Chris Sale in the office

chicagoGood Morning; More news from the sports desk

1)As many of you know Rollins has been DFA, according to Twitter he did text Tim to send Congrats. According to Robin Tim will be our primary SS

2) Austin Jackson – to have surgery next week. He has a turn medicus and will be out for roughly 6 weeks. That happened when he stepped on the bag wrong. Jason Coats has been recalled.

Daniel Webb had Tommy John surgery, Jake Petricka to have hip labrum surgery. No clue on the rehab time for him. Jake tore the muscle on the rim of the socket of his hip-joint.

Both Daniel and Jake to go on the 60 day D.L to make room on the roster. they are both eligible for arbitration in the off-season


Chris Sale in the office today. It’s not Kansas City we need to worry about its Cleveland who are sitting on the division.

Top of the 1st and the Royals open the scoring 1 to 0. Sale has to wear this one.

Brett Lawrie with the first single of the day.

Bottom of the 3rd and Tim Anderson makes his White Sox debut and it was a Double, Abreu with a single brings him home for a 1 all ball game. Melky with a screamer to right with Abreu on and it’s a 3 to 1 Sox lead.

Sale just gave up another home run to Hosmer for a 3 to 2 Sox lead.

Thank you Brett Lawrie and Alex Avila for your Solo home runs, it’s a 5 to 2 Sox lead at the end of 4

Sale gives up another home run – it’s a 5 to 3 Sox lead

Bottom of 6th – K.C got Shuck on the force but due to a throwing error Lawrie is safe. Avila with his second home run of the night, it’s a 7 to 3 Sox lead. Anderson with a single.

Top of the 7th – Chris Sale is frustrated but off to the showers, giving up the 3 home runs would not help. Dan Jennings is waiting on the keys from Robin. It’s a 7 to 5 Sox still lead, Dan got the out and another change, Zack Putnam with the office keys

Jose Abreu with a much-needed double.

Nate Jones has the office duties in the top of the 8th, Avi Garcia with a single in the bottom of the 8th.

David Robertson in to close out and save this game.

Final Score — White Sox – 7 and the Royals – 5

Jose Quintana in the office tomorrow

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