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19 days and counting

Until our boys of summer return home to Rate Field.

It has been interesting watching the scores come through and all. they have done well and the new players seem to be settling in and finding their way.

It has taken me awhile to open th is blog. I was really disappointed in some so-called fans. How angry and all they were. Everyone got their wish, Chris Sale is gone, Boston and at some point we will see him during the year. I really hope he does well and gets that World Series he has always dreamed of. Another line I hear was go out and lose every game so we get great draft picks. WEll, the boys got wind of that one and were not really happy. I read that they are positive and they are there to win.

We said goodbye to Brett Lawrie. His injury from last season had not healed over the off-season and he was not able to play at all in spring training. Even I am not sure if he will be picked up by opening day. I have a feeling his career may be over.

Charlie Tilson, who we adore is in a moon boot with no pressure on his leg for 3 weeks. Last year it was his hammy and now this. He has been shut now until further notice and they are looking at replacements in centerfield.

Jose Quintana, Nate Jones, David Robertson and Miguel Gonzalez are all off playing in the Baseball World Classic. As of the writing of this all are still active with their respective country teams.

Even I have a feeling this will be a different year. So much has changed and everyone is excited. The young kids coming in are happy and learning. One of the new kids has always wanted to play with Jose Abreu and he will get his chance this year.

Fingers crossed injuries can stay away and pitching is good, there might be a new contender in the American League Central

Chicago White Sox


Arriving at the Ranch

Today is the one day that all massive baseball fans wait for each year, Pitchers and Catchers report for training.

It has been a frustrating off-season for all the negative that I have read. sure I get the frustrations of everyone, don’t get me wrong. There were some good positives that happened during trade period. We now have Todd Frazier and Brett Laurie, a good secure infield. Look like Tyler Saladino will take up residence at shortstop. We have a new catching staff and it will be interesting to watch how they come together. I am truly hoping that Adam LaRoche can produce this year, he was a real disappointment last season.

There is a video on Facebook I saw today of Jose Abreu and about his work ethic. How he keeps a routine and a journal of what he has done to help him be a better ball player. I wish everyone would adopt his work style, we would have a great team and I can’t even imagine the focus the team would have.

The pitching will be interesting, With Chris, Carlos and Jose Q, it is going to be a great year. I am really tired of all the negative with John Danks and his pay pack. This is the final year of his contract, it would be cheaper to let him finish the year and to not pick up his contract, then to do whatever and have to pay him out with the possibility of a bigger check then what he is getting now. My understanding is that they are still paying Konerko out on his contract. With John’s surgery he has never gotten his full speed back, and when he can find his stuff, he is so solid and it is hard to get a hit off him but, I think he is to the point that when he gets in trouble you can not leave him out there. I would love to see him moved to the middle order, be the set up for David Robertson and Nate Jones. I think John’s strength is in the shorter part of the game, you can see when he gets visibly upset with himself, it shows and he loses control.

Only time will tell how things will go, the Sox are starting to be picked to win the Division.

See you at the Ranch


Pre Season Frustrations

Soxfest was last weekend and it looked amazing by all the pic I saw. I would give anything to go just once. To the work shops and to be able to get an autograph from my favorite player.

There were some great trades during the off-season. We now have a second and third baseman, which we needed the stability there. The try for another outfielder was a real mess. Some of the pay packets these guys were asking , are totally nuts. Triple figures for less than 10 years, at age 30 or over.

Even with the guys we lost through trade, We have gained much-needed experience, we lost those who held us back last year. It is going to be a great year. I can’t wait for the season to start, the boys report to the ranch is a few days. It is always good to see how everyone settles in. With new catchers this year, there will need to be some fast trust build between pitchers and catchers. We have more experienced catchers with us and that is hoping that they are able to gun down base runners.

I am still seeing so much negative and it’s really frustrating. I get that people are unhappy and all but it’s the fair weather fans that really crap me silly. It breaks my heart to see the stands empty, if I was in Chicago I would be at The Cell every day.

The other frustrating talk is that Robin will be gone by the mid-season break. Answer me this, “How do you know that?”

It is a new season and a new team, anything is possible.

See you at the ranch.

#RIP Minnie Minsos

IMG_54102817776935His full name was Saturnino Orestes Armas Minoso Arrieta but everyone calling him “Minnie”

To everyone he was known as Mr. White Sox.

He was always visiting the Locker Room, chatting with players and in Minnie’s way letting them know things that they need to work on.

I got to watch the opening of Sox Fest this year and Minnie was there, and what a cheer went up when he entered the room. His smile lit up the whole place.

Twitter has been full of memories and wonderful pictures. Ron Kittle posted a great picture from The Cell you should check out.

The news that has come form the team is that the boys are taking the news hard, especially Jose Abreu who has cancelled all request for interviews at this time. There are some great video’s at

Minnie was 90 and survived by his wife and family who are asking for privacy at this time.

Getting Excited

84e63ea018d99bfd43d96f1e2736e3b6In two days the wait is finally over. It is time for the Ranch to wake up and for spring training to begin. Usually the boys do not have to arrive til right before the call date, this year it is the 20th of February but word coming through is that a lot of the boys have arrived early.

Many of then departed after Soxfest to make their way out west. stopping along the way to take care of those last-minute details before returning to work. Jose Abreu we think was the first to arrived on the 4th of February. What does that say?

For those of the sorority that were able to attend Soxfest said that there was a really great vibe in the room, there was something different this year. The chemistry was different and everyone was excited. I did see a tweet today that said that on the 40 roster, 20 of them were new players.

Pitchers and Catchers officially report on the 20th of February with the full team to be activated on the 24th of February. Wednesday March 4th is the first spring game against the Dodgers.

Will be interesting to watch and see how everyone settles in and new friendships are formed. That connection between pitcher and catcher, the infield working on timing to turn those double plays.

Fingers crossed that everyone is healthy and we can make it with out major injuries, and if that can happen. Things fall into place, you had better look out because this title is up for grabs.

Go ahead, you want to count us out, fine, do it but I can promise you, we are coming for what we is ours.

Sox and Hall of Fame News

Happy 2015

Some of the boys have already reported to a mini camp going on now. Getting back to training, meeting some of the new guys and have seen an interview, that some of the young guys are enjoying camp and being able to talk to the more experienced players, getting advice on hitting and they are needing to work on.

The Hall of Fame Class for 2015 has been announced with Randy Jackson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz and Craig Biggio. July 26, 2015 has been reserved for the induction ceremony in Cooperstown. Don Mattingly was on the ballot for the 15th and final time.

Sox Fest will be a blast this year. Celebrating the 2005 World Series with many members of the team coming along to celebrate. Many of the new guys to the team including, Jeff Samardzija, Dan Jennings, David Robertson and many others. For those of you lucky enough to go, have a blast.

For those who follow the blog and have heard me talk about my sorority sisters, we have our own Twitter this season. You can find us at @soxsorority44 for all things White Sox during the season.



Spring Training and Stuff

Afternoon Kids

Sorry its been awhile since I have been with you. The team has reported for Spring Training in Glendale Arizona. There is a really good buzz about this year and they word is, the chemistry is nothing like they have seen in the past. It has been great to see the pictures coming from there and seeing how much fun they are having.

This is the final year for Paul Konerko. He has said that he does not want anything special this year. Just to help the new kids and play ball as much as his body will allow him to do so. My Sorority Sisters are hoping to be at as many home games as possible. They are sad that he will be retiring but I have a feeling it will be a season long celebration.

Here is the current active rooster for the boys.

I will be with you for the Opening Day game against the Minnesota Twins (Twinkies)

I am lucky enough to be in Sydney for the Sunday afternoon game featuring the L.A Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

2014 is going to be a great season

See you at The Cell


Last One Out, Turn Off the Lights and Lock the Door.

White soxEvening Kids,

I am sorry that I was not with you as the season finished, Life commitments took me away, but I was able to follow the results and they were disappointing, We all hoped for a better season but there were some good sparks and some surprises along the way.

We finished with 63 wins and 99 loses, 30 games behind, with a record on the road of 26 wins/55 loses and at home we were 37 wins/44 loses.

We said good-bye to Gavin Floyd early in the season as an injury and Tommy John would be the end of his season. Tyler Flowers and Jeff Keppinger were also shut down and sent off for season ending surgery, both had been carrying injuries from spring training. An early injury of a broken wrist to Gordon Beckham saw him on the disabled list for 6 weeks as he battled to return. He was held back from returning too quick and possible going back down.

We saw the arrival of many guys from Charlotte, including John Danks, Josh Phegley, Brent Moral, Blake Tekotte, along with others. Some stayed for the season and others came in as needed.

Through trade and wavers we said good-bye to fan favorites : Jesse Crain to Tampa Bay, Matt Thornton and Jake Peavy to Boston, Alex Rios to the Texas Rangers, Casper Wells headed off to Philadelphia.  We miss you guys heaps and hope you have settled into your new homes. We will continue to keep an eye on you and see how you’re doing.

Captain Konerko, Paulie battled back issues during the season, He and Jake went to Birmingham for re-hab assignments before returning to the main stage. Paul has yet to decide if 2014 will be his last season. Many of the Sorority Sisters, attended the final game just in case it was the last for him. They wore the White Home Pinstripe just in case Paul decided to hang up the cleats for the final time. Sunday’s was the win ugly uniforms of 1983.

A couple of the trades brought us a unique problem, the SAME last name, Avisail and Leury made me pay more attention to the line ups and remember which one was playing. A couple of games Jordan Danks joined the boys in the outfield creating what I called the Law Firm of Garcia, Garcia and Danks.

6’3″ tall Andre Rienzo has stolen all our hearts and gained many new fans. Starting out unsure and confidence not great has grown into a smart, tough starting pitcher who will only get better in time, along with Jose Quintana and Hector Santiago have grown leaps and bounds and soared in confidence. I can’t wait for next season when we finally get to see the boys again and see how they have developed. With Chris sale heading the pitching and Addison Reed, Nate Jones and Matt Lindstrom teaming up to spearhead the bullpen, its going to be a really good spring 2014.

**Personal Notes**

Thanks to everyone at the spring training home Camelback Ranch for your love and support during spring training. You guys are just amazing and make spring time fun.

To the girls of the ChiSoxSorority – You ladies are truly amazing and I love each and every one of you. We have united over our love for “Our Boys of Summer”. We have seen the good and the bad of season but stuck it out, learning from each other and growing together. Sara and Jan have done an amazing job of overseeing everything and keep us a safe place to hang out. We have been there to support each other through personal challenges and I can only see us getting stronger. I have the faith that there is something special out there for us and only time will show us what that is. I know whatever challenge we are handed we will succeed.

To my hubby Pj, thank you for putting up with me sleeping all hours of the day and night. Times were hard there and I was really cranky with the lack of sleep but we made it through. Thanks to my editor Dan for all those edits on the fly at all hours so I can get the news out there.

My final THANK YOU is to YOU the readers and fans of the White Sox and baseball in general. You have given me so much support and kept me inspired to keep going when the season got really tough. Through all the ups and down you have still been there and that means more than you know.

I will still share with you news from the Sox as it comes through, Winter meetings and any news of player movement.

From here I will be my best to keep you updated on the playoffs and world series as best my access will allow me to do so.


See you at The Cell


White Sox at Blue Jays Game Two

1366151509     Morning All,

After the events in Boston yesterday this picture came across my twitter feed and I just had to share it. I think it says it all. From the Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox

The Staff and crew at the Camelback Ranch send their love and prayers to all in Boston.

Dylan Axelrod opens the office today. He has an ERA of 5.79. Lets hope he has a better day than Gavin Floyd did.

Grab the coffee and let’s go Sox:

First Inning –  Alejandro De Aza, Jeff Keppinger, Alex Rios

*0 – 0

Second Inning  – Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko(single) , Conor Gillaspie (walk) , Dayan Viciedo, Alexei Ramirez (single), Hector Gimenez,

*1 – 1 (konerko scored on a wild pitch)(blue jays home run)

Third Inning – De Aza, Keppinger, Rios,

*1 – 1  (sorry kids. I lost my stream I had and it took a bit to find another feed. No plan C)

Fourth Inning  – Konerko, Gillaspie, Viciedo

*1 – 1

Fifth Inning – Ramirez, Gimenez, De Aza,

*1 – 1 (gimenez throws runner out at second)

Sixth Inning –  Keppinger, Rios,Dunn

*1 – 2 (blue jays home run) 

Seventh Inning –  Konerko (home run), Gillaspie, Viciedo, Ramirez (walk) Gimenez,

*2 – 2  Stretch it out kids. (Hector Santiago has been passed the mound keys)

Eighth Inning –  De Aza, Keppinger, Ríos,

*2 – 2 (Hector heads to the showers to make way for Matt Lindstrom)

Ninth Inning –  Dunn (walk)(replaced by dewayne wise), Konerko(walk), Gillaspie, Viciedo(double), Ramirez(walk), Gimenez(Sac Fly) De Aza, Keppinger, Ríos,

*4 – 3 (wise scores from second)(konerko from third)(addison reed is in the house)(greene and wise in-game)( jays runner from third)

Addison Reed closes the door on the office as that is a much-needed win.

Have a super day and enjoy the win. Fingers crossed we can have a repeat and out two wins together tomorrow. What a confidence boost  for the boys.

See you tomorrow for game three from Toronto

NOW The Fun Begins

The sun has set at the Camelback Ranch and what an amazing season its been. Watching from Australia there has not been a much to write about, but that is about to change, when at 6 am Tuesday morning the alarm goes off. OK, I hear you going, “OK, she has lost the plot?” Being hours ahead of the USA it’s the time I have to get up to be able to watch Chris Sale throw the first pitch at “The Cell”.

I am excited but also realize the task I set myself is finally here. To blog the season with the boys, all the ups  and downs, and everything that come with it. Just a reminder as you join me on this journey, this is MY view, what I see sitting half way around the world during this season. I am looking at writing for each series throughout the regular season. I like keeping stats, and will do my best to keep things simple but updated as often as possible. Right now it feels like the road is extremely long but once things get moving time is going to pass quickly.

What I am getting on my Twitter feed is that the Detroit Tigers are the ones to beat in the American League Central but what ever do not count the Boys out. There are a few things that need settled and that will happen on the field as the season goes.

How amazing are things for Chris Sale, his recent birthday, his college Alma Mater playing the NCAA Basketball Tournament and tomorrow the opening day pitcher. I can not even imagine what he is going through tonight. I wonder if he is even able to get some sleep? Good Luck Chris, Have an amazing day, take it all in and enjoy the moment.

Good luck to everyone associated with the Chicago White Sox, the players, coaching staff and everyone in  the front office. Its going to be an amazing year and I can’t wait to see what happens, on this unknown journey we are about to take.

All that is left for me to do is make sure my White Sox shirt is out and ready to wear tomorrow, the alarm is set and my note pad is ready.

Get some sleep gang, tomorrow the real fun begins

See you on the field