Who Stole my Milk

It is game 2 in the series with the Twins and Miguel Gonzalez has the keys to the office. Adam Eaton is out and Avi Garcia is filling in right today. I saw a tweet that Robin said, “Adam is beaten up and needs a rest” Still missing Todd Frazier and Brett Lawrie in the infield and fingers crossed they will be back soon

Tyler Saladino opens the Sox batting with a single, Melky with a single and just 1 out. Avi, “What were you thinking on those last 2 pitches?”

Holy crap kids, thanks to 2 errors a stolen base and an overthrow and its a 1 to 0 Twins lead. This is not only on J.B but Dioner also (stolen base, E – 2)

With 2 outs in the top of the 4th and Avi belts a double. Justin Morneau with a double of his own for a 1 all ball game

Miguel is looking pretty good, his pitch count is a little high for the bottom of 4th but he is managing well.

Tim Anderson with a single and 2 out in the top of the 5th. Tyler with a single, Melky getting the boys home for a 3 to 1 Sox lead.

Dioner really needs a rest, too many mistakes.

YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD YES, THANKS Justin for home run 102, it is a 4 to 1 Sox lead. Carlos Sanchez safe and Dioner out on the force, (6th inning)

Timmy with a stolen base to open the 7th, Dioner looks annoyed and frustrated. Miguel got himself in this jam and needs to get himself out of it. the Sox conceded the run for the out and its a 4 to 2 ball game.

The combo of Jennings – Albers fighting for the office keys. Miguel over 100 pitches. 2 runs.

Jose Abreu finally reaches base with a little help from 3rd base, Dioner finally with a single.

Matt Albers got the keys flip from Jennings, both the walks have come back to bite us and its a 5 to 4 ball game, thanks to a massive home run. 7th home run given up by Matt. Saw Matt shaking his head as he was walking off. (Hawk made the comment before the commercial that the schedule has really hurt the boys in the pen, we had a great run, the boys getting rest and working well.)

A 1 out double for Timmy (3 hit game tonight), Tyler WHY did you swing at that, you could have been on 1st base? Melky with a single gets Timmy home for a 5 all ball game

Michael Ynoa has the office keys, he has 2 outs and the pond full. He got the Twins batter to pop out to Tyler.

Top of 10th and Avi takes a strike, then smacks a double to the gap in right center. Dioner with a double of his own, scoring Avi for a 6 to 5 Sox lead.

David Robertson in for the save. Lights out in the office (1 out) door shut, pop out to Timmy(2 outs) ground out to 2nd, Sanchez to Robertson to get the batter at first and this door is locked

This game is ova

Sox in Extra innings 6 to 5

David Robertson with save #25




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