Back Home with the Birds

Back at The Cell for a 3 game series with Baltimore Orioles and it will be tough. The are leading their division. Miguel Gonzalez has the office keys to open the game. Tim Anderson is out with that bruised hand. Brett Lawrie still out with that Hamstring issue.

Miguel’s first pitch is a strike,

Tyler Saladino with a 1 out single to open the Sox hitting, Tyler with a Stolen base and the Orioles with an E – 2 and Tyler stands at 3rd,

Miguel just gave up a solo shot in the top of the 2nd for a 1 to 0 Baltimore lead, Justin Morneau hit the bag at 3rd and is safe at 1st.

A 1 out, 2 run double and it’s a 3 to 0 Baltimore lead. Miguel finally gets his first strikeout, Thanks to Tyler NOT paying attention its an E – 6 and a 4 to 0 Baltimore lead. Carlos Sanchez (thanks to an E – 3) safe at 1st, Baltimore tried to pick of Carlos and he is safe at second,

YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD, YES thanks Jose Abreu and its a 4 to 1 Baltimore lead, Todd Frazier on with a single, Todd is safe at home for a 4 to 2 ball game.  Dioner Navarro with a 2 out walk and Avi on 2nd

Tyler opens the Bottom of the 5th with a single, Jose on with a single

Miguel has flipped the office keys to Dan Jennings in the top of the 7th, it was not a great outing for Miguel but he got the bullpen to late in the game. Home half of the 7th and Carlos has walked,

Tommy Kahnle with the office keys, Dan flipped them as he went to the showers, Tommy gave up a solo shot and it’s a 5 to 2 Orioles lead,  Tommy with all sorts of issues and giving up another run for a 6 to 2 Baltimore lead, Michael Ynoa heading to the office to get the keys from Robin. another O’s ru makes it 7 to 2,

Bottom of the 8th and Jose with a single to open the inning, Justin with a walk, (hoping that comes back to bite the pitcher) Todd is having a good battle with the Baltimore pitcher, Todd won that and the pond is full , Justin and Jose home for a 7 to 4 Baltimore lead, E -4 and the pond is still full and 1 out. Melky on with a single, Hell Yea, Carlos with a double and Avi is home for a 7 to 5 Baltimore lead. Call reviewed and that was a crap call.

Top of 9th with the Sox needing 2 to tie and 3 to win, Jacob Turner with the office keys, Jacob closed up the office, Jose made it to first on a foul tip but Justin could not get him home.

Final Score – Sox 5 and Baltimore 7  (Indians LOST 13 to 7)

Carlos Rodon with the office keys tomorrow




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