On The Road – Texas for 3

Miguel - Copy**GAME ONE – Miguel Gonzalez in the office today.

Adam Eaton opens  with a standup triple after the center fielder dropped the ball on what should have been a simple catch, Rollins grounds to second to being Eaton home for a 1 to 0 Sox Lead.  Top of 6th and Todd Frazier with a solo home run for a 2 to 0 Sox lead.(Melky got himself tossed at the end of that inning, Jerry Sands now in left) Bottom of 6th and the Rangers with a solo home run for a 2 to 1 Sox lead.  Top of the 8th and Austin Jackson and Eaton both with singles, RBI single for Frazier gets Jackson home and Eaton at 3rd for a 3 to 1 Sox lead. The bottom of the 8th has Texas with a triple, scoring on an RBI single for a 3 to 2 Sox lead. A Texas double ties the game at 3 all. Top of 9th, Garcia and Avila with singles, giving the Sox runners on the corners. Rollins with a perfect bunt, Garcia home for a 4 to 3 lead and everyone is safe.Bottom of 9th,  the lead off walk comes around to score and it’s tied up at 4. Top of the 12th, with runners at 2nd and 3rd the intentional walk to Abreu. Frazier with a Grand Slam for a for an 8 to 4 lead, which is the final score.

**GAME TWO – Carlos Rodon in the office.

**Top of 1st – Eaton caught in a rundown on way to 3rd after falling, Rollins with a double and Abreu beat the run to first. pitcher tried to pick off Rollins but threw into center field. Rollins scored in a 2nd base ground out by Frazier for a 1 to 0 sox lead.

**Bottom of 1st – Rangers tie the score at 1 all. Rangers take the lead 2 to 1. Rodon having all kinds of issues tonight.

**(starting an hour late because of a rain delay)Top of 3rd – back to work, with a full pond and Frazier to the plate, Frazier with a single to right, 2 runs score and the Sox lead 3 to 2. a Melky RBI double makes it 4 to 2. Thanks to the wind, Lawrie with a double scoring Frazier and its a 5 to 2 Sox lead

**Bottom of 3rd – Rangers with a homer and base runners on tie the score at 5 all.

**Top of 4th – Eaton with a walk, Rollins with a walk. Abreu with a hit but the wind got it and kept it in, Eaton tagged up to get to 3rd, pond is full with the Frazier walk. 4 walks and Eaton walks home for a 6 to 2 lead, Lawrie walked and its 7 to 2. Garcia with a bases clearing double. it’s 10 to 5 Sox

**Bottom of 7th – Solo shot takes the score to Sox 10 and Rangers 6. Rodon is done for the night.

**Top of 8th – Rollins on with a triple, Sac Fly from Abreu makes it a Sox lead 11 to 6.

**Bottom of 8th – Rangers add 4 more runs cutting into the Sox lead 11 to 10, Rangers now lead 13 to 11.

***Final Score – Rangers 13 and Sox 11.





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