White Sox at Home

The Sox welcome the Philadelphia Phillies in for a quick 2 game series with Carlos Rodon in the office

Avi Garcia has returned to the main roster sending Jason Coats back to Charlotte. If you can’t see the boys are wearing white Pinstripe pants and black jerseys

Carlos first pitch is a ball.

Adam Eaton to open the batting with a triple, Spanky home on a Tim Anderson ground out to short. Sox – 1 and Phillies – 0. Melky with a walk, Jose Abreu with a walk

Omar Narvaez with a double to open the bottom of 2nd and Avi Garcia coming to the plate

**4th inning – Adam with  a great bunt and he is safe at first, Timmy with a triple and Adam slamming on the gas to get home and it a 2 to 0 Sox lead, Melky walks, Timmy home on a Jose Abreu RBI single, (3 to 0 Sox), Jose out on the force, Melky on the sac fly by Todd Frazier and its a 4 to 0 Sox lead.

Timmy with a single to open the home half of the 5th, Timmy was picked off at 1st after a replay. Melky walked, Jose brought him home on a “yard” to left for a 6 to 0 Sox lead, Justin says to Jose if you can do it so can I , He goes “Yard” for a 7 to 0 Sox lead.

Top of the 6th and the Phillies get their first hit since the 1st inning. Avi with a leadoff double to open the home half the inning, Carlos Sanchez with a single but it’s also an RBI with Avi towering home for an 8 to 0 Sox lead, Phillies get the force at 2nd, this time Adam out on the force but Timmy is safe, Melky with a double, Timmy home and its a 9 to 0 Sox lead, (YES that is correct)

Top of 7th and Carlos hits 100 pitches, its been a great night. At 109 pitches, Carlos is on his way to the showers leaving the office keys with Robin, Chris Beck picks up the office keys from Robin. Phillies break the shut out going “yard” for a 9 to 1 Sox lead.

Chris Beck tossed Jacob Turner the Keys to close the office. Lights out with 1 pitch, door closed, Phillies with a small amount of life left with a double that Adam was not able to hold on to. Walk given up by Jacob, with a strike out Jacob locks the door and this game is ova


Sox — 9 and Phillies — 1


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