How I Became a Pitcher’s Wife

OK, I know your looking at that and scratching your head but bear with me.

I love baseball in general but I am fascinated with pitchers. Their connection to their catcher but also the mental battle between pitcher and batter. Always wondering how that works, how in the world do you choose a pitch to throw to try and get the batter out. You can choose between, a fastball, slider, sinker, fork ball, knuckle ball is the hardest to throw and catch but from what I understand it is also the hardest on the pitcher to throw.

Even their stance, gets me. Are they an over the top pitcher like Jake Peavy or are they a side hurler like Chris Sale. James Shield has a unique throw and I wonder at times if how he pitches is harder on his body. David Robertson has a throw that hides what he is throwing til the last second as the ball is crossing the plate. David was the setup guy for Mariano Rivera, the best closer ever to throw in baseball. What a great mentor and wonder how much Robbie has learned from him?

Frustration has to play a part in all of this but who is going to let it show first? The batter by the constant foul off or the pitcher by throwing that one ball that hits the batter or the one that gives up the hit?

The control by the pitcher is the utmost of winning the battle. If the pitcher has nothing the batter is going to win every time. Heading to the office (mound) you have to be ready to go at pitch one. If you can’t throw a strike within the first 2 pitches, it’s not going to be a good night.

The other thing is all of this is the group of guys being him: the offense/defense. Those boys have to be on or it can frustrate the hell out of a pitcher’s confidence for the night. I was watching Jake Peavy’s game the other night in Oakland. In one inning Jake had to pitch thought 2 errors and the frustration eventually won out, Jake had to throw 40 pitches that inning. You want to be as economical as possible not be exhausted by the 4th inning.

Next time you watch a game, pay attention to the connection between the pitcher and catcher. See if you can get inside the pitcher’s head and beat the batter.




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