Saturday at The Cell

Matt and Cannon - Copy**NEWS JUST IN – Chris Sale has been scratched from tonight’s game,  Chris was sent home due to a non physical incident in the club house. They are investigating and will there will be no further comment at this time, til the investigation is complete. Rumor involves the front office where the issues were.

Matt Albers has been tossed the keys to the office. The boys are wearing the throwback tonight.

Dioner with the E – 2 missing the throw for the steal at 2nd, stops at 3rd on ball going to center field. Tigers open the scoring 1 to 0 (can we NOT have any more errors today, Please)

Bottom of 1st and Adam Eaton hit by a pitch

Todd Frazier with a stand up double in the bottom of the 2nd. Todd to 3rd on the infield hit by Tyler Saladino, Avi Garcia Sac Fly ties the score at 1 all, Tyler safe at 2nd on a steel, Dioner with a double and Tyler home for a 2 to 1 Sox lead

**End of 2 and the tarp is on the field. Delay 1 hour 15 minutes

Finally back, with Dan Jennings in the office to open the 3rd.  Dan Jennings gets out of that jam as the Tigers leave the pond full. 

YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD . . .YES, thanks Avi it’s a 3 to 1 Sox lead.

The office keys were up for grabs again and now it’s Tommy Kahnle took the toss and won. Top of 5. Bottom of the inning opens with J.B Shuck hit by a pitch.

Tigers with a solo shot to cut the Sox lead to 3 to 2, visitors half of the 6th.

Bottom of 7th and Dioner hit by a pitch, that makes #3 tonight

Nate Jones in the office, getting tossed the keys from Zack Duke – tie score 3 all in the top of the 8th. David Robertson on the way to get the keys from Nate.

**Rain Delay in the bottom of the 8th, Tarp is on the field

***GAME SUSPENDED and will conclude at 1:10 pm and Game 4 to take place roughly 1/2 an hour after the conclusion of the first.




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Watch out for the North Siders next week

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