Cleveland and Sox

Returning to Cleveland after they swept us earlier in the season.

Jose Quintana in the office today. Hawk has returned from being sick.

Melky opens the Sox hitting with a double to right

Q’s first pitch is a ball

Indians open the scoring with 2 doubles taking the lead 1 to 0

Justin with a single to open the 2nd, Timmy with a double

Tyler with a double,moves to 3rd on the force, Jose Abreu with a walk. Picked off runner but he managed to get to 2nd safe. Tyler missed the tag. End of 3 and its 2 to 0 Indians.

Justin goes “Yard” to right field for a 2 to 1 Cleveland lead in the 6th, J.B Shuck with a single to right

**Neither pitcher has thrown a 1.2.3 inning tonight**

Call was overturned going against the Sox, Omar Narvaez was called safe at first, but out.

Jose Quintana flipped Matt Albers the keys to the office as he walked to the showers. Dan Jennings caught the office keys from Matt Albers. 1 pitch with a single and the Indians lead 3 to 1. Dan gave up two hits is giving way to Chris Beck.

E – 4 in the bottom of the 8th, stolen base.

**Final Score – Indians 3 and Sox 1

**Side Note – I can see why the Indians are in first, they have used the quality pieces they have and added those players to finish off they group. they have a group that has stayed together and  fight every day. Injuries have been our downfall.


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