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Sox News for July 8th

At the the Sox game today against the Scrubbies, the Sox presented All Star Jerseys to Jose Abreu, James McCann and Lucas Giolito.

As of July 7th/July 8th in the standings we are 42 wins/44 loses and are 12.5 games behind the Minnesota Twins.

On this date a year ago we were 30 wins/59 loses and were 20 games behind Cleveland.

**Injury List**

Tim Anderson — listed to return in late July.

Manny Banuelos — Left shoulder inflammation. No return date

Ryan Burr, Michael Kopech and Carlos Rodon– Recovering from Tommy John Surgery. 2020 return

Welington Castillo — Left Oblique Strain.

Nate Jones — recovering from forearm surgery. 2020 return.



Sox News June 4/5

Congrats to Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito being names the pitcher of the week.

All Star voting is open until June 21

As of today we are sitting 3rd in the league on 29 wins/31 losses at 11.5 games back.

Last year on this date we were 18 wins/38 loses at 16.5 games back.

Injury List : Pitchers Ryan Burr and Ian Hamilton both listed on the 10 day list, with no return date listed at the writing of this blog.

Jon Jay is with the Double A team as of June 3 for his rehab assignment.

Nate Jones, Michael Kopech and Carlos Rodon all listed for the 2020 season.

Sox News — June 15th

Here is the latest news on the voting so far for the All Star game


If you haven’t voted yet there is still time to help Jose Abreu make it to the game

The Law Firm of Garcia,Garcia and Garcia

I am loving this team for 2017. They are going about business and getting things done, surprising a lot of people. Before the season started when Chris Sale and Adam Eaton were both traded, to be honest a bit of a shock but it has turned out for the best. We have some great new kids who are playing damn good ball. The keyboard doubters said that we needed to lose a bunch of games and get a better trade deal when the season was over. At the time of writing this the Sox were only half a game ahead of Cleveland, Minnesota and Detroit. Other divisions have started to sort themselves out some but I am secretly hoping that by the all-star break it is still this close.

On Tuesday the boys went to work in Kansas City with Jose Quintana in the office. Jose had not had a great start to the season but once he finds his feet its hard to stop him and Tuesday was a brilliant outing. He threw 8 shutout innings of ball with Anthony Swarzak locking up the office.

The Sox scored 2 in the second, third and sixth innings for a 6 to 0 score line.

It was time for Robin Venture to leave and his replacement of Rick Renteria, in my book has been part of what was needed. Rick has brought a new excitement to the dugout and he is one of the first to greet the boys after scoring runs. He is also there when the starting pitcher is done for the game. Giving words of encouragement no doubt.

The injury list has not been updated as of today. 5 pitchers on there with what is looking like minor things to deal with. Getting them all healthy will be the challenge but then what do you do with them once they are back playing?

Charlie Tilson is our only other player in the list, from the stress fracture that happened in spring training. As of April 23 he was out of the moon boot and able to start load bearing activities. I really hope we get the chance to see what he can do.

I really think this is going to be an interesting season and I cant wait to see how things play out.

This group is going to surprise all of us.

I have no doubt.

All Star Game – 2016

20160713_125838 - Copy(YES, it kills me to write about that other Chicago team in this blog. . . HA)

Can’t wait to see Chris Sale start and when Jose Quintana come in.

Love the kids with the guys starting, what an experience for them.

Chris is wearing our home white pinstripe uniform. The American League is the home team.

Chris will face Ben Zobrist, Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant of the Cubs

Top of 1st – Sale’s 1st pitch is a ball. Chris Sale just got taken for a home run by Kris Bryant.

Top of 2nd – Corey Kluber from the Indians  is the office now.

Bottom of 2nd – Royals batter with a solo shot to left for a 1 all ball game. Another home run with a base runner on for a 3 to 1 lead. Thanks Royals batters.  Johnny Cueto is done for the National League.

Top of 3rd – Texas Rangers in the office. Cole Hamels

Bottom of 3rd – American League runners at 2nd and 3rd, runners at the corners, 1 run home for a 4 to 1 American League lead.

Top of 4th – Toronto Blue Jays in the office, Aaron Sanchez.  Nationals score a run, it’s 4 to 2 American. Jose Quintana up and working in the bullpen.

Top of 5th – Jose Quintana in the office, wearing White Pinstripes.  Jose pitched himself out of the jam.

A small break to talk about stand up 2 cancer that the M.L.B support.

Top of 6th – Kansas City Royals in the office, Kelvin Herrera

Top of 7th – New York Yankees in the office, Dellin Betances. A.L has runners at 1 and 3 with 1 out in the bottom of the inning. Runner moved to second. A.L has the bases loaded with 2 out.

Top of 8th – New York Yankees in the office, Andrew Miller. National League has the bases loaded with 2 out. Pitching change for the A.L Houston Astros in the office, Will Harris. A much-needed strikeout gets the A.L out of a major jam.

Top of 9th – Baltimore Orioles in the office, Zach Britton.

**This game is OVA with the final score American League – 4 and National League – 2

The MVP for the game is Eric Hosmer of the Kansas City Royals







Home Run Derby 2014

2014_Twins_All-Star_Game_LogoOne of the highlights of the All Star Break is the Home Run Derby. This year at Target Field in Minnesota.  This is a lot of fun and good to see the guys who are normally really series have some giggles.

Captains for this years teams are: Jose Bautista from the Toronto Blue Jays for the American League and Troy Tulowitzki from the Colorado Rockies for the National League. They both extended invites from their respective leagues.

Things have been changed up this year and it took me a bit to get my head around the changes. It should make things even more interesting. I don’t think there will be a clear-cut winner this year. I wish that Jose Abreu had gone but he felt it was not for him and his first priority is to the Chicago White Sox.

*Round One — Batting order will be determined prior to the event. The first hitter for the National League will be followed by the American Leagues first hitter and so on til all batters have had a go. They have 7 outs to work with. The player from each league who hits the most homers will advance to the third round.( 1 N.L and 1 A.L) The next two batters in the 2 and 3 position, will advance to the second round.

*Round Two — National League will bat first, the number 2 batters will decide if they want to bat first or second, 7 outs again to work with. Round two winners, one from each league will move on to round three

*Round Three — The top three from each league will battle it out for a place in the finals. Batter from each league with the most homers will advance to the finals.

America League joining Bautista are Brian Dozier from Minnesota, Adam Jones from Baltimore, Yoenis Cespedes (Defending Champion) and Josh Donaldson both from Oakland.

National League joining Tulowitzki are Todd Frazier from Cincinnati, Yasiel Puig,from LA Dodgers Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami and Justin Morneau from Colorado.

Frazier  up first – 2 homers with 427 his longest, Dozier  – 2 homers with 372 is longest, Tulowitzki – 4 homers, with 402 his longest, Bautista – 10 homers, with 428 his longest, Puig – 0 homers, Jones – 4 homers with 426 his longest, Stanton – 6 homers with 430 his longest. Donaldson – 3 homers, with 406 his longest, Morneau – 2 homers with 409 his longest, Cespedes – 3 homers with 418 his longest.

Swing off for National League, 3 balls – Frazier – 1 homer, Morneau – 0 homers, Frazier advances, Swing off for the American League 3 balls – Donaldson – 1 homer, Cespedes – 2 homers.  Frazier and Cespedes both move on.

**Round Two – Frazier – 6 homers, 415 his longest, Tulowitzki – 2 homers. Jones – 3 homers Cespedes – 9 homers, 416 longest

**Round Three — (National League) Stanton — 0 homers Frazier — 1 homer, 365 his longest. (American League) Bautista –  4 homers, 424 his longest Cespedes – 7 homers, 447 his longest.

**Final – Frazier – 1 homer against Cespedes – 9 home runs, 452 his longest.

2014 Champion is Cespedes, first back to back winner since Ken Griffey Junior in 1998, 1999