Hey Carlos, The Keys are Under the Rosin Bag

Game 3 with the Indians today and Carlos Rodon will open the office today. This could go one of many ways, Sox Can win the series by winning today or we could split it 2 games all or, sssshhhhhh(sweep the series) but you didn’t hear me say that.

For those who could not see the boys are wearing white pants and black jerseys

1st pitch a strike.

With 2 out in the 1st Melky with a single

Thanks to a defect off the pitcher’s glove and a miscue by the shortstop Tyler Saladino is safe at first. RBI 3 base hit for Adam Eaton gets tyler home to open the scoring 1 to 0.

Carlos gave up 2 walks and with a triple the Indians take the lead 2 to 1. A broken Bat single and it’s 3 to 1 Indians lead.

Bottom of 4th and Todd Frazier with a stand up double.

Indians with a 3 run homer extending their lead to 6 to 1. (after that pitch Carlos is off to the showers, Blake Smith caught the keys)

Melky opens the hitting in the 6th with a single

Michael Ynoa stole the keys from Blake when he was in the shower.

Michael tucked the keys into Juan Minaya pants pocket

Final score

Indians — 6 and Sox — 1

Someone please hide the keys from James Shields so he cant pitch tomorrow





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