baseball gods and Jerry’s wallet have been amazing and I cant wait to see where we go. Everyone who thinks we wont be in there come October had better watch out, this year its anyone’s division, and we are coming to claim it.