Missing the Boys

20160520_091808It has been a great mini break but I am ready for baseball again.

There are things that have really frustrated me about this first half of the season.

First and foremost, the fans really give me things to scream about. Nitpicking about every little thing drives me around the twist. Fans saying none of the boys deserved to go to the all-star game, which was a load of crap. Everyone has an equal chance, they just could not be bothered to get off their backside and vote. Chris Sale was named to the pitching staff and started the game, with Jose Quintana being named to the team just before the game. I am so proud of both of them, Jose works so hard and to finally see some of that pay off was great.

More about the fans, screaming for Robin’s head on a platter, well . . . . to be honest. They really need to do something to get things heading in the right direction. We are a bit better placed than last year but something is missing. With the starting rotation  not set, it is putting a real strain on the bullpen. Small tiring injuries are starting to show. Here is hoping the rest has done the boys a world of good.

Fan’s say they are die-hard but when the losing streak starts they run for the hills. You stick with them no matter what and take each game as it comes. We don’t win one day, the next game we will get it back. You can see how much fun the boys are having, we should be enjoying it with them, not working against them

We have a great team, with the addition of Todd and Brett, things are wild, but fun and focused. Adam Eaton in right is like OMG and that riffle of an arm throwing guys out at home.

Avi at D.H really needs to start being more consistent or things need to change there. J.B is great in center and really starting to gain the confidence and all that comes with playing on a daily basis.

Tim Anderson you little ripper and what a hell of a player. He has been amazing from day one and will be our shortstop for a long time to come. At a young age he is making good decisions on the field and is working very hard, you can see that. I think we have only seen the start of what he can do.

I know this is kind of all over the place but this is a great team and we are in a great place. I have a feeling the best is yet to happen.

Hang on kids, this ride is just getting started





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