Winter Meetings and Other Stuff

Avi Garcia and Brett Lawrie have both agreed to terms for a 1 year deal for each.

Winter Meetings have started and should be interesting.

Right Handed Pitcher Blake Smith was not offered a contract so he will be a free agent, taking our roster to 38.

The Chris Sale deal – deal with the fact he is NOT going anywhere. WHY, simple fact is the Sox will NOT GET WHAT THEY DESERVE! Plain and simple. You  want to go and trade your Ace, you get an ace in return. There is no one out there to head up our pitching staff in that spot. Get over it kids.

I have been hearing alot about last season and the jersey’s issue BUT do you know why it happened. According to Chris there so very uncomfortable, Chris was supposed to pitch on the night. Would you pitch in a uniform that was uncomfortable and not allow you to be the best you can be?

More news as it comes in from Winter Meetings.

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