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Voting for the All Star game has opened.

I know a lot of people wont vote for the boys, with all that’s going on. Saying that they don’t deserve it. I vote for our boys no matter what. It’s still supporting the team. It’s a positive and at least to me the boys could use some positives now.


On June 1 Danny threw out the first pitch. How amazing was that to see him again. The doctors have told Danny that he wont pitch again this year but he can start playing catch.

I saw an interview with Danny and his wife, Danny said that he didn’t remember pitching, he was able to tell the medical staff that he had a bad headache, he threw up . Next thing Danny said he remembered was waking up 5 days later.

Even the doctor’s are so amazing on how well he is doing.


Don’t forget to vote for the all-star game.


What Sox and Baltimore – Game 2

The Sox would send Derek Holland to the office for the Sox in-game 2 of the series.

Baltimore would open the scoring with 1 run in the first. Derek would then settle down and hold things through the top of the 4th inning. The home half of the inning would have the Sox finally getting on the board when, with Melky and Jose Abreu already on the pond thanks to singles by both boys, Avi Garcia with a double bringing home Melky and Jose for a 2 to 1 Sox lead.

The bottom of the 6th – Jose opened the pond with a single, Avi was hit by a pitch moving Jose to 2nd, Todd Frazier walked to load the pond. Matt Davidson after being patient at the plate would belt a screaming Grand Slam to left for a 6 to 1 Sox lead. That was Matt’s first grand slam of his career.

**Final Score — Sox 6 and Baltimore 1. Derek got the win with help from, Chris Beck, Tommy Kahnle, Anthony Swarzak

With the day’s events the Sox are currently 6 games out. The Sox are currently in a rain delay as of the writing of this article.

**Injury news — James Shields has come off the Injury list and is listed for his first start in Toronto.


The Law Firm of Garcia,Garcia and Garcia

I am loving this team for 2017. They are going about business and getting things done, surprising a lot of people. Before the season started when Chris Sale and Adam Eaton were both traded, to be honest a bit of a shock but it has turned out for the best. We have some great new kids who are playing damn good ball. The keyboard doubters said that we needed to lose a bunch of games and get a better trade deal when the season was over. At the time of writing this the Sox were only half a game ahead of Cleveland, Minnesota and Detroit. Other divisions have started to sort themselves out some but I am secretly hoping that by the all-star break it is still this close.

On Tuesday the boys went to work in Kansas City with Jose Quintana in the office. Jose had not had a great start to the season but once he finds his feet its hard to stop him and Tuesday was a brilliant outing. He threw 8 shutout innings of ball with Anthony Swarzak locking up the office.

The Sox scored 2 in the second, third and sixth innings for a 6 to 0 score line.

It was time for Robin Venture to leave and his replacement of Rick Renteria, in my book has been part of what was needed. Rick has brought a new excitement to the dugout and he is one of the first to greet the boys after scoring runs. He is also there when the starting pitcher is done for the game. Giving words of encouragement no doubt.

The injury list has not been updated as of today. 5 pitchers on there with what is looking like minor things to deal with. Getting them all healthy will be the challenge but then what do you do with them once they are back playing?

Charlie Tilson is our only other player in the list, from the stress fracture that happened in spring training. As of April 23 he was out of the moon boot and able to start load bearing activities. I really hope we get the chance to see what he can do.

I really think this is going to be an interesting season and I cant wait to see how things play out.

This group is going to surprise all of us.

I have no doubt.

Time to take the Series – White Sox and Yankees

chris - CopyWith game 3 another series is on the line for the taking, the Sox have an impressive series streak winning on the line today. It would be series#5 win if we can do this.

Miguel Gonzalez has been tossed the keys to the office today. For those who can’t see the game tonight the boys are wearing black jerseys with white pinstripe pants

Brett Lawrie keeps his hitting streak alive with a single to right to open the Sox hitting, Brett to 2nd on a passed ball. Dioner with a walk, Avi Garcia with a single to left, getting Brett home to open the scoring 1 to 0 in the Sox favor. J.B shuck with a ground ruled double for a 2 to 0 Sox lead, Dioner home. Tim Anderson with a double getting Avi and J.B home for a 4 to 0 Sox lead.

Adam Eaton with his 13th outfield assist of the season in the top of the 3rd.

Bottom of the 6th and Melky takes a walk to 1st. Todd Frazier with a broken bat single to right, Melky to 3rd. Melky home for a 5 to 0 lead,  Todd out on the force at 2nd and Brett safe.

To open the Sox 7th – Avi with a walk but out on the force at 2nd, J.B is safe at 1st.

Zack duke has been tossed the office keys by Miguel and with 1 pitch and help from Timmy there is 1 out in the 8th. Home half of the 8th and Adam walks to 1st.

Zack Duke leaves the office keys with Robin after getting the first out, David Robertson on to close and lock the office door. After a review its 2 outs(runner out at 1st, safe at 2nd) and runners at 2nd and 3rd. Robbie getting the strikeout to lock the office door.

Final Score White So –  5 and Yankees – 0

Day off tomorrow, the  Atlanta Braves in for a weekend series before the All Star break.







Come Sale Away

sale - CopyChris Sale is in the office today, going for a 10 and 0 record. He has completed his last three games, with great defense behind him and bats blazing. Fingers crossed he can sure that 10th win in style.

You Can Put It On The Board, YES . Thank you Adam Eaton for that solo shot to right center field for a 1 to 0 Sox lead

Jose Abreu who was given the nickname of Cannon by Hawk Harrelson is on with a single to right.

Until the 3rd inning Chris had not given up a walk for 26 innings.

Chris is done for the night, in the top of the 4th,  it was not meant to be the 10 and 0 start

Zack Putnam is now in the office. I like Zack, once he can get settled in he is good. It’s early having to go tot he bullpen but the guys can handle it.

Cannon with a double and Brett Lawrie with another double for a 6 to 2 Indians lead.

The new kid in the office Tommy Kahnle, out to gain some experience and see if he can impress Coach Cooper. Most of what Tommy threw that inning wa sin the 95 to 99 speed range. Matt Purke has the office keys, his 2nd appearance.

Adam manages a single in the Bottom of the 8th but was left stranded

Dan Jennings now with the office keys. Tommy and Matt both had good outings. I hope Zack can settle down and get his control going a little sooner on his next outing.

Cannon smacks another double making this a 3 hit game.

Indians 6 and Sox 2



Game 3 with Houston

Chris 2 - CopyChris Sale is in the office tonight going for a record 9 and 0 start to the season. Brett Lawrie has the day off, he did lobby Robin to play but Carlos Sanchez and Jerry Sands need starts tonight.

Bottom of 1st – an amazing catch by Houston to rob Jose Abreu of a home run.

Top of 2nd, Todd Frazier is our first baserunner for tonight. Frazier safe at 2nd on a stolen base. Jerry Sands single brings Frazier home for a 1 to 0 lead.

**It is good to see some of the other boys like Jerry and Carlos get s start, need to keep their skills sharp

**Chris is chasing Ed Cicotte who was 12 and o. Chris gets this win tonight and will be in sole possession of 2nd place on the list

Bottom of 6th – with a misplay by the Houston outfielder has Eaton standing at third.

Top of the 7th and Chris has a pitch count of 76, at this point provided nothing going wrong I can see Chris throwing a complete game.

Bottom of 7th – Jimmy Rollins on with an infield single. Rollins safe on his 4th stolen base of the season. Sands with a single, gets Rollins to 3rd. A sac fly by Alex Avila and the Sox lead 2 to 0.

Top of 8th sees the Astro’s get on the board with a solo shot for a 2 to 1 Sox lead.

With a strikeout Chris Sale takes his season to 9 and o

the Kansas City Royals arrive tomorrow with Jose Quintana in the office.


White Sox Welcome the Rangers

Cannon**It is the first of a 3 game series with the Texas Rangers and Jose Quintana in the office for tonight’s match up.

**Bottom of 1st – Spanky Eaton with a single to left. Eaton out on the force, Jackson is safe, Cannon Abreu with the force play but safe at first.

**Bottom of 2nd – Melk Man with a single, Sands taking a free pass moving Melky to second. On a wild pitch, Melky crosses the plate to open the scoring 1 to 0

**Bottom of 3rd -0 Spanky with a double, Jackson with a sac bunt to move Spanky to 3rd. Cannon with a sac fly to get Spanky home, for a Sox 2 nothing lead.

**Bottom of 5th – on an E 4, Navarro is safe at first.

**Bottom of 6th – Todd Frazier on with a walk, Melky with a double sending Todd to 3rd. Brett Lawrie with a double scoring Todd and Melky for a 4 to 0 Sox lead, Jerry Sands gets Lawrie home for a 5 to 0 lead.

**Top of 7th – The Sox turn a TRIPLE PLAY — 9 3 2 6 2 5

**Bottom of 7th – Jackson with a double,

**Top of 8th – Matt Albers has taken over in the office.

**Top of 9th – Zack Putnam in to lock up the office

**Final Score – White Sox 5 and Rangers 0

****Game Two with Carlos Rodon in the office, here is hoping he can bounce back after a terrible outing.

**Top of 2nd – Rangers open the scoring 1 to 0 with a home run.

**Bottom of 2nd – Melk Man with a screamer to right and a tie score 1 all

**Bottom of 6th – Melky with a single, moves to second on Lawrie’s single. A walk to Avila loads the pond

**Top of 7th – Rodon hands office duties to Petricka for 1 batter who in turn makes way for Zack Duke. Rangers take the lead 2 to 1.

**Bottom of 8th – Frazier with a home run to tie the score at 2, Avi hit by a pitch, On a single by Navarro drives in Melky for a 3 to 2 Sox lead

**Top of 9th – Error gets runner to 3rd, another mistake gets the runner home and it’s a 3 all game. David Robertson in the office.

**Top of 11th – Matt Albers in the office.

**Bottom of 11th – Navarro on with a walk, Jackson hit by a pitch, Bases loaded with Eaton off to first with a walk. Bases loaded, got Navarro at home, Cannon with a single past shortstop scoring Jackson for the win.

***In 11 inning it is the White Sox – 4 and Rangers – 3

**Game 3 with Matt Latos in the office today

**Top of 1st – Texas opens the scoring with a home run to take the lead 1 to 0

**Bottom of 3rd – Navarro with a home run to tie the score at 1 all

**Bottom of 5th Melky with a walk and Brett with a double. Melky scores on a wild pitch, 2 to 0 Sox take the lead, Jerry with a walk, Navarro with a Sac Fly brings Brett home for a 3 to 1 Sox Lead, Jackson with a 2 out double,

**Top of 7th – Zack Duke in the office.

**Bottom of 7th – Jerry on with a single,Navarro with a walk, Jackson loads the bases,

**Top of 8th – Nate Jones in the office

**Bottom of 8th – Cannon with a double , Melky walks Brett with an RBI single for a 4 to 1 Sox lead.

***Final Score – Sox 4 and Rangers 1

**The boys have arrived safely in Canada for their series with the Blue Jays




Got a Broom, Its a SWEEP

1781973_10203853778327003_9147704401115001297_nYes, Sox fans you are reading that correctly. The win today with Carlos Rodon on the mound, to be honest I was kinda worried with him getting belted last time out. He is getting better and I would like to think that Chris talks with him after the his games to help him get better.

Carlos Sanchez belted his second home run today, his first was in last nights game.

Alexei Ramirez puts on a defensive clinic in this series, they have turned more double plays. The combination of Ramirez and Sanchez is ripping it up and I hope they can keep it going.

Monday, we are in Boston for a Sox Drawer battle, has John Danks in the opener. Danks is 5 wins and 8 loses against Kelly with a record of 2 and 6. Jeff Samardzjia ( 7 – 5) mound office on Tuesday facing off against Miley with an even record of 8 wins and 8 loses.

Wednesday’s Sox battle sees Jose Quintana coming off his first complete game with a record of 5 wins and 9 loses facing Porcello with a 5 wins – 10 loss record.

The final pitchers for the closing game of the series have yet to be announced. The White Sox will close the month of July out in New York for a series with the Yankees.

Almost Back

It is time for the boys to return.

I am hoping that the time away has helped to heal those little niggles and get the head space right for some kick arse baseball this second half.

This weekend celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the World Series win. Many players are returning to The Cell for the celebration. I can’t wait to break out the special shirt that my Sorority sister sent me.

The boys open on Friday with a double-header against Kansas City, we need as many wins as we can get from this series to get a good start. Right now they are the benchmark of the Central League.



1 Special Game and 1 Beating the Rain

saleThe Sox have been in one place I have always wanted to go. St.Louis to Bush Stadium, for a 2 game series with the Cardinals. The Cardinals are the best team with the best record in baseball now and I truly wondered if we would survive.

*Game One – Sox 2 and Cardinals 1

It turned out to be the Chris Sale show, Let me explain this one. First, it was Chris’s 8th appearance in a row with 10 or more strike outs. It puts Chris second on the all time list. If he keeps pitching the way he is, I am secretly hoping that the can break the record. OK, second hit, being in a National League park the pitchers have to bat, Chris got his first official hit. I was glad to see that they pulled the ball for him to keep. Jose Abreu was up to bat and thanks to a wonky bounce off 2nd and went into center field. Chris was waved home. Thanks to a Tyler Flowers home run we took this game out.

*Game 2 —  Sox 7 and Cardinals 1

It was a real team effort today, Mother Nature kept throwing everything she had at this game but the boys would win and would do it big.

1st inning – Cardinals on the board 1 – 0

5th inning – Adam Eaton single would bring Flowers home for a 1 all game.

6th inning – Melky Cabrera would homer to right center for a 2 to 1 ball game and the Sox would not be denied from here on out.

9th inning – The fireworks would start with Flowers belting  a homer to left center with Alexei Ramirez on the pond for a 4 to 1 lead, with the pond full, Abreu’s single to left brought Sanchez home LaRoche to 3rd and Eaton to 2nd. Melky would ground out but it allowed LaRoche to come home for a 6 to 1 Sox lead, the final score of the game, Eaton coming home on an error by the 3rd baseman for a 7 to 1 lead. Scott Carroll held his nerve in the bottom of the 9th to get Jose Quintana the win.

The Sox are off to Baltimore for a series.

*Injury Note – Dan Jennings has returned to the team from the Injury list.