Sox Drawer Battle – Day 3

todd and Jose - CopyJose Quintana is taking up residence in the office tonight for day 3 of the series with Boston. The White Sox have taken out the first 2 games by a score of 3 to 1 on both days. Fingers crossed the boys can claim the series tonight with a win.

Adam Eaton walked to open our baserunners for the game. A double by Melky brings Eaton home to open the scoring White Sox – 1 and Boston – 0

Quintana is looking uncomfortable in the bottom of the 2nd, walked 2 batter but manage to get a pop out and a strikeout, Eaton got Big Papi at home plate to close the inning.

Coats with his first double of his career to open the 3rd inning, Abreu safe on 1st with an E – 5 and Coats home for a 2 to 0 Chicago lead.

Thanks Brett for screwing up a double play in the bottom of the 3rd, closing the inning with a double play Boston have the lead 4 to 2.

Todd Frazier with Melky on base for a 2 run shot over the left field wall for a 4 all ball game.

Bottom of 6th Boston takes the lead with a solo shot to the White Sox bullpen for a 5 to 4 lead. Matt Albers getting the keys from Jose who threw over 100 pitches today but made it far enough not to put a huge strain on the bull pen. Matt passes the keys to Dan Jennings. Boston close the inning leading 6 to 4.

Eaton with a single to open the 8th inning, Melky with a shot to right and it’s a 6 all ball game, Brett getting in the action with a solo shot of his own and its a 7 to 6 White sox lead. Dioner keeping things alive with a double to the left field corner.

Michael Ynoa has gotten the keys from Dan Jennings. At this point, Nate Jones and David Robertson look to have the night off unless things change. Boston batter with a double but they are appealing to see if it is a home run, the call stands, it’s a double. Big Papi gets a free pass, on two reviews the White Sox get things their way and are still leading 7 to 6

J.B Shuck pitch hits in the top of the 9th, with a single to left, Abreu hit by a pitch but is OK, Melky with a single to get Adam home for an 8 to 6 lead. Todd just got hit in the back, Brett had a loaded pond and struck out

Zack Duke has the keys to the office for the save.

Final Score White Sox – 8 and Red Sox – 6

James Shields in the office tomorrow.





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