March 2017

19 days and counting

Until our boys of summer return home to Rate Field.

It has been interesting watching the scores come through and all. they have done well and the new players seem to be settling in and finding their way.

It has taken me awhile to open th is blog. I was really disappointed in some so-called fans. How angry and all they were. Everyone got their wish, Chris Sale is gone, Boston and at some point we will see him during the year. I really hope he does well and gets that World Series he has always dreamed of. Another line I hear was go out and lose every game so we get great draft picks. WEll, the boys got wind of that one and were not really happy. I read that they are positive and they are there to win.

We said goodbye to Brett Lawrie. His injury from last season had not healed over the off-season and he was not able to play at all in spring training. Even I am not sure if he will be picked up by opening day. I have a feeling his career may be over.

Charlie Tilson, who we adore is in a moon boot with no pressure on his leg for 3 weeks. Last year it was his hammy and now this. He has been shut now until further notice and they are looking at replacements in centerfield.

Jose Quintana, Nate Jones, David Robertson and Miguel Gonzalez are all off playing in the Baseball World Classic. As of the writing of this all are still active with their respective country teams.

Even I have a feeling this will be a different year. So much has changed and everyone is excited. The young kids coming in are happy and learning. One of the new kids has always wanted to play with Jose Abreu and he will get his chance this year.

Fingers crossed injuries can stay away and pitching is good, there might be a new contender in the American League Central

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