On the Road Again – Detroit

It’s the first of a 3 game series with the Tigers and James Shields is opening the office tonight.

Adam Eaton opened the Sox hitting with a single and stole second

Justin Morneau opens the 2nd inning. I hate reviews, Dioner threw out the guy at second, did Tim Anderson make the tag? Call in our favor.

Congrats to Charlie Tilson (#24) in the 3rd inning on getting your 1st hit with the Sox. (fastball out and away) , Adam walked

Jose Abreu with a double to open top of 4th, Justin walks, Single by Dioner gets Jose home for a 1 to 0 Sox lead with runners at the corners.

James hit the Tiger batter (Upton)

Tyler Saladino with a single to lead off the 5th, safe at 2nd on the steal, Adam walked, Tyler out on a run down between 2nd and 3rd. The Tigers open with a triple, Sac fly gets the runner home for a 1 all ball game. A triple clears the bases and its a 2 to 1 Tiger lead. A Tiger Double and its 3 to 1, Charlie Tilson is down in Center, looks like J.B may be on his way back. Adam moves to center, Avi Garcia to right. Tigers add another for a 4 to 1 lead. (think James might be a little shoot with the injury to Charlie) Matt Albers up and working on the pen, Bad hop  and its 6 to 1 Tigers.

Matt Albers picked up the office keys from James. Matt gives up a 2 run homer and its 8 to 1 tigers lead.

Top of 7th and Dioner with a single, Avi at bat  and YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD, YES, Thanks Avi its an 8 to 3 Tigers lead. tyler with a single, tyler out on the force, Adam safe

Michael Ynoa in the office, talk about lack of screaming “I GOT IT” Ynoa hit batter to load the pond. The walk and hit batter comes back to score and it’s a 10 to 3 Tigers lead.

Todd Frazier goes for a solo “YARD” and it’s a 10 to 4 Tigers lead,

Ynoa tossed Carson Fulmer the keys to the office in the Bottom of 8th, fingers crossed the doesn’t get beat up by the batters. Carson gives up a homer and its 11 to 4 Tigers lead.

Top of 9th for our last chance – Avi with a screamer to “YARD” on the left side for an 11 to 5 Tigers lead.

**FINAL SCORE — Tigers 11 and Sox 5

Chris Sale has the office keys for tomorrow’s game.


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