Back home at The Cell

It is the first of a 3 game series with the Oakland A’s and James Shields will be opening the office tonight. Fingers crossed for a strong outing tonight

James first pitch is a strike.

A’s batter walks with the pond full its 1 to 0. James gets the strikeout but walks off very annoyed with himself.

Jose opens the Sox hitting with a single

**Final Score – Sox – ZERO and Oakland – 9

I am sure James Shields is a nice guy but he is a walking disaster in the office. His first pitch was a strike and then it was a disaster from there. I know we are kind of stuck now but something needs done. This just can’t continue to happen. There is still a little time left but hope is fading and this will not help, with Cleveland finding more ways to win.

In Other News

Brett Lawrie who is in Birmingham on rehab,  has a mild quad strain and will be with the Barons longer

Avi Garcia has gone to Charlotte for his rehab assignment.








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