White Sox Rule – Day 2 of Sox Drawer Battle

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It’s game 2 of the Sox Drawer Battle between Boston and the Chicago. Chris Sale in the office today.

The boys wore the dirty gray pants and black jerseys.

Tim Anderson on the 1st pitch of the game with his very first home run. White Sox open the scoring 1 to 0. Adam Eaton with a double on the 2nd pitch of the game. Eaton home on a Melky sac fly for a 2 to 0 White Sox lead.

What a hell of a catch by Brett Lawrie

Bottom of 3rd and the Red Sox get on the board 2 to 1

Todd Frazier with a solo shot in the top of the 4th for a 3 to 1 White Sox lead

Bottom of the 4th Sale hits a batter,

J.B Shuck called safe at 1st but it’s replay time, and the call was overturned.

J.B with a great rundown of a Bogaerts hit to deep center to open the bottom of the 6th, Chris with 7 strike outs.

Nate Jones takes over in the office for Chris Sale. With 2 out int he bottom of the 8th, David Robertson takes up residence in the office.

David Robertson closes out the game for a 3 to 1 White Sox win

Chris Sale with 12 wins, first pitcher to reach that milestone.

Jose Quintana in the office tomorrow




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