August 2016

Comiskey Welcomes the Seattle Mariners

J.B and TylerGame 1 of the weekend series and it’s Anthony Ranaudo in the office tonight. Melky out with the flu tonight.

**Miguel Gonzalez threw some pitches yesterday and at this point from what I am reading he did well.

Anthony’s first pitch is a ball.

A seattle double opens the scoring 1 to 0. The lead off walk comes back to bite us. Sac fly and its 2 to 0.

Adam Eaton is safe with his speed at first, Tim Anderson on with a single, Jose Abreu with a single, Adam motors home for a 2 to 1 Seattle lead. Avi Garcia with a single scoring Timmy and it’s tied at 2. Justin Morneau loads the pond with a single. Dioner Navarro with a Sac fly for a 3 to 2 Sox lead.

**Top of 4th and with a solo shot Seattle ties the game at 3 all.

Top of 5th sees Tyler given an error. bottom of 5th and Jose with a single

An E-6  (2nd error on Tyler)  and single and Seattle has runners at the corners. RBI single it’s a 4 to 3 Mariners. Dan Jennings up and working in the pen. Anthony leaves the office key for Dan to pick up. A single and it’s 6 to 3 Seattle.

Dan Jennings leaving the office keys for Matt Albers to pick up from Robin

7th Inning and J.B Shuck finally safe on 1st, Adam with a walk, Timmy with a double, Adam to 3rd and J.B home for a Seattle 6 to 4 lead. Todd Frazier with a 2 out, 2 RBI and this game is tied at 6 all.

Nasty Nate Jones with a 3 up and 3 down inning.

Bottom of the 8th and David Robertson is working in the pen, J.B walks and Tyler to the plate.

David Robertson in the office to hold and go to extra innings. Robbie with a one out walk. (Geesh 2 fans on the field, how much beer is involved for this stunt) Robbie very annoyed by the disruption. Robbie holds the score and its up to the boys to get 1 run home to take the win.

**Bottom of 9th — leadoff single for Adam, Timmy’s bunt got the job done, moving Adam to 2nd.Jose gets a free pass and Todd with a single getting Adam home for the win 7 to 6

**Todd gets a shower thanks to Tyler as he chats post game

**in the office tomorrow is Chris Sale.


Game 2 at The Cell

It is game 2 with the Phillies and James Shields has the office keys today.

In reference to today’s news about naming it will always be “Comiskey Park” or The Cell to me

If you’re not able to see the game today, the boys are wearing white pinstripe pants and black jerseys.

James first pitch was a strike

Phillies open the scoring 1 to 0 in the top of the 2nd,

Top of 3rd and Phillies go “yard” for a 3 to 0 lead.

The home 4th and Adam Eaton breaks the no-hitter with a shot up the center for a single.

Another “yard” for Philly and its 4 to 0 in the top of the 6th, James hit the batter

Home half the 6th and Avi Garcia is on with a single, Dioner Navarro goes “YARD” for a 4 to 2 Phillies lead. HOme run #6 for Dioner. Tyler on with a single

Matt Albers has the office keys

Dan Jennings has the keys from Matt Albers, Robin takes the keys from Dan and is in a hold til Tommy Kahnle gets to the office. Tommy walks the first batter he faces. A single gets a runner home for a 5 to 2 Phillies lead.

Bottom of 8th and Dioner with a walk to open the inning

Michael Ynoa to hopefully hold the office, he has a 1,2,3 inning

Bottom of 9th – Melky at the plate, lights out, Jose Abreu with a single up the center, Todd walks, moving Jose to 2nd, Avi with a hit getting Jose home for a 5 to 3 Philly lead.

The series is split at one game each

The Seattle Mariners are in for a weekend series


White Sox at Home

The Sox welcome the Philadelphia Phillies in for a quick 2 game series with Carlos Rodon in the office

Avi Garcia has returned to the main roster sending Jason Coats back to Charlotte. If you can’t see the boys are wearing white Pinstripe pants and black jerseys

Carlos first pitch is a ball.

Adam Eaton to open the batting with a triple, Spanky home on a Tim Anderson ground out to short. Sox – 1 and Phillies – 0. Melky with a walk, Jose Abreu with a walk

Omar Narvaez with a double to open the bottom of 2nd and Avi Garcia coming to the plate

**4th inning – Adam with  a great bunt and he is safe at first, Timmy with a triple and Adam slamming on the gas to get home and it a 2 to 0 Sox lead, Melky walks, Timmy home on a Jose Abreu RBI single, (3 to 0 Sox), Jose out on the force, Melky on the sac fly by Todd Frazier and its a 4 to 0 Sox lead.

Timmy with a single to open the home half of the 5th, Timmy was picked off at 1st after a replay. Melky walked, Jose brought him home on a “yard” to left for a 6 to 0 Sox lead, Justin says to Jose if you can do it so can I , He goes “Yard” for a 7 to 0 Sox lead.

Top of the 6th and the Phillies get their first hit since the 1st inning. Avi with a leadoff double to open the home half the inning, Carlos Sanchez with a single but it’s also an RBI with Avi towering home for an 8 to 0 Sox lead, Phillies get the force at 2nd, this time Adam out on the force but Timmy is safe, Melky with a double, Timmy home and its a 9 to 0 Sox lead, (YES that is correct)

Top of 7th and Carlos hits 100 pitches, its been a great night. At 109 pitches, Carlos is on his way to the showers leaving the office keys with Robin, Chris Beck picks up the office keys from Robin. Phillies break the shut out going “yard” for a 9 to 1 Sox lead.

Chris Beck tossed Jacob Turner the Keys to close the office. Lights out with 1 pitch, door closed, Phillies with a small amount of life left with a double that Adam was not able to hold on to. Walk given up by Jacob, with a strike out Jacob locks the door and this game is ova


Sox — 9 and Phillies — 1


Back home at The Cell

It is the first of a 3 game series with the Oakland A’s and James Shields will be opening the office tonight. Fingers crossed for a strong outing tonight

James first pitch is a strike.

A’s batter walks with the pond full its 1 to 0. James gets the strikeout but walks off very annoyed with himself.

Jose opens the Sox hitting with a single

**Final Score – Sox – ZERO and Oakland – 9

I am sure James Shields is a nice guy but he is a walking disaster in the office. His first pitch was a strike and then it was a disaster from there. I know we are kind of stuck now but something needs done. This just can’t continue to happen. There is still a little time left but hope is fading and this will not help, with Cleveland finding more ways to win.

In Other News

Brett Lawrie who is in Birmingham on rehab,  has a mild quad strain and will be with the Barons longer

Avi Garcia has gone to Charlotte for his rehab assignment.








Game 3 in Cleveland

Carlos Rodon has the office keys today and a huge task, to help lead the boys to a series win over Cleveland

Adam Eaton opens for the Sox with a walk. Tyler Saladino with a walk. Jose Abreu with a walk to fill the pond, Justin Morneau with a 3 run double to open the scoring 3 to 0 Sox lead.

Carlos first ball a strike, Todd Frazier with heads up ball, taking the line drive and then tagging out the Indians base runner

Indians are on their 3rd pitcher who was originally supposed to start tonight.

Bottom of 3rd and Carlos has his 3rd strike out, (plate call is wonky )

The shut out is gone as the Indians finally get on the board 3 to 1, bottom of the 5th. the 4th double play by the Sox tonight.

Jose Abreu is safe as the throw pulled the 1st baseman off the bag.

Single gives the Indians another run , cutting the Sox lead 3 to 2, Carlos hit batter to load the pond. Some damn good heads up ball by Jose to keep his foot on the bag

Tim Anderson with a double to lead off the 7th, Omar Narvaez with a single gets Timmy home for a 4 to 2 Sox lead, Adam with a single. Carlos Rodon flips the office keys to Chris Beck as he heads to the showers. Nate Jones and Dan Jennings working in the pen. A double from the Indian batter makes it a 4 to 3 ball game. Nasty Nate Jones on his way to the plate.

**(Carlos had NO walks tonight)

Game tied at 4 all top of the 9th – Pitch hitter Jason Coast with a double, Dioner Navarro in for Omar

Bottom of 9th – Jacob turner in the office,Dioner behind the plate, Jason in right which moves Adam to center and J.B is out. Wild pitch gets winning run to 3rd. Sac fly scores the winning run from 3rd.

*FINAL SCORE – Indians 5 and Sox 4

Pack your bags and let’s go home, to welcome the Oakland A’s in for a weekend series. Listed office starters are James Shields, Chris Sale and Jose Quintana






Sox in Cleveland

Game 2 in Cleveland with Anthony Ranaudo in the office today. You will remember Anthony who hit his first home run when he pitched for us in his first game.

After 2 there is nothing on the board for either side. Starting to look like a pitcher’s duel

Indians open the scoring with a 2 run homer. Sox – 0 and Indians – 2

J.B Shuck with a single to open the 3rd,  Tim Anderson goes “Yard” with J.B on base for a 2 all ball game. Tyler Saladino singled and got caught stealing 2nd to end the inning. Solo shot by the Indians and its 3 to 2, after the Indians runner tagged on the fly out, he is home from 3rd and it’s a 4 to 2 Cleveland lead.

Jose Abreu opens the 4th with a single. Jason Morneau with a double has Jose at 3rd, Todd Frazier with a double and it’s a tie ball game at  all. 4 to 2 to 6 to 3, J.B out and Todd home for a 5 to 4 lead. The mistake at 2nd not getting the out just cost us a run with a tie at 5 all.

Michael Ynoa in the office, The lead off walk has haunted us again, standing at 3rd, runner safe at 2nd, single to right and it’s a 7 to 5 lead for Cleveland(we are missing Brett Lawrie, he always seems to fire us up) Here comes Robin after the office keys,(you can see by Michael’s body language that he is disappointed in himself.0 tommy Kahnle on the way to the office.

Melky lost it in the lights (E – 7) Indians with a double. the official scorer did correct and take away the error.

Dan Jennings with the office keys, fingers crossed he can hold things.

Top of 8th and Melky finally with is hit, everyone in the lineup now has a hit

Todd with a single but on an error Todd is at 2nd, J.B safe at first. Timmy at the plate, holy cow the pond is full, Dioner Navarro with a blooper to left and its drops in getting Todd home for a 1 run led by Cleveland 7 to 6.  HELL YEA KIDS, its a GRAND SLAM by Spanky for a 10 to 7 SOX LEAD

David Robertson with the keys to save this and lock up, Robbie with the dangerous lead off walk, now is a good time for a rack’em up(double play) , with help from J.B the office lights are out, that strike out now has the office door closed (2 outs)

With the help of Todd and Jose (throw from 3rd to 1st) this office is locked up , Game Ova

**Final Score – Sox — 10 and Indians — 7

Carlos Rodon will open the office tomorrow in the rubber game of the series.


Cleveland and Sox

Returning to Cleveland after they swept us earlier in the season.

Jose Quintana in the office today. Hawk has returned from being sick.

Melky opens the Sox hitting with a double to right

Q’s first pitch is a ball

Indians open the scoring with 2 doubles taking the lead 1 to 0

Justin with a single to open the 2nd, Timmy with a double

Tyler with a double,moves to 3rd on the force, Jose Abreu with a walk. Picked off runner but he managed to get to 2nd safe. Tyler missed the tag. End of 3 and its 2 to 0 Indians.

Justin goes “Yard” to right field for a 2 to 1 Cleveland lead in the 6th, J.B Shuck with a single to right

**Neither pitcher has thrown a 1.2.3 inning tonight**

Call was overturned going against the Sox, Omar Narvaez was called safe at first, but out.

Jose Quintana flipped Matt Albers the keys to the office as he walked to the showers. Dan Jennings caught the office keys from Matt Albers. 1 pitch with a single and the Indians lead 3 to 1. Dan gave up two hits is giving way to Chris Beck.

E – 4 in the bottom of the 8th, stolen base.

**Final Score – Indians 3 and Sox 1

**Side Note – I can see why the Indians are in first, they have used the quality pieces they have and added those players to finish off they group. they have a group that has stayed together and  fight every day. Injuries have been our downfall.


James Shields Returns for Game 2

nate 2 - CopyFingers crossed for James that he can have a better outing than last time. Brett Lawrie is on his way to the Birmingham Barons for his rehab assignment, Miguel Gonzalez on the 15 day D.L for the groin strain.

Adam Eaton walked to open the Sox batting, tyler Saladino with a bunt to move him to 2nd, Jose Abreu with an RBI double, Sox lead 1 to 0

Tim Anderson with a lead off double, Dioner Navarro with a double gets Timmy home for a 2 to 0 Sox lead, Adam with a walk, Tyler with a 2 run double for a 4 to 0 lead,

Stanton with a home run for a 4 to 1 ball game, he barely swung at that and it was gone. 12 pitches for James through 1 and 2/3 inning. If Adam had been in right he would have had it.

Bottom of 3rd and James with a 21 ball pitch count. 3 Run homer by the Marlins have tied the game, Marlins take the lead 5 to 4, Timmy, you got to get the tag on the hand not the chest.

Jason Coast goes “Yard” for his 1st for his career, it’s a 5 all ball game,

Bases loaded and James is done, leaving the keys for Matt Albers, Marlins with a pair for a 7 to 5 lead.  Nice way to hit the batter Matt

Timmy at 3rd and Dioner at 1st and only 1 out, Carlos Sanchez just walked to fill the pond, Way to go Timmy, he’s safe but was called out, upon review, he was called safe. Sox – 6 and Marlins – 7

Dan Jennings got the keys from Matt Albers, who flipped them to Chris Beck.

Top of 7th and Todd Frazier finally with a hit

Jason Coast with a single to open the 8th inning, Jason to second on the wild pitch, pitch hit RBI double for Justin Morneau and this game is tied at 7 all, Runners  at 2nd and 3rd,on a dropped 3rd strike, Melky safe at 1st and Dioner home for an 8 to 7 Sox lead on a strikeout and wild pitch.

Nasty Nate Jones in with the keys, shutting the inning down. Timmy with a walk to 1st, Jason hit by the pitch, nice double steal(Coats first steal), J.B Shuck at the plate

It’s up to David Robertson to lock up the office, Adam into right and J.B to center. Robbie with the lights out (1 out) office door shut for 2 outs,

This game is ova, Robbie with the help of Adam and Timmy lock the office for an 8 to 7 win

Sox win the series and now hoping for a sweep tomorrow  with Chris Sale in the office


I decided to watch for fun

Sometimes you just have to take a break and watch to see what you are missing, so that is what I am doing today. (this is my opinions here)

It is interesting with Jason and Wimpy in the booth, I Have a feeling there will be a lot of giggles today.

In the discussion of Robin, yes it’s time for him to go. That spark is just not there, I can’t quite put my finger on it but something is not right. It took me a bit to give into that fact but things need to change. Question is who replaces him, I know the bench Coach Rick Renteria, who has taken over when Robin has gotten tossed would be a great choice.

Let’s talk pitching, we have a good core of pitchers and there are a few things I would do different. First is to keep Chris and Jose Quintana. David Robertson, Dan Jennings I would also keep. We have a young pen and some of the boys need to go back to Charlotte to work on control. Get Jake Petricka and Zack Putnam healthy and I think we would have a really good pool to work from

Charlie Tilman gets that second shot in the outfield, get him through rehab and strong, he will be a good addition. J.B Shuck along with Jason Coats are a solid group to help Melky and Adam.

With Jose at 1st and Tim at Shortstop, I hope we can hang onto Todd and to Brett, that would make a pretty good solid infield.

Behind the plate with Dioner Navarro and Omar Narvaez. Who knew we had a gem behind home plate.

At times I tend to write in Hawkisms and a bit of my own slang, I have learned a lot from Hawk Harrelson and use some of his terms as I write. It has been a real journey to find my way in what started as a challenge to myself has got me more work then I know what to do at times. I love it dont get me wrong but it’s a long season.

We might not make it this year to the playoffs but we have a great core of guys to build on, I really hope they are smart in the off season and can see where to start building on next year.



Who Takes the Series

Miguel Gonzalez in the office tonight, the lineup has changed a bit giving Justin Morneau and J.B shuck the night off.

Everyone is saying that we are out of playoffs but there is still plenty of ball left to be played. Cleveland is not as strong as they once were and now could be the time to get hot and pick them off.

Jason and Steve in the booth today

Melky opens the Sox batting with a 2 out single.

Miguel opens the pitching by striking out Dyson

Geesh Todd, start reading the ball better, will ya.  Tim Anderson with a 2 out single, Carlos Sanchez with a single, Jason Coast with his first RBI of his career, 1 to 0 Sox

Miguel made that pitch and something is not right, Michael Ynoa got the call from Robin, he will have as long as he needs to warm up. Michael hit the batter, E – 6, on Timmy, **News on Miguel has a right groin strain** Michael got out of that small jam.

Carson Fulmer gets the keys from Michael who had a great run in the office.

With Dyson safe at 2nd, should’ve known he would score, its a tie game at 1 all, a 1 out single and it’s 2 to 1 game in the bottom of 6th,

Good job Timmy ,  holding on to that pitch and making sure you got him.

**Danny Duffy has been unhittable on the mound for K.C, the boys have been fighting back but not had any luck.

Tommy Kahnle got the office keys from Carson. He did well giving up the 2 runs.

**Final – K.C — 2 and Sox — 1

**Side Note

I am so proud of the boys tonight. When Miguel Gonzalez left the game with the injury the boy could fallen apart but they didn’t. Michael Ynoa took the warm up time he needed and was solid. Carson Fulmer up next and they did get the 2 runs off him but he held his cool and got himself out of the inning.

Tommy Kahnle come in last and boy he had a big job ahead to hold the Royals and he did, Tommy with the help from Dioner pitched his game

A shout out to Dioner Navarro, what a man you are, tonight you earned your keep with  what was going on out there and all, “Thanks Mate”

Time to pack the travel bag and head to Miami for a 3 game series, Carlos Rodon, James Shields and Chris Sale are the listed starters for the series.