Sox Drawer Battle – in Boston

robbie - CopyThe next series in the Sox drawer battle opens today with the White Sox in Boston. Miguel Gonzalez in the office today.

**Personal – as many of you know I am a positive points cheerleader but this is getting a little much, Robin and Don Cooper both need to go. We need some new life in this ball club, the headache of James Shields is not getting any better. When you DFA John Danks and Mat Latos and the disaster is worse than the two of them put together, something is wrong somewhere.

For those who can’t see the game the boys are wearing dirty gray pants with Black Jerseys

Tim Anderson opens the game with a single. With an E-5 Jose Abreu is safe at first, Anderson moves to 2nd.

Brett Lawrie with a double to open the second, now let’s get him home. On a wild pitch Lawrie is home for a 1 to 0 White Sox lead.

Red Sox tie it up with a run in the 7th for a 1 all ball game

Top of 9th and Melky is safe at 1st, Todd walked.

Bottom of 9th – Zack Putnam with the keys to the office.Zack Duke has taken over bases full and no outs. J.B shuck into center and Eaton moves to right. The White Sox get the force out at home for the 1st out, strikeouts get the final 2 outs.

Top of 10th inning – Avi with a walk, J.B Shuck with a hard hit to left, Eaton on with a single, Shuck out on the force. Abreu with a double getting Avi and Eaton home for a 3 to 1 White Sox lead.

Bottom of 10th – David Robertson to shut this down. After a pop up that no one called, David gets the final out for a 3 to 1 White Sox win.


Chris Sale in the office tomorrow.


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