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Sox and Baltimore in their Final Game at Rate Field

I am learning to expect the unexpected when I wake up to check the Sox scores and today was no different.

David Holmberg was tossed the keys by Ricky Renteria for the final game of the series.

It was all quiet on the pond until the 4th inning when Matt Davidson opened the scoring with a solo shot to left. This was the 4th game that Matt has hit a home run in. Sox 1 and Baltimore 0

Top of the 5th and Baltimore tied up the score at 1 all.

The Sox did the major damage in the bottom of the 6th when, with Davidson and Sanchez already on the pond, Melky’s single to center got the boys home for a 3 to 1 Sox lead. Kevan Smith with a bunt single, Melky on 1st and Anderson walked to fill the pond. Jose Abreu would walk to keep the pond full and extend the Sox lead to 4 to 1. Leury Garcia with a sac fly to center brings Melky home for a 5 to 1 Sox lead.

Baltimore would add 1 in the top of the ninth but David Robertson would lock up the office for a 5 to 2 Sox win.

Pack your travel bag as the Sox are back on the road, first stop in Toronto and then to Minnesota.

After the day’s events the Sox hold at 6 games out of first.




What Sox and Baltimore – Game 2

The Sox would send Derek Holland to the office for the Sox in-game 2 of the series.

Baltimore would open the scoring with 1 run in the first. Derek would then settle down and hold things through the top of the 4th inning. The home half of the inning would have the Sox finally getting on the board when, with Melky and Jose Abreu already on the pond thanks to singles by both boys, Avi Garcia with a double bringing home Melky and Jose for a 2 to 1 Sox lead.

The bottom of the 6th – Jose opened the pond with a single, Avi was hit by a pitch moving Jose to 2nd, Todd Frazier walked to load the pond. Matt Davidson after being patient at the plate would belt a screaming Grand Slam to left for a 6 to 1 Sox lead. That was Matt’s first grand slam of his career.

**Final Score — Sox 6 and Baltimore 1. Derek got the win with help from, Chris Beck, Tommy Kahnle, Anthony Swarzak

With the day’s events the Sox are currently 6 games out. The Sox are currently in a rain delay as of the writing of this article.

**Injury news — James Shields has come off the Injury list and is listed for his first start in Toronto.


Sox vs Baltimore at Rate Field

The Sox have dug themselves a bit of a hole of late and need to get things back together and their season back on track.

Mike Pelfrey in the office for the Sox facing Wade Miley for Baltimore

It was all quiet until the home half of the 2nd when with Willy Garcia on base Kevan Smith belts a homer to center for a 2 to 0 Sox lead.

Bottom of the 3rd, the Sox would take out the bats and add 4 more runs starting when, Anderson and Melky on the pond, Abreu’s single get Anderson home for a 3 to 0 lead. Avi Garcia’s double to center gets Melky home, Abreu makes it home thanks to a throwing error for a 5 to 0 lead. Matt Davidson’s single to left helped get Avi home for a 6 to 0 Sox lead

Top of the 4th Baltimore gets on the board with a pair for a Sox 6 to 2 lead. Bottom of the inning would see, Melky and Jose already on the pond, Avi with a single to center, speed would get Melky and Jose home for an 8 to 2 Sox lead.

Bottom of 5th had Willy Garcia exploding a triple and coming home thanks to Smith’s sac fly to center extending the Sox lead 9 to 2

All quiet till the 7th inning with Matt Davidson smacking a solo shot for a 10 to 2 Sox lead.

Top of the 8th Baltimore would cut the Sox lead to 10 to 6. They would go on to add 1 more in the top of the 9th for a 10 to 7 loss in the first of a 4 game series.

With the day’s events the Sox have picked up a game, 6.0 games out of first.


Derek Holland in the office tomorrow for game 2 of the series.




White Sox in Baltimore

Brett - Copy


**David Robertson is on leave due to the passing of his father-in-law, we send our love and prayers during this time.

**Normally would you have the highlights from the game but I want to address an issue that I know is bothering all of us, John Danks. I like the guy and all but something needs to happen and it needs to happen now. We can’t keep putting him in with the way he is pitching. Yesterday was a better outing but it is not good enough. Send him to charlotte to get h is control issues worked out, something but it needs to happen before his spot in the rotation comes up again. As of yesterday we are 3 games ahead of Kansas City and we need to continue to build that lead, which we cant do if John is still allowed at this point.

**Game 2 with Carlos Rodon in the office

Another disappointing day to be honest. Brett Lawrie and Todd Frazier with the mistakes that cost us the game. The only good point about yesterday was the news that Kansas City lost so the Sox are still 3 games on top of the American League Central.

**Game 3 with Mat Latos in the office.

I have no clue how in the world the boys pulled this one-off. Brett Lawrie you sir are a freak, an other homer. Between you and Todd Frazier getting the boys fired up we have gotten our moneys worth for you boys already. Moving Adam Eaton from center to right was a stroke of brilliance and I think Eaton’s arm has gotten better after the surgery. It is the later inning, roughly 6 to 9 where most of our runs are coming in, and it is great to see when 1 of the guys gets a hit it fires up the whole team. There is self belief there that was not last season. I really started to worry with the tie score but with Eaton and Sanchez on, Eaton’s speed would get him home but would he make it safe? With Abreu’s single, Eaton home for the 8 to 7 lead. It was up to Nate Jones to close the game. It would be up to him, I really like Nate and he has come back from a crap of a year and a half to be stronger than he was. He held his nerve and the Sox take the win 8 to 7

**Game 4 with Chris Sale in the office

I was not too worried about this one with Chris but, when I got the game on at 4:30am, Chris was not having a great day but he was doing what was needed. The 5th inning rolled around and the boys created ways to get on base and piled on 6 runs that inning. It felt like they were using the created energy to fuel the run scoring. The bottom of the 6th would see the only Baltimore run scored for the day. The top of the 9th would see the final Sox run added to the board. Brett Lawrie was a triple shy of hitting for the cycle today. David Robertson has returned from bereavement leave to work an inning to keep him fresh as the boys would close this one out.

** Final thoughts

Baseball is fun again. Simple way to put it. After a crappy starting schedule on the road it is finally a well deserved day off home in Chicago. There is a real vibe with this group, they are hungry and you can see it. They work hard, they like hanging out together, they arrive each day with the mindset of winning.

I hope the staff knows what they are doing with the John Danks issues, it is really hard to watch. I get that they are trying everything but maybe its time to give up and send him to Charlotte.

Enjoy your day off, see you at The Cell for the Sox Drawer battle when Boston Red Sox come for a 3 game series


Update in Baltimore

With things still all over the place in Baltimore, tonight’s game has been postponed. Yesterday and todays games will be made up in a double-header played in Baltimore on May 28. For those with tickets from those games please refer to the Baltimore Oriels web site for the process to deal with replacing those tickets.

Tomorrow’s game will be played as a day game to a closed stadium. Yes, that is correct and it does look strange but that is the decisions of the mlb and both clubs looking out for the safety of the public and the staff of both clubs.

I do not know what decisions have been made for Baltimore for their schedule past tomorrow, for you Oriels fans check the website for further information.