Game 2 at The Cell

It is game 2 with the Phillies and James Shields has the office keys today.

In reference to today’s news about naming it will always be “Comiskey Park” or The Cell to me

If you’re not able to see the game today, the boys are wearing white pinstripe pants and black jerseys.

James first pitch was a strike

Phillies open the scoring 1 to 0 in the top of the 2nd,

Top of 3rd and Phillies go “yard” for a 3 to 0 lead.

The home 4th and Adam Eaton breaks the no-hitter with a shot up the center for a single.

Another “yard” for Philly and its 4 to 0 in the top of the 6th, James hit the batter

Home half the 6th and Avi Garcia is on with a single, Dioner Navarro goes “YARD” for a 4 to 2 Phillies lead. HOme run #6 for Dioner. Tyler on with a single

Matt Albers has the office keys

Dan Jennings has the keys from Matt Albers, Robin takes the keys from Dan and is in a hold til Tommy Kahnle gets to the office. Tommy walks the first batter he faces. A single gets a runner home for a 5 to 2 Phillies lead.

Bottom of 8th and Dioner with a walk to open the inning

Michael Ynoa to hopefully hold the office, he has a 1,2,3 inning

Bottom of 9th – Melky at the plate, lights out, Jose Abreu with a single up the center, Todd walks, moving Jose to 2nd, Avi with a hit getting Jose home for a 5 to 3 Philly lead.

The series is split at one game each

The Seattle Mariners are in for a weekend series


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