June 2018

Sox News — June 15th

Here is the latest news on the voting so far for the All Star game



If you haven’t voted yet there is still time to help Jose Abreu make it to the game



Sox News

Voting for the All Star game has opened.

I know a lot of people wont vote for the boys, with all that’s going on. Saying that they don’t deserve it. I vote for our boys no matter what. It’s still supporting the team. It’s a positive and at least to me the boys could use some positives now.



On June 1 Danny threw out the first pitch. How amazing was that to see him again. The doctors have told Danny that he wont pitch again this year but he can start playing catch.

I saw an interview with Danny and his wife, Danny said that he didn’t remember pitching, he was able to tell the medical staff that he had a bad headache, he threw up . Next thing Danny said he remembered was waking up 5 days later.

Even the doctor’s are so amazing on how well he is doing.


Don’t forget to vote for the all-star game.