July 2016

Milk and Twinkies

It’s a weekend series in Minnesota and Justin Morneau’s 1st visit in a Sox uniform.

Jose Quintana in the office today, Todd Frazier scratched from today with flu-like symptoms. Brett Lawrie is on the trip with the boys but missing his energy on the field

2nd pitch of the game and Adam Eaton unloads for a home run. 1 to 0 Sox

Jose first pitch was a strike. Tyler with an E – 5,

Top of 2nd and the crowd is giving him a nice reception. Missed him at D.H with being in a National League Park. Justin with a lead off single.

Top of 5th and J.B shuck you silly bugger for trying that.

Top of 6th and Adam hit by a pitch, Tim Anderson caught stealing and in a run down. Twins tie the score at 1 all.

It was quiet and a seesaw battle until the bottom of the 12th when Dan Jennings starts the inning by hitting the first batter. Almost as bad as a walk. A sac bunt moved the runner, After walking a batter Dan Jennings leaves the office keys with Robin for Tommy Kahnle to pick up. Tommy walked the batter to fill the pond.

OUCH, Tommy walked home the winning run.

Twins 2 and Sox 1

Miguel Gonzalez with the office keys tomorrow



Chris Sale and Fair Weather Fans and Other Stuff

I am going to tell you up front this is my own thoughts on a few issues.

I really have had enough of fair weather fans. Today the Cubs and Sox are playing in the 4th game of the series. It is not even half way though and the fans are already complaining how bad the offense is. Well, gee whiz when you have a damn good pitcher in the office trying to make something happen is a little more difficult. We have run into team that know how to protect leads and know how to create that spark to get things going.

I think the reason some of these teams are doing so well they are keeping together a core group of boys together. I don’t think we have really had that core group more than 1 year to have that, trust, respect and all that gets built when a group of guys stays together for more than 1 season. To be able to learn those little things and basic mechanics that when spring training rolls around it’s like they never stopped playing. Everything just falls into place. On some levels baseball has just stopped being fun.

Chris Sale snapping was more out of frustration and lack of the front office in helping. Chris is so passionate about winning and wants to win every time he is in the office. The uniform that they wanted him to wear was not comfortable and Chris felt that it would hinder his pitching, I heard Chris say himself that he would not be able to pitch at his very best with the uniform design. No one in the front office did anything to offer an alternative solution. With the frustrations of the season and the issues at hand, Chris just snapped. He served his time and paid his fine, now it’s time to drop it and move on. Chris has made it known that he wants to stay in Chicago and win the world Series with the Sox.

My love of the White Sox has gotten me a lot of work, which starting out as a challenge to myself to work on and expand my writing. I love sports, especially baseball and football. Over my morning cup of coffee, it’s catching up on sports and what did I miss.

There is a lot of negative now with our boys of summer, to be honest it is time for Robin and a few of the coaching to go. The boys are doing their best to create the sparks and have some fun on the field of dreams but it also needs to come from the Coaches and staff that support the boys.

I get tired of the constant negative fans, but I also get they are frustrated. So are the boys, they have said it on more than one occasion but why can’t we give them some positive to help fuel the change and get this club where you need to be?

You try being on the field and dealing with the constant negative and see how you feel about what you are trying to do?

I will always be a White Sox girl giving my boys of summer the best possible positive support possible.


What about you?



Come Sale Away

mound meeting 1 - CopyIt is the final game in the series with the Cubs and Chris Sale makes his return to the office. I will address some thoughts about Chris in another post.

After the game the boys are off for a 3 game series in Minnesota before a much-needed day off and then will face the Tigers in Detroit

The boys are wearing the dirty grey aways today

Tim Anderson opens for the Sox with a single, Melky with a double getting Timmy home for a 1 to 0 Sox lead

Chris 1st pitch was a strike, lead off walk came back to bite Chris and it’s 1 all in the bottom of the 1st.

Just a half step faster and J.B would’ve been safe.

Once again the walk bites Chris and it’s 2 to 1 Cubs (also batter hit by Chris)

You can see that the suspension has hurt Chris in one way, took till the 4th inning to get his first strikeout. 1,2 3 bottom of 4th.

Chris Sale gets a rare single at the top of the 6th inning. Melky with a 2 out single gets Chris to second and Jose Abreu to the plate, who leaves the boys stranded.

Dioner Navarro walked int he top of the 7th with 2 outs and Carlos Sanchez at the plate.

Chris headed to the showers and flipped Nate Jones the keys on his way. Tyler Saladino now in at 2nd replacing Carlos Sanchez. Tyler with a double is the tying run.

You can see Adam Eaton’s frustration (E – 9) that is a rare occurrence. It is a 3 to 1 lead, Timmy had to make a choice to get the secure out and that was at first. Nate has given the office keys to Tommy Kahnle for the right to right matchup. Robin in the office to give instructions,giving Dan Jennings a chance to get ready to get the keys.

**FINAL Score, White Sox – 1 and Cub – 3

Series Split 2 games all




The War has Moved to Enemy Territory

It is day 3 in the war and the battlefield has changed, the Sox are in enemy terrority at Wrigley Field and Anthony Ranaduo has been tossed the office keys. Chris Sale will return tomorrow to face John Lackey in the closer of this war. Cubs fans have been thick and very loud but last night was unusually quiet, especially with the shut out. Only time will tell about tonight.

Brett Lawrie has been moved to the D.L. Carlos Sanchez has been called up from Charlotte.

Uniforms for today are the black jersey with dirty gray away pants.

Melky with a walk to open the Sox game,

I don’t like Anthony’s ERA at 17.18 but let’s see what he can do. First pitch was a ball

Todd Frazier opens the Sox hitting with a single in the top of 2nd, Tried to pick off Todd at 1st but under review,

End of 2 and Anthony finally has a 1,2,3 inning

Tim Anderson with a single and just stole 2nd.

Top of 4th and Todd with a stand up double, J.B shuck with a walk, Dioner Navarro fly out at the warning track and Todd makes it safe to 3rd. Ducks left, he made Tyler go finishing.

Anthony has dropped his ERA down to 9.45

HOLY SHIT, YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD YES, THANKS ANTHONY – YES KIDS his first hit of his major league career is a HOME RUN

Sox – 1 and Cubs – 0 top of 5th

Jose Abreu finally with a single to right to open the 6th – bugger you Todd (hit into rack’em up)

Bottom of 6th and the new kid has a NO HITTER going, It is now a tie game with the cubs getting a solo shot for a 1 all score. to this point

bullpen is active with Zack Duke and Matt Albers dueling it out to see so gets the keys,

A 2 run homer makes it a 3 to 1 Cubs lead. Anthony has nothing to be ashamed of, he was amazing in the bottom of 7th and Zack Duke found the office keys. Zack Duke leaves the office keys with Robin to give to Carson Fulmer

Bottom of 8th and Carson hits Kris Bryant, 4 to 1 lead and J.B smacked the wall going for the ball. Jacob Turner to get the office keys from Robin

A GRAND SLAM just kicks our ass its an 8 to 1 Cubs,

Chris Sale returns to the office tomorrow

Dedicated Stupidity

OK, I can see you totally dumfounded that by but bear with me as I try to explain.

As my husband Phil and I were walking across the footbridge to Adelaide Oval for a night game, we support the Adelaide Crows. It was cold, wet and miserable. I ask Phil “Are we dedicated or stupid going to the game?”, and the lady walking behind us called it dedicated stupidity.

Fans do all sorts of things for the love of their team, doesn’t matter if its football, soccer, hockey, baseball, your sport of choice. I love seeing the dedicated fans and their rooms to their team and all. Painting your house in team colors is a little much but it’s still amazing none the less.

Passion – I love the passion of fans getting dressed up and all on the day. Wearing your team colors no matter what. Late last year, the Crows lost their Coach who had only coached 8 games in tragic circumstances. It was a case of wearing the colors for all the wrong reasons but it brought the fan base closer together.

I guess where the stupidity comes in is the fair weather fans. We all know them, when the team is winning, doing great they are on board but as soon as one mistake, one loss and they run like hell. They are the ones who know how to fix the problems, they are the ones who have all the answers and will shove their opinion down your throat.

The recent events with the White Sox are proof of that. Starting out with a great season, everyone was happy and then the wheels fell off and everyone is said to trade this person or that one. That because of Chris Sale’s snap, he needs to go. That would have to be a grand slam deal according to Hawk Harrelson. Chris might actually have done the club house a favor by having that snap letting off some steam when it was hard for anyone to it publicly. Trade deadline is coming soon and it will be interesting to see how loud those fans do the screaming.

With Football (NFL and college) coming soon, I think they are some of the most passionate fans I have ever met and watched on television. Answer me one thing, WHY in sub-zero weather would you be outside in no shirt and wearing a cheese on your head? (green bay fans please explain) (now that is dedicated stupidity)

Since I have started looking in on the Chicago Bears, those are the most frustrated. Jay Cutler has not lived up to the standards that everyone has, they should be playing post season and I have a feeling that a lot of fans this season will become the frustrated stupid fans. I don’t mean that as an insult. I get the frustration, and how it can and does overflow when the season goes on and going into the 4th quarter you have the win, and win up losing the game. It happens anywhere in any game.

Then there is the rare breed of dedicated stupidity, fans who go hell for leather, will blow apart the team when things just completely fall apart, scream at the top of their lungs but, then each week pull on the team colors and get behind the team with everything crossed for a great win.


So, here is the question:

Are you a dedicated stupidity fan?




Day 2 War in Chicago

13256476_1097778093576719_3703796017656652537_n - CopyAfter heart stopping failure of a walk off win, it is day 2 in the classic at The Cell with James Shield in the office. He is going to need his very best today to survive this one. Huge congrats to Miguel Gonzalez for this work yesterday,he was amazing and held his nerve.

Games 2 and 3 are on ESPN

James is annoyed at himself for that walk.

Adam Eaton opens the Sox innings with a walk, Tim Anderson with a cheeky single, Jose Abreu with a single, Adam home for a 1 to 0 Sox lead. Justin Morneau walking back after the strike out annoyed with himself. Todd Frazier with a walk to load the pond. Darn you J.B Shuck.

top of 2nd and Dioner Navarro charged with interference (E – 2), mistake loads the pond. thanks to Dioner James is out of that jam. You could see James frustrations.

Melky with a soft single in the bottom of the 3rd. Jose with a single of his own, Jose out on the force at 2nd, Challenge at 1st, is Justin actually safe? Play overturned with Justin out.

Did you blink or go on a food run, that was a 5  pitch inning if you missed it? That was 9 pitching this time.

Adam goes “YARD” on the bottom of the 5th for a 2 to 0 Sox lead. After going yard, Spanky steals a double base-ball for the out on Bryant. To this point James has retired 9 cubs on 20 pitches. Thanks Todd for getting James out of that jam.

Bottom of 6th and thanks to a dropped catch, Todd is safe at first. Challenge – Is Todd safe on a steal? Call in favor of Todd. J.B is really making the Cubs relief work for this. J.B wins and heads to first, Dioner loads the pond (Todd at 3rd, J.B at 2nd) Tyler walked, Todd home for a 3 to 0 lead. (Tyler at 1st, Dioner at 2nd and J.B at 3rd) Close of inning its Sox – 3 and Cubs – 0

J.B should of called off Timmy and took that catch.(base hit) A double play ball took care of the mistake.

Top of 8th and James is still in the office, better communication on that pop off that Timmy just caught. Zack Duke and Nate Jones up and working in the pen. Congrats James your best performance yet. James flipped the office keys to Nate Jones.

Nate has left the office keys for David Robertson to lock up. Lights out (1 out) , Door shut (2 outs) Robbie just locked the door to the office (3rd out)

Chicago White Sox 3 and the Cubs – 0

We move to Wrigley Field for games 3 and 4.

Anthony Ranaudo will have the office keys in his first start with the White Sox.

Games 3 and 4 at Wrigley Field.







Let the War Begin

JB 3 - CopyIt is that time of year when The Cell gets invaded by Cubs fans for the Crosstown classic. With no Chris Sale, til Wednesday Miguel Gonzalez has the office keys today. Wonder if any added nerves for him? Only time will tell.

Games 1 and 2 here at The Cell, Games 3 and 4 at the Cubs home.

Miguel’s first pitch a strike

Hell yea, Melky just ROBBED Bryant of a home run!

Another great play at home to keep the Cubs scoreless.

Cancel the post game, Tyler Saladino with a 1 out double top open out hitting in the bottom of the 3rd. Adam Eaton with a single to get Tyler home for a 1 to 0 Sox lead.

Todd with an E -5 saved a second base but could not get the out. Got 1 on the double play but the review was overturned and safe at 1st. Robin out asking a couple of questions. Interference on the slide?

Bottom of 4th and Justin Morneau with a single to left, (Justin is looking better)

Hawk and Steve talking about Chris, fined and suspended. Hawk said I would NOT trade him for what happened BUT it would have to be ONE HELL of a deal (grand slam status) .

Miguel gets out of that jam leaving 2 on the pond for the Cubs

Bottom of 6th and Melky with a walk, Jose Abreu with a looper single, YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD YES thanks TODD it’s 4 to 0 SOX LEAD

** Carlos Rodon had a rehab assignment tonight, numbers were OK. As long as he was feeling good and no wrist issues that is the main concern

Top of 7th and it’s a 4 to 2 ball game. Miguel on 98 pitches. Miguel departs with a 6 and 2/3 outing and the lead. 8 Strikes out and 2 walks allowed. He threw 104 pitches with 66 of those strikes. Miguel flipped the office keys to Zack Duke.

Top of 8th and Zack Duke leaves the office keys with Robin for Matt Albers. Zack gave up a leadoff walk. Matt gets himself out of that jam leaving 2 on the pond after walking the first batter. Still a 4 to 2 Sox lead.

Home half of the 8th sees Melky with a double and 1 out. Jose with a walk. Matt Albers heading back to the office for the top of the 9th

With no outs its 4 to 3 in the top of the 9th, Melky with a pinpoint throw to get Bryant at second for the first out, Dan Jennings on his way to the office to try and shut and lock the door (outs 2 and 3) A looping single ties the game which means we will have to bat to win this game. Dan eventually gets the needed outs but now it’s the bottom of the 9th to win.

J.B Shuck on with a single and Dioner Navarro with a good bunt to move J.B to 2nd. Tyler with a well placed ball in the hole for a double, scoring J.B and winning the game.

**FINAL SCORE – White Sox – 5 and Cubs – 4

James Shields in the office tomorrow facing Kyle Hendricks




Thoughts on recent Events

Good News – The Sox split the series with Detroit and are now just 8.5 games out of first. Cleveland is losing and we need to stay on top of the win streak to keep things close to have a chance. Still plenty of ball left in this season

Bad News – Chris Sale got suspended for 5 games and will return on Wednesday. Let’s just say Chris snapped and had a difference of opinion with the front office about uniforms

I know the fans are frustrated by the events and everything else but let’s talk about the anger issues. I am just as frustrated as the next guy but why waste my time because everyone else is saying most of what I am thinking.

Sure, I have a much different view of things and a lot of people will call me, just play wrong in my thinking, that I have no clue what I am talking about.

Why would trade your ace, Chris Sale and not get a least one big name pitcher with experience in the package. Why blow up the hole team, having to possibly eat parts of contracts when you really can’t afford to do that. Jose Quintana also have the experience, is locked in with options til 2019,2020 season. Zack duke through 2017 and David Robertson through 2018. We have a good core right here. Also with James Shields finding his control and focus, the experience is there for a solid pitching staff. Jacob Turner we only have for the rest of the season, and to be honest I am not totally sure I would offer a new contract. If I did it would be on the condition he starts in Charlotte to work on control and confidence.

The infield is pretty much set with Jose Abreu, I would get Brett Lawrie and Todd Frazier to sign on for another year or 2 if it would be worked out. You need to trust your infield. The outfield with Melky in left and Adam Eaton in right, I would keep J.B shuck in center. J.B is a good player and with the routine of playing every day is getting better and stronger. It is looking like Austin Jackson won’t return at this season and the market is quiet now for quality outfielders who can also hit. which brings me to Avi Garcia who we got in the Jake Peavy deal (sending Jake to Boston). In my opinion it is time to move him on, give Justin Morneau the job when not D.H. I know Justin is normally at first but, see what his arm is like out there.

It is frustrating, its hair pulling,nail-biting drive a person to drink at times but you know what,

I still love my boys no matter what and I won’t desert them.


Saturday at The Cell

Matt and Cannon - Copy**NEWS JUST IN – Chris Sale has been scratched from tonight’s game,  Chris was sent home due to a non physical incident in the club house. They are investigating and will there will be no further comment at this time, til the investigation is complete. Rumor involves the front office where the issues were.

Matt Albers has been tossed the keys to the office. The boys are wearing the throwback tonight.

Dioner with the E – 2 missing the throw for the steal at 2nd, stops at 3rd on ball going to center field. Tigers open the scoring 1 to 0 (can we NOT have any more errors today, Please)

Bottom of 1st and Adam Eaton hit by a pitch

Todd Frazier with a stand up double in the bottom of the 2nd. Todd to 3rd on the infield hit by Tyler Saladino, Avi Garcia Sac Fly ties the score at 1 all, Tyler safe at 2nd on a steel, Dioner with a double and Tyler home for a 2 to 1 Sox lead

**End of 2 and the tarp is on the field. Delay 1 hour 15 minutes

Finally back, with Dan Jennings in the office to open the 3rd.  Dan Jennings gets out of that jam as the Tigers leave the pond full. 

YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD . . .YES, thanks Avi it’s a 3 to 1 Sox lead.

The office keys were up for grabs again and now it’s Tommy Kahnle took the toss and won. Top of 5. Bottom of the inning opens with J.B Shuck hit by a pitch.

Tigers with a solo shot to cut the Sox lead to 3 to 2, visitors half of the 6th.

Bottom of 7th and Dioner hit by a pitch, that makes #3 tonight

Nate Jones in the office, getting tossed the keys from Zack Duke – tie score 3 all in the top of the 8th. David Robertson on the way to get the keys from Nate.

**Rain Delay in the bottom of the 8th, Tarp is on the field

***GAME SUSPENDED and will conclude at 1:10 pm and Game 4 to take place roughly 1/2 an hour after the conclusion of the first.




Game 2 with the Tigers

imgPlease Mother Nature, no rain today.

Jacob Turner has the keys to the office today. Fingers crossed his outing today is better then last time. Brett Lawrie out with a hamstring issue and is listed from day to day.

Jacob’s first pitch is a strike

Top of 1st – Turner made a real mess of that inning but he got out of it, 30 pitches is way to many for a first inning. Tim Anderson with the Sox 1st hit if the day in the home half of the 1st. Melky with a single, Timmy stops at 3rd. Jose Abreu with a single getting Tim home for a 1 to 0 Sox lead. Justin Morneau hit by pitch which loads the pond. **Close of inning Sox 1 and Tigers 0

Jacob with 4 strikeouts, this inning is looking better.

Tigers tie the score at 1 all with a triple to right. Adam Eaton had issues with getting the ball back. 2 errors for the Sox in top of the 3rd. Wild pitch gives the Tigers the lead 2 to 1, RBI single makes it 3 to 1 Tigers, I have no clue how Jacob managed to get out of that one, with the mistakes and all.

It’s a scramble for the office keys, waiting to see who finds them – Hey, Hey, Hey its Matt Albers who found them. Sac Fly takes the tigers lead to 4 to 1.

Dan Jennings is getting the keys from Matt Albers. E – 6 will see the runner safe.

Bottom of 5th and Narvaez with a single, Adam with a walk, runners on the corners, getting the force at 2nd. Abreu with a double getting the run home for a 4 to 2 Tigers lead. Justin with a 3 run homer over the right field fence for a 5 to 4 Sox lead.

Tommy Kahnle got the office keys during the change.

Top of 7th and the whiz kid Carson Fulmer found the office keys. I really like this kid, I think some good things on the way, they just need to not rush him along.

5 all tie in the top of the 7th, Nate Jones to get the office keys from Carson, it was not a great outing for him but the experience will be valuable. 2 run single and its a 7 to 5 Tigers lead.

Jose finding some form and safe at 1st, 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th.

A 5 pitch top of the 8th inning for Zack Duke, bottom of the inning with 2 out and Tyler with a single up the middle. Dioner Navarro up to bat and to enter the game. Avi Garcia in the game for Adam Eaton after he took a hit off his foot.

This game is ova.

Thanks to 3 errors and Jacob having a better but disaster of an outing the boys go down by a score to 7 to 5

Chris Sale in the office tomorrow