Friday Thoughts

20160520_091808Just looking at the standings and we are Tied with Cleveland at 1.5 games out as Kansas City lost. The boys are in Detroit for a 3 game series before back home to The Cell, or Comiskey Park as I have been corrected on occasion. In the last couple of weeks I got really overwhelmed with all the negative and I took a different approach. If we, the fans are upset how do  you think the boys feel?  They are the ones out there playing every day, they are the ones fighting tooth and nail for that win. They are trying to find that spark to with that game, to get the winning streak going again.

Speaking of that, Matt Albers –  you are the BOMB man. Who knew the guy could bat and a double at that. If you were watching the game you should-be heard the dug out go nuts. Matt made it to 3rd on a wild pitch and home on a Jose Abreu sac Fly to right. Talk about a real confidence boost.

David Robertson – Robbie please grow back the beard. I know you shaved it to help change things but it’s so wrong on so many levels.

Brett Lawrie and Todd Frazier – Please keep getting this team fired up. You both have brought a new energy to this team. You go out and give 110% and if you stuff up, you guys admit to it. I love the attitude of tomorrow is a new day and we will do our best to win today.

Jose Abreu – I have faith in you, you will find your way and be brilliant again. Find the positives and hold on to those. Talk to the boys around you when you are having a hard time. Let them carry the load for a bit. Each day is new, keep trying.

Adam Eaton – you are a freak in right field. I have never seen you play so well as you are this year. Gunning down those baserunner in a single throw.

Bullpen – You guys need to get your shit together, BETTER. you had a rocky patch there and even I wanted to kick your backsides. You are an amazing bunch that can do great things together. That is the key you have to work together. Talk to each other, help figure stuff out. If someone is down, pick them up. Do what you need to, you guys can kick some serious ass in the weeks to come.

I know you can make the playoffs, stay positive.

I have  faith in you.

Have faith in yourselves.


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