Ready to set Sale

Back home at The Cell with Chris Sale in the office for Labor Day.

The Sox Roll has become to be a spoiler to those heading to the playoffs.

Chris has chosen the all whites today.

What a catch by Melky to save the home run, just another day at the office for him.

A solo shot and it’s a 1 to 0 Tigers lead.

Jose Abreu takes the first walk of the game for the Sox

Another solo shot by Cabrera and its a 2 to 0 Kitties lead.

Cancel the post game, Avi Garcia on with a double, Tyler Saladino with a single getting Avi home for a 2 to 1 Kitties lead.

Todd Frazier with a single in the bottom of the 4th, Todd just stole second,(Verlander never paid attention)

Jose with a single and Justin Morneau with a single of his own, in the bottom of the 6th.

Alex Avila just tied the score up at 2 all with a solo shot to right, Tim Anderson with a drop in single to get runners on the corners.

A single and E – 8 and the go ahead run is at 2nd.

Nasty Nate Jones got the offices keys from Chris.

David Robertson in the office.

Top of 11th —  Chris Beck picked up the keys from Robbie,  a 3 run homer the Tigers take the lead 5 to 2, after that shot Robin got the keys for a flip to Dan Jennings.

Home half of the 11th and Todd opens with a walk, getting to 2nd on a defense indifference. Avi with a single to center getting Todd home for a 5 to 3 Tigers lead.

**Final Score

Tigers — 5 and Sox — 3






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