All Star Game – 2016

20160713_125838 - Copy(YES, it kills me to write about that other Chicago team in this blog. . . HA)

Can’t wait to see Chris Sale start and when Jose Quintana come in.

Love the kids with the guys starting, what an experience for them.

Chris is wearing our home white pinstripe uniform. The American League is the home team.

Chris will face Ben Zobrist, Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant of the Cubs

Top of 1st – Sale’s 1st pitch is a ball. Chris Sale just got taken for a home run by Kris Bryant.

Top of 2nd – Corey Kluber from the Indians  is the office now.

Bottom of 2nd – Royals batter with a solo shot to left for a 1 all ball game. Another home run with a base runner on for a 3 to 1 lead. Thanks Royals batters.  Johnny Cueto is done for the National League.

Top of 3rd – Texas Rangers in the office. Cole Hamels

Bottom of 3rd – American League runners at 2nd and 3rd, runners at the corners, 1 run home for a 4 to 1 American League lead.

Top of 4th – Toronto Blue Jays in the office, Aaron Sanchez.  Nationals score a run, it’s 4 to 2 American. Jose Quintana up and working in the bullpen.

Top of 5th – Jose Quintana in the office, wearing White Pinstripes.  Jose pitched himself out of the jam.

A small break to talk about stand up 2 cancer that the M.L.B support.

Top of 6th – Kansas City Royals in the office, Kelvin Herrera

Top of 7th – New York Yankees in the office, Dellin Betances. A.L has runners at 1 and 3 with 1 out in the bottom of the inning. Runner moved to second. A.L has the bases loaded with 2 out.

Top of 8th – New York Yankees in the office, Andrew Miller. National League has the bases loaded with 2 out. Pitching change for the A.L Houston Astros in the office, Will Harris. A much-needed strikeout gets the A.L out of a major jam.

Top of 9th – Baltimore Orioles in the office, Zach Britton.

**This game is OVA with the final score American League – 4 and National League – 2

The MVP for the game is Eric Hosmer of the Kansas City Royals







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