Chris Sale and Fair Weather Fans and Other Stuff

I am going to tell you up front this is my own thoughts on a few issues.

I really have had enough of fair weather fans. Today the Cubs and Sox are playing in the 4th game of the series. It is not even half way though and the fans are already complaining how bad the offense is. Well, gee whiz when you have a damn good pitcher in the office trying to make something happen is a little more difficult. We have run into team that know how to protect leads and know how to create that spark to get things going.

I think the reason some of these teams are doing so well they are keeping together a core group of boys together. I don’t think we have really had that core group more than 1 year to have that, trust, respect and all that gets built when a group of guys stays together for more than 1 season. To be able to learn those little things and basic mechanics that when spring training rolls around it’s like they never stopped playing. Everything just falls into place. On some levels baseball has just stopped being fun.

Chris Sale snapping was more out of frustration and lack of the front office in helping. Chris is so passionate about winning and wants to win every time he is in the office. The uniform that they wanted him to wear was not comfortable and Chris felt that it would hinder his pitching, I heard Chris say himself that he would not be able to pitch at his very best with the uniform design. No one in the front office did anything to offer an alternative solution. With the frustrations of the season and the issues at hand, Chris just snapped. He served his time and paid his fine, now it’s time to drop it and move on. Chris has made it known that he wants to stay in Chicago and win the world Series with the Sox.

My love of the White Sox has gotten me a lot of work, which starting out as a challenge to myself to work on and expand my writing. I love sports, especially baseball and football. Over my morning cup of coffee, it’s catching up on sports and what did I miss.

There is a lot of negative now with our boys of summer, to be honest it is time for Robin and a few of the coaching to go. The boys are doing their best to create the sparks and have some fun on the field of dreams but it also needs to come from the Coaches and staff that support the boys.

I get tired of the constant negative fans, but I also get they are frustrated. So are the boys, they have said it on more than one occasion but why can’t we give them some positive to help fuel the change and get this club where you need to be?

You try being on the field and dealing with the constant negative and see how you feel about what you are trying to do?

I will always be a White Sox girl giving my boys of summer the best possible positive support possible.


What about you?



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