I decided to watch for fun

Sometimes you just have to take a break and watch to see what you are missing, so that is what I am doing today. (this is my opinions here)

It is interesting with Jason and Wimpy in the booth, I Have a feeling there will be a lot of giggles today.

In the discussion of Robin, yes it’s time for him to go. That spark is just not there, I can’t quite put my finger on it but something is not right. It took me a bit to give into that fact but things need to change. Question is who replaces him, I know the bench Coach Rick Renteria, who has taken over when Robin has gotten tossed would be a great choice.

Let’s talk pitching, we have a good core of pitchers and there are a few things I would do different. First is to keep Chris and Jose Quintana. David Robertson, Dan Jennings I would also keep. We have a young pen and some of the boys need to go back to Charlotte to work on control. Get Jake Petricka and Zack Putnam healthy and I think we would have a really good pool to work from

Charlie Tilman gets that second shot in the outfield, get him through rehab and strong, he will be a good addition. J.B Shuck along with Jason Coats are a solid group to help Melky and Adam.

With Jose at 1st and Tim at Shortstop, I hope we can hang onto Todd and to Brett, that would make a pretty good solid infield.

Behind the plate with Dioner Navarro and Omar Narvaez. Who knew we had a gem behind home plate.

At times I tend to write in Hawkisms and a bit of my own slang, I have learned a lot from Hawk Harrelson and use some of his terms as I write. It has been a real journey to find my way in what started as a challenge to myself has got me more work then I know what to do at times. I love it dont get me wrong but it’s a long season.

We might not make it this year to the playoffs but we have a great core of guys to build on, I really hope they are smart in the off season and can see where to start building on next year.



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