Today Baseball Didn’t Matter — we were all Marlins Fans

20160520_0918080621141856_0001We join with the Marlins as they as they celebrated Jose Fernandez’s like today and how much he will be missed.

The Marlins paid tribute by the whole team wearing his number and I did read it would be retired. AS I write this I have the video playing in the background. a lone trumpeter play taking me out tot he ball game, I cant see for the tears. #16 painted on the mound. ( I did see that the Padres pitcher wrote 16 in the dirt on the mound before their game today.)

it was amazing to see the Mets Players go to the Marlins and give them hugs and support. The Marlins gathered around the mound, Stanton to the boys today if you’re struggling its OK, take care of  each other, we got your back.

Around Baseball today every game stopped and took the time to honor the loss, Alexei Ramirez hung a #16 Jersey in the dugout with permission of the Rays during the White Sox and Rays game today.

In Cuba, Jose never had a rosin bag so he always used the dirt to keep him hand dry. So prior to the first pitch, the team went and got a bit of dirt from the mound, rubbing it on the side of their pants just like Jose did.

Even the announcers for the Marlins on Fox are having a hard time.

It is a reminder that life is precious and that in a blink of an eye it can change.

Thank you for your love and support this season.

On Behalf of my Daughter Kendria over at

We would like to send our love and prayers at this time to the Marlins team and fans


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