Hey Boys

20160520_091808Just got word a bit ago of your rain out today. Hope your able to find some positive stuff to do.

Love you boys but damn you are bloody frustrating at times. I will do my best not to be negative here. I have a feeling that your hard enough on yourselves without me or anyone else adding to it.

This year is different, maybe because of Brett and Todd but a mix of everyone. The new energy and great and it even gets me excited and I am in Australia. The silliness has cheered me up at times, you guys are having fun playing ball.

I can also see how frustrated you get then things go wrong, your mad at yourself and it show. That is OK, it show that you care.

I have faith that everything will come together at just the right time. Have faith in yourselves that you can turn this around.

Find the positives and hold on to those. Trust each other to help be there to back you up. When its dark, let go of the days events, why worry about them. Tomorrow is a new day and start again.

Sending you positive vibes for a great road trip. May the hits be plenty, turning double plays be many and runs massive.

Stay safe out there.



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