Game 2 with Kansas City


Jose Quintana in the office today, how good was Dan Jennings yesterday getting the first save of his career.

Tim Anderson to open the Sox batting, Jose Q is working well tonight.

Geesh, Coach Cooper ejected and it’s still in the first inning.

J.B Shuck sends that ball YARD for a 1 to 0 Sox lead

No hitter is gone for Jose but the shut out is still intact. E – 5, runners at the corners, Q pitches out of that jam

Omar Narvaez with a walk in the top of the 7th, Tyler with a blooper (Kansas city special as Hawk calls it) for 2 on the pond, J.B with a single, Is Omar out at home? (what a load of CRAP, out)

Jose Quintana is off to the showers, what a great game, now Nate Jones, PLEASE safe this for Jose? 2 doubles and this game is tied at 1 all. Poor Jose Q with the dreaded no decision, again.

Omar with a drop ball to center, WHAT THE HELL ROBIN! ! ! 2 outs

Dioner Navarro checks in behind  the plate and Nate still with the office keys, Dyson in to run at first( he burned us last night) Dioner got him on the pitch out, Nate to Jose Abreu for 2 outs,


Timmy struck out for the 4th time tonight, Melky wins the battle with the pitcher for a single to left, with Adam’s speed he is safe at first but they get melky on the force, Jose Abreu with his 3rd hit of the game

During the break, Nate flipped the office keys to Jacob Turner, Timmy you are a freak tonight with the glove. J.B with the catch for 2 outs, Jacob gets the  out of the inning. (he is looking more confident)


Todd Frazier with a first pitch single, Dioner bunted to move Todd to 2nd, Tyler moves Todd to 3rd on the out, pitched around J.B to get to Timmy, Tim with a floater single to get Todd home for a 2 to 1 Sox lead, 2 outs and runners still on the pond.

David Robertson with the office keys to hopefully lock this one down, The dreaded leadoff walk, came back to hurt, its 2 all. Smart to put batter on,(playing odds), got the out



Adam at the plate, what a crap 3rd strike call

Dan Jennings in the office to try and hold this down, Batter won the battle with a single to right, Dan gets the outs, with help from J.B and Timmy


Todd flew out,Dioner flies out in foul terrority, Tyler strikes out

Dan Jennings still with the keys, Dyson with a ball in the gap for a triple, Dan with a much-needed strikeout,another strike out, 3 strike outs to get out of the inning,


Oh Shuck,Timmy with a called 3rd strike, Melky should have been walking to first on that pitch

Matt Albers getting the keys from Dan Jennings, single, barely off Tim’s glove, Sac bunt moving the runner to 2nd, get the

much-needed out keeping the runner at 2nd, J.B cant get the catch to center and the game is over

FINAL SCORE is White Sox – 2 and Royals – 3

Miguel Gonzalez in the office tomorrow




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