June 2016

White Sox and Minnesota – Game 2

moundJames Shields on the mound today and it will be interesting. James had a decent outing last time, confidence building but will today be better is the question?

Injury News: Melky is out 3 to 4 days with a mild wrist sprain.

**Mat Latos has signed a minor league deal with the Nationals.

**Update on Zack Putnam – they are hoping for him to avoid surgery by working through the elbow issues but if things do not improve it could be arthroscopic procedure to remove bone chips, or along the lines of Tommy John surgery which would end his 2016 season.

**New Chicago Bulls Denzel Washington visited with Steve and Jason in the booth and Denzel also threw out the first pitch.

For those who can’t see the game, the new home uniform, Black jersey’s and white pants.

James first pitch is a strike, 2nd pitch is a homerun to left. Twins 1 and Sox yet to open batting.

Brett Lawrie opens the bottom of the 2nd with a solo shot to right to tie the game, J.B Shuck with a single to right and he is safe at 2nd with a steal. An RBI, single and E-7 gets J.B Shuck home and Avi Garcia standing on 3rd for a 2 to 1 Sox lead.

Adam Eaton guns down another runner at the plate, protecting the Sox 2 to 1 lead. (score 9 to 2)

Tyler Saladino goes “Yard” with a solo shot for a 3 to 1 lead to open the 5th

Todd Frazier goes “Yard” with his solo shot for a 4 to 1 Sox lead. Dioner Navarro with a stand up double. Avi with a walk, joining Dioner on the pond. Tyler with a single, brings home Dioner, Avi stopping at 3rd for a 5 to 1 Sox lead. Tyler safe at 2nd on the steal, time with a double bringing home Avi and Dioner for a 7 to 1 Sox lead, Adam with a single getting Tim home for an 8 to 1 Sox lead.(everyone in the lineup tonight has 1 hit), A very busy bottom of 6th inning.

Top of 7th – Thank you James for a great outing.(he had control tonight and was economical in his pitch usage.) Matt Albers to the office.

Home half of the 7th and Todd with a stand up double. J.B with a sac fly getting Todd home for a 9 to 1 Sox lead

Michael Ynoa in the office in the top of the 8th. (has hit batter) Matt Purke has taken over in the office in the top of the 9th. With Matt struggling, Dan Jennings on the way to the mound.

Thanks to a Brett mistake (E-4) the pond is full. Twins single takes the score to 9 to 2. Sox gave up the run to get the batter to first its 9 to 3 Sox lead. Jennings hits the batter with 2 strikes. Dan walked a runner and it’s a 9 to 4 Twins lead.  A 2 run double makes it 9 to 6. At one point it was NINE TO ONE in favor of the Sox.

Nate Jones to the office to hopefully shut this down in a save position. Nate locks up the office with getting the final batter to fly out to left.

**Final Score — White Sox – 9 and Twins – 6









Got Milk – The Twinkies are here

The first of a 3 game series with the Minnesota Twins, will see Jose Quintana in the office today

The boys are wearing white pinstripe pants and black jerseys.

Abreu with a walk to open the Sox home half of the 1st

Twins open the scoring with a solo homer for a 1 to 0 score.

Brett Lawrie with a single to open the home half of the 2nd, he was left stranded at 2nd after stealing.

J.B Shuck with a single to right to open the bottom of the 3rd, Tim Anderson burning up the 1st base side to be safe. J.B and Tim left stranded.

Twins have taken the lead to 4 to 0 on a 3 run homer.

Brett Lawrie with a single to start the home half of the 7th, another stolen base for Brett, finally Avi on thanks to an error on the 3rd baseman (E – 5) for the Twins. Chris Beck on the way to get the office keys from Quintana.

Jason Coats took over in left when Melky hurt his wrist batting.

It was not meant to be as the Sox were shut out for the 1st time in June, final score to the Twins  4 to 0

James Shields in the office tomorrow night.




Sox News

20160520_091808Day off today before the Minnesota Twins arrive for a 3 game series. Off to Houston for 3 and back home to welcome the Yankees for a 4th of July series.

Voting for the All Star game closes on June 30.

Jose Quintana,  James Shields, Carlos Rodon are listed starters for the series with the Twins

Justin Morneau has started taking batting practice and will leave soon for his rehab assignment. From what info I can find he should be on track to start after the all-star break with the boys in Chicago.

Zack Putnam on the disabled list and the staff is considering if surgery would be a good option.

Austin Jackson is still on crutches as of the June 24th update

Congratulations Robbie

On June 25, 2016


David Robertson nailed down save #100

David Robertson

Here Come the Blue Jays

carlosBack home for a 3 game series with Toronto before a day off on Monday. Carlos Rodon is in the office today. Jose Abreu is getting a much-needed day off to rest.

Carlos had a couple of really crappy starts forcing Robin to the bullpen early, his very last outing was a solid start and I have my fingers crossed that can happen today.

Rodon gets the 1st batter of the night to strike out.

Melky with a single to open the Sox hitting in the bottom of the 1st.

Carlos has 3 strikeouts in 5 batters.

RBI single has the Jay’s opening the scoring 1 to 0. Carlos got himself out of the inning and was able to limit the damage. Rodon is finding the strike zone better today.

Alex Avila with a single, he was due for a hit, Brett Lawrie with a single and J.B Shuck at the plate, they got the force at 2nd, he’s not happy but just the 1 out.

Double #17 for Melky this season in the home half of the 3rd.

Carlos has a 1,2,3 inning at the top of the 4th. Alex with a walk, gets moved to 2nd on a Brett Lawrie single. J.B got the runners moved to 2nd and 3rd. Avi gets the job done getting Alex home for a 1 all game.

Carlos with 7 strikeouts through 5 innings of work. Melky with a screamer to right to give the Sox the lead 2 to 1. Todd Frazier with a 2 out single to keep the rally going. Todd safe at 2nd with a steal.

Carlos getting into some control issues, Matt Albers up and getting ready in the bullpen. Top of 6th and the Jay’s tie the score at 2. At 115 pitches, Carlos is done for the night passing the office keys to Matt Albers.

Nate Jones has taken up residence in the office to start the 7th inning

Tim Anderson with a much-needed double (5th of the season)  to open the home half of the 7th, Todd’s single gets Tim home for a 3 to 2 Sox lead.

Top of 8th and Zack Duke with the office keys. Zack with 2 strikeouts in the inning, Avi Garcia on with a a 2 out single. A Blue Jay’s balk sends Avi to 2nd, Tyler Saladino hit by a pitch.

David Robertson in to save this game and shut it down, Thank you Robin for sticking up for Robbie and the boys.(Jay’s manager tossed out) Review at 3rd, did Tyler get the baserunner? Call was safe, Bases loaded and Robbie gets the much needed strike out for 2 outs. With the final pitch of the game, Robbie gets himself out of a huge jam to win the game.

**Final Score – White Sox 3 and Blue Jay’s – 2

In the office tomorrow is Miguel Gonzalez





White Sox Current Injury List

injury - Copy

James Shields Outing in Boston – Final Sox Drawer Battle

i got it - CopyAs most of you know by now that Boston won the final game in extra innings. Chicago took the series and is heading home. I was concerned as I went to bed last night about how James would mange today or would it be another disaster. I was quite surprised to see his stats and to find out how well he actually did.

Tim Anderson’s Birthday today

For those who could not see the game today the boys wore the dirty gray pants with Black jerseys.

Adam Eaton was hit by a pitch. Tim scored on the Abreu double play for a 1 to 0 lead. Eaton on a wild pitch came home for a 2 to 0 lead

James first pitch of the day was a strike. First inning James allowing 1 hit and he struck out Big Papi

In the bottom of the 2nd, James is working well. A little slow but he is gaining some confidence. James got in a jam that inning but he worked his way out. That should help the confidence.

Chicago added another run in the top of the 4th  for a 3 to 0 Chicago lead

It was the bottom of the 4th when James issued his first walk of the day. 59 pitches at the bottom of 4 innings is not great but it’s better when what James has been in past games. James kept the Red Sox scoreless until the bottom of the 5th. His pitch count is 81.

Top of 6th the White Sox took the lead to 4 to 1

Bottom of the 6th and at 99 pitches James was done for the day, passing off the keys to Matt Albers.

I am still not convinced that he is what we need but I am willing to give him a little space and some respect today.


It is home for a weekend series with the Toronto Blue Jays, before a day off on Monday



Sox Drawer Battle – Day 3

todd and Jose - CopyJose Quintana is taking up residence in the office tonight for day 3 of the series with Boston. The White Sox have taken out the first 2 games by a score of 3 to 1 on both days. Fingers crossed the boys can claim the series tonight with a win.

Adam Eaton walked to open our baserunners for the game. A double by Melky brings Eaton home to open the scoring White Sox – 1 and Boston – 0

Quintana is looking uncomfortable in the bottom of the 2nd, walked 2 batter but manage to get a pop out and a strikeout, Eaton got Big Papi at home plate to close the inning.

Coats with his first double of his career to open the 3rd inning, Abreu safe on 1st with an E – 5 and Coats home for a 2 to 0 Chicago lead.

Thanks Brett for screwing up a double play in the bottom of the 3rd, closing the inning with a double play Boston have the lead 4 to 2.

Todd Frazier with Melky on base for a 2 run shot over the left field wall for a 4 all ball game.

Bottom of 6th Boston takes the lead with a solo shot to the White Sox bullpen for a 5 to 4 lead. Matt Albers getting the keys from Jose who threw over 100 pitches today but made it far enough not to put a huge strain on the bull pen. Matt passes the keys to Dan Jennings. Boston close the inning leading 6 to 4.

Eaton with a single to open the 8th inning, Melky with a shot to right and it’s a 6 all ball game, Brett getting in the action with a solo shot of his own and its a 7 to 6 White sox lead. Dioner keeping things alive with a double to the left field corner.

Michael Ynoa has gotten the keys from Dan Jennings. At this point, Nate Jones and David Robertson look to have the night off unless things change. Boston batter with a double but they are appealing to see if it is a home run, the call stands, it’s a double. Big Papi gets a free pass, on two reviews the White Sox get things their way and are still leading 7 to 6

J.B Shuck pitch hits in the top of the 9th, with a single to left, Abreu hit by a pitch but is OK, Melky with a single to get Adam home for an 8 to 6 lead. Todd just got hit in the back, Brett had a loaded pond and struck out

Zack Duke has the keys to the office for the save.

Final Score White Sox – 8 and Red Sox – 6

James Shields in the office tomorrow.





White Sox Rule – Day 2 of Sox Drawer Battle

mound - Copy

It’s game 2 of the Sox Drawer Battle between Boston and the Chicago. Chris Sale in the office today.

The boys wore the dirty gray pants and black jerseys.

Tim Anderson on the 1st pitch of the game with his very first home run. White Sox open the scoring 1 to 0. Adam Eaton with a double on the 2nd pitch of the game. Eaton home on a Melky sac fly for a 2 to 0 White Sox lead.

What a hell of a catch by Brett Lawrie

Bottom of 3rd and the Red Sox get on the board 2 to 1

Todd Frazier with a solo shot in the top of the 4th for a 3 to 1 White Sox lead

Bottom of the 4th Sale hits a batter,

J.B Shuck called safe at 1st but it’s replay time, and the call was overturned.

J.B with a great rundown of a Bogaerts hit to deep center to open the bottom of the 6th, Chris with 7 strike outs.

Nate Jones takes over in the office for Chris Sale. With 2 out int he bottom of the 8th, David Robertson takes up residence in the office.

David Robertson closes out the game for a 3 to 1 White Sox win

Chris Sale with 12 wins, first pitcher to reach that milestone.

Jose Quintana in the office tomorrow




Sox Drawer Battle – in Boston

robbie - CopyThe next series in the Sox drawer battle opens today with the White Sox in Boston. Miguel Gonzalez in the office today.

**Personal – as many of you know I am a positive points cheerleader but this is getting a little much, Robin and Don Cooper both need to go. We need some new life in this ball club, the headache of James Shields is not getting any better. When you DFA John Danks and Mat Latos and the disaster is worse than the two of them put together, something is wrong somewhere.

For those who can’t see the game the boys are wearing dirty gray pants with Black Jerseys

Tim Anderson opens the game with a single. With an E-5 Jose Abreu is safe at first, Anderson moves to 2nd.

Brett Lawrie with a double to open the second, now let’s get him home. On a wild pitch Lawrie is home for a 1 to 0 White Sox lead.

Red Sox tie it up with a run in the 7th for a 1 all ball game

Top of 9th and Melky is safe at 1st, Todd walked.

Bottom of 9th – Zack Putnam with the keys to the office.Zack Duke has taken over bases full and no outs. J.B shuck into center and Eaton moves to right. The White Sox get the force out at home for the 1st out, strikeouts get the final 2 outs.

Top of 10th inning – Avi with a walk, J.B Shuck with a hard hit to left, Eaton on with a single, Shuck out on the force. Abreu with a double getting Avi and Eaton home for a 3 to 1 White Sox lead.

Bottom of 10th – David Robertson to shut this down. After a pop up that no one called, David gets the final out for a 3 to 1 White Sox win.


Chris Sale in the office tomorrow.