Game 3 with Houston

Chris 2 - CopyChris Sale is in the office tonight going for a record 9 and 0 start to the season. Brett Lawrie has the day off, he did lobby Robin to play but Carlos Sanchez and Jerry Sands need starts tonight.

Bottom of 1st – an amazing catch by Houston to rob Jose Abreu of a home run.

Top of 2nd, Todd Frazier is our first baserunner for tonight. Frazier safe at 2nd on a stolen base. Jerry Sands single brings Frazier home for a 1 to 0 lead.

**It is good to see some of the other boys like Jerry and Carlos get s start, need to keep their skills sharp

**Chris is chasing Ed Cicotte who was 12 and o. Chris gets this win tonight and will be in sole possession of 2nd place on the list

Bottom of 6th – with a misplay by the Houston outfielder has Eaton standing at third.

Top of the 7th and Chris has a pitch count of 76, at this point provided nothing going wrong I can see Chris throwing a complete game.

Bottom of 7th – Jimmy Rollins on with an infield single. Rollins safe on his 4th stolen base of the season. Sands with a single, gets Rollins to 3rd. A sac fly by Alex Avila and the Sox lead 2 to 0.

Top of 8th sees the Astro’s get on the board with a solo shot for a 2 to 1 Sox lead.

With a strikeout Chris Sale takes his season to 9 and o

the Kansas City Royals arrive tomorrow with Jose Quintana in the office.


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