Enemy Territory in Missouri

On the road in Kansas City to face the Royals and Chris Sale has the keys today.

Steve calling the series with Tom “Whimpy” Paciorek as Hawk is home sick.

Avi Garcia on the D.L with a sprained knee

Melky opens the Sox innings with a walk, Chris opens the pitching with a strike

Royals open the scoring 1 to 0 in the first

Tyler Saladino opens the 3rd with a double, J.B shuck safe at 1st, Tim Anderson bunts to move tyler and J.B 90 feet, Melky out at 1st but Tyler is home for a 1 all ball game. Runner knocked the ball out of Dioner Navarro hand and is safe, it’s a 3 to 1 lead. Nice throw by J.B to hold the runner at 3rd.

Come on Robin you should have looked at that play with Jose Abreu!

Timmy with a single up the center, Timmy safe at home thanks to Melky and it’s a 3 to 2 ball game in the 5th, Adam Eaton with a single, Melky to 2nd,Jose with a blooper into right, with Melky crossing home its a 3 all ball game.  Justin Morneau with a single getting Adam home for a 4 to 3 Sox lead

Dioner with a single to open the Sox 6th inning, here we go again, J.B with a 2 out single and is left on the pond

Chris is still in  the office at this point, but waiting to see if he has anything left in the tank, (7th inning)

Nasty Nate Jones with the office keys, lets hope he can get the job done. Nate gets the job done and now it’s up to David Robertson to close the office.

David with the office lights out (1 out), David with a curve ball closed the office door,(2 outs), with Dyson’s speed its a tie game (showing Robbie on Camera and you can see how annoyed and upset he is with himself)

**Tenth Inning** — Jose with a single, Justin with a double and 1 out, Todd Frazier goes “YARD” for 3 runs and a 7 to 4 Sox lead.

Jacob turner got the office lights out and door closed again but needing Dan Jennings to lock it, Dan locked the office with a strike out

Final Score — Sox – 7 and Royals – 5

With Cleveland winning we are in sole ownership at least for today of 3rd place.

Jose Quintana with the keys tomorrow.



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