Who Takes the Series

Miguel Gonzalez in the office tonight, the lineup has changed a bit giving Justin Morneau and J.B shuck the night off.

Everyone is saying that we are out of playoffs but there is still plenty of ball left to be played. Cleveland is not as strong as they once were and now could be the time to get hot and pick them off.

Jason and Steve in the booth today

Melky opens the Sox batting with a 2 out single.

Miguel opens the pitching by striking out Dyson

Geesh Todd, start reading the ball better, will ya.  Tim Anderson with a 2 out single, Carlos Sanchez with a single, Jason Coast with his first RBI of his career, 1 to 0 Sox

Miguel made that pitch and something is not right, Michael Ynoa got the call from Robin, he will have as long as he needs to warm up. Michael hit the batter, E – 6, on Timmy, **News on Miguel has a right groin strain** Michael got out of that small jam.

Carson Fulmer gets the keys from Michael who had a great run in the office.

With Dyson safe at 2nd, should’ve known he would score, its a tie game at 1 all, a 1 out single and it’s 2 to 1 game in the bottom of 6th,

Good job Timmy ,  holding on to that pitch and making sure you got him.

**Danny Duffy has been unhittable on the mound for K.C, the boys have been fighting back but not had any luck.

Tommy Kahnle got the office keys from Carson. He did well giving up the 2 runs.

**Final – K.C — 2 and Sox — 1

**Side Note

I am so proud of the boys tonight. When Miguel Gonzalez left the game with the injury the boy could fallen apart but they didn’t. Michael Ynoa took the warm up time he needed and was solid. Carson Fulmer up next and they did get the 2 runs off him but he held his cool and got himself out of the inning.

Tommy Kahnle come in last and boy he had a big job ahead to hold the Royals and he did, Tommy with the help from Dioner pitched his game

A shout out to Dioner Navarro, what a man you are, tonight you earned your keep with  what was going on out there and all, “Thanks Mate”

Time to pack the travel bag and head to Miami for a 3 game series, Carlos Rodon, James Shields and Chris Sale are the listed starters for the series.






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