White Sox At Home – James Shields #havefaith

It’s game 2 of the home stand with James Shields taking residence in the office for the first time tonight.

I knew it would be as bad game yesterday when Mat Latos threw 5 pitches and walked the first batter. Later in the game when Matt Purke came in, he starting throwing strikes almost right off and you could see the tone of the game change, the boys got the job done, without mistakes. I think by the end they had given up trying to get the game back and just wanted to get it over.

New Day, New Pitcher — I still have faith that we can be there in September, there is a lot of baseball to be played.


James had a disaster of a start today. You could see how devastated he was by the events. It is his first game with us, he will find his way.

Zack Putnam was in the office and did well, he is coming off some elbow soreness. Dan Jennings has taken residence in the office.

This team will drive me to drink and it’s lunch time here. They sent Rollins and he was gunned down, I but they don’t send him again.

Zack Duke has the office keys now, and here is hoping that he can keep the baserunners at bay.

The boys have settled down and are making better decisions to keep the National’s from scoring.

Nate Jones is in the office. He usually sets up for David Robertson but chalk this up to experience and hopefully shutting down the Nat’s. Jones has a 1,2,3 inning. finally a positive.

David Robertson in the game for an inning to keep him fresh. the high socks have returned.




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