Thoughts on recent Events

Good News – The Sox split the series with Detroit and are now just 8.5 games out of first. Cleveland is losing and we need to stay on top of the win streak to keep things close to have a chance. Still plenty of ball left in this season

Bad News – Chris Sale got suspended for 5 games and will return on Wednesday. Let’s just say Chris snapped and had a difference of opinion with the front office about uniforms

I know the fans are frustrated by the events and everything else but let’s talk about the anger issues. I am just as frustrated as the next guy but why waste my time because everyone else is saying most of what I am thinking.

Sure, I have a much different view of things and a lot of people will call me, just play wrong in my thinking, that I have no clue what I am talking about.

Why would trade your ace, Chris Sale and not get a least one big name pitcher with experience in the package. Why blow up the hole team, having to possibly eat parts of contracts when you really can’t afford to do that. Jose Quintana also have the experience, is locked in with options til 2019,2020 season. Zack duke through 2017 and David Robertson through 2018. We have a good core right here. Also with James Shields finding his control and focus, the experience is there for a solid pitching staff. Jacob Turner we only have for the rest of the season, and to be honest I am not totally sure I would offer a new contract. If I did it would be on the condition he starts in Charlotte to work on control and confidence.

The infield is pretty much set with Jose Abreu, I would get Brett Lawrie and Todd Frazier to sign on for another year or 2 if it would be worked out. You need to trust your infield. The outfield with Melky in left and Adam Eaton in right, I would keep J.B shuck in center. J.B is a good player and with the routine of playing every day is getting better and stronger. It is looking like Austin Jackson won’t return at this season and the market is quiet now for quality outfielders who can also hit. which brings me to Avi Garcia who we got in the Jake Peavy deal (sending Jake to Boston). In my opinion it is time to move him on, give Justin Morneau the job when not D.H. I know Justin is normally at first but, see what his arm is like out there.

It is frustrating, its hair pulling,nail-biting drive a person to drink at times but you know what,

I still love my boys no matter what and I won’t desert them.



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It all is an interesting turn of events. I, as Jays fan, wondered why ChiSox would even consider trading Sale given his ability and contract status. But that incident makes me think there are other issues there and to say the least, maybe he considers himself bigger than the team itself (no matter how ugly the old unis might seem!). He needs to be a team player and take part in club promotions planned for fans long in advance. Ironically, it probably helps your team in the long run- other teams may have second thoughts about trading for him, or at least offering a top package for him, so it might just have “collared” Chris Sale on your mound for another year!

Thanks for stopping by. Heard more yesterday during the broadcast.Chris is safe

For now

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