November 2016

Off Season News and Venting

OK, enough of the Scrubs and all of that. I don’t care any more. Yes they finally won but enough already, I have far more important things to do then to be abused by nasty fans because I didn’t get on the band wagon nor did I cheer for them. I was polite to my Scrubs mates and wished them congrats. I have seen enough post to last a lifetime and heard way too many ¬†stories of mates of mine being abused because they did not support the other team in Chicago.

To share a little background with you, Yes I am from Ohio, I was born in Columbus. I knew that the White Sox existed and kind of followed as I was growing up and when I moved to Australia. My editor’s brother who was a massive die-hard Sox Fan was diagnosed with Cancer. A group of us started following the Sox in support of him. I got interested in the background of the Sox and all, and started reading anything I could get my hands on. My editor’s brother passed away but I stayed on and now have this blog which started as a challenge to myself but is going strong in its 4th season. I was born in Columbus and work in Chicago, and can’t wait to visit the boys at Comisky.

There is another question to be solved, what do you call it now. With the new name change, that is the discussion now. U.S Cellular does not exist any more, this past season I called home “The Cell”. So here is my question, can I still call it The Cell or is just Sox Park good enough?

Ok, Player news – Matt Albers contract was bought out, so he is no longer with the Sox, Daniel Webb has been let go (he is still listed on our injury report) , J.B Shuck is back in Charlotte, Jake Petricka, Matt Davidson and Zack Putnam are all back on the main roster.

More news when it’s available